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Long ago, when faeries and men still wandered the earth as brothers, the MacLeod chief fell in love with a beautiful faery woman. They had no sooner married and borne a child when she was summoned to return to her people. Husband and wife said a tearful goodbye and parted ways at Fairy Bridge, which you can still visit today. Despite the grieving chief, a celebration was held to honor the birth of the newborn boy, the next great chief of the MacLeods. In all the excitement of the celebration, the baby boy was left in his cradle and the blanket slipped off. In the cold Highland night he began to cry. The baby's cry tore at his mother, even in another dimension, and so she went to him, wrapping him in her shawl. When the nursemaid arrived, she found the young chief in the arms of his mother, and the faery woman gave her a song she insisted must be sung to the little boy each night. The song became known as "The Dunvegan Cradle Song," and it has been sung to little chieflings ever since. The shawl, too, she left as a gift: if the clan were ever in dire need, all they would have to do was wave the flag she'd wrapped around her son, and the faery people would come to their aid. Use the gift wisely, she instructed. The magic of the flag will work three times and no more.
As I stood there in Dunvegan Castle, gazing at the Fairy Flag beneath its layers of protective glass, it was hard to imagine the history behind it. The fabric was dated somewhere between the fourth and seventh ~ Signe Pike
Carmena Song quotes by Signe Pike
I do not know who sings my songs / Before they are sung by me. ~ Mary Hunter Austin
Carmena Song quotes by Mary Hunter Austin
From the stage Ben catches my eye. "This is for them, Taylor," he calls out as they begin to play. It's a song by the Waterboys and, like each time I hear the music played by the boy in the tree in my dreams, I experience a bittersweet sense of nostalgia I have no right to own. When it's time for Ben to play his solo–his eyes closed, his mind anywhere but here, his fingers so taut and precise that it almost looks painful–my eyes well with tears. Because you know from the look on Ben's face that he's somewhere you want to be. Somewhere the five would be each time they were together. ~ Melina Marchetta
Carmena Song quotes by Melina Marchetta
I was just a little girl watching TV and wanting to be in it. My parents had no idea how to get me there, but here I am as a part of this great cast on the Disney Channel. Truly, if you just want to do this, then you have to commit to it. ~ Brenda Song
Carmena Song quotes by Brenda Song
I guess you'll just have to get used to having a police car outside the grocery store, the gym, and wherever it is you go for lunch with your friends," Jack lectured. "And this goes without saying: you need to be careful. The police surveillance is a precautionary measure, but they can't be everywhere. You should stick to familiar surroundings, and be vigilant and alert at all times."

"I got it. No walking through dark alleys while talking on my cell phone, no running at night with my iPod, no checking out suspicious noises in the basement."

"I seriously hope you're not doing any of those things anyway."

"Of course not."

Jack pinned her with his gaze.

She shifted against the counter. "Okay, maybe, sometimes, I've been known to listen to a Black Eyed Peas song or two while running at night. They get me moving after a long day at work."

Jack seemed wholly unimpressed with this excuse. "Well, you and the Peas better get used to running indoors on a treadmill."

Conscious of Wilkins's presence, and the fact that he was watching her and Jack with what appeared to be amusement, Cameron bit back her retort.

Thirty thousand hotel rooms in the city of Chicago and she picked the one that would lead her back to him. ~ Julie James
Carmena Song quotes by Julie James
I'm not a very spiritual guy when it comes to music. I remember hearing Carlos Santana say that angels helped him write his songs. And I thought, 'Really, angels?' ~ Chris Isaak
Carmena Song quotes by Chris Isaak
I loved the idea of recording. The idea of sound-on-sound-recording captured me as a young kid, and once I realized what it was I had an epiphany. Before I was even playing the guitar, I would create these lists of how I would record things and overdub them, like Led Zeppelin song, 'I could put this guitar on this track ... ' and so on. ~ Steve Vai
Carmena Song quotes by Steve Vai
A sing-song of shouts filled the air as the merchants tried to attract buyers. Their voices had that end of the workday lift - a false brilliance composed of the hope that old dreams would be fulfilled, yet coloured by the knowledge that life would not change for them. ~ Frank Herbert
Carmena Song quotes by Frank Herbert
I need all kinds of songs - fast ones, slow ones, minor key, ballads, rumbas - and they all get juggled around during a live show. I've been trying for years to come up with songs that have the feeling of a Shakespearean drama, so I'm always starting with that. ~ Bob Dylan
Carmena Song quotes by Bob Dylan
He [Benny Carter] is all that every jazz musician the world over wants to be. He's performed 20,000 nights. How many shoes have been shined? How much mascara put on? Rouge? How many of those impossible bowties have been tied? How many love songs have been sung? How many dances have been danced? How many have passed to the sound of his music? It's been said that a man should not be forced to live up to his art. Benny Carter is one of the rare instances when we wonder whether the great art that a man has created can live up to him. ~ Wynton Marsalis
Carmena Song quotes by Wynton Marsalis
That's what I find with any good song, you just have to let it happen. Out of about twenty songs you might write, one of any significance. It might be thirty or forty, but I just keep churning them out and churning them out in hope that one of them will stick. ~ Mick Ralphs
Carmena Song quotes by Mick Ralphs
Before we leave the gravesite, Mary sings Mother's favorite gospel hymn ...
Mary's lovely voice rises and lingers in the air, and by the end of the song most of us are crying. I am too, though I still don't know what those stars are meant to represent. My mistake, I suppose, is in thinking they should mean something. ~ Christina Baker Kline
Carmena Song quotes by Christina Baker Kline
Nothing is ever finished. It's a funny thing. I actually think that's really the more natural way of stories or songs. ~ Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Carmena Song quotes by Joseph Gordon-Levitt
When you're making music, it's meant to be shared with people. Sometimes, even if I'm writing a song, someone else brings a vibe. There's something different about it. If someone can play a better bassline than me, I'll let them do it. I'm just here to fit in and see where it goes. ~ Benny Blanco
Carmena Song quotes by Benny Blanco
In green old gardens, hidden away From sight of revel and sound of strife, Here I have leisure to breathe and move, And to do my work in a nobler way; To sing my songs, and to say my say; To Dream my dreams, and to love my love; To hold my faith, and to live my life. Making the most of its shadowy day. ~ Violet Fane
Carmena Song quotes by Violet Fane
You have to insulate yourself - I'm talking about from everything, people can be talking to you and you won't hear 'em - that's how you write a song. And I haven't been able to do that over here 'cause I'm so busy and then, when I am off, I want to get away from music. ~ Mel Tillis
Carmena Song quotes by Mel Tillis
As long as each song makes somebody feel something, I think that's the point of it all. I don't want it to just be background music, you know? ~ Alessia Cara
Carmena Song quotes by Alessia Cara
Self-expression is a hallmark of an artist, of art, to get something off one's chest, to sing one's song. So that element is present in all art. It is the key to even standing up and saying, "Hey, listen to me." Self-expression can be based on looking at the world and making observations about it. ~ George Carlin
Carmena Song quotes by George Carlin
And not only the world but humanity itself does need dragons"
"And why is that?" Chade demanded disdainfully.
"To keep the balance," the Fool replied. He glanced over me, and then past me, out of the window and his eyes went far and pensive. "Humanity fears no rivals. You have forgotten what it was to share the world with creatures as arrogantly superior as yourselves. You think to arrange the world to your liking. So you map the land and draw lines across it, claiming ownership simply because you can draw a picture of it. The plants that grow and the beasts that rove, you mark as your own, claiming not only what lives today, but what might grow tomorrow, to do with as you please. Then, in your conceit and aggression, you wage wars and slay one another over the lines you have imagined on the world's face."
"And I suppose dragons are better than we are because they don't do such things, because they simply take whatever they see. Free spirits, nature's creatures, possessing all the moral loftiness that comes from not being able to think."
The Fool shook his head, smiling. "No. Dragons are no better than humans. They are little different at all from men. They will hold up a mirror to humanity's selfishness. They will remind you that all your talk of owning this and claiming that is no more than the snarling of a chained dog or a sparrow's challenge song. The reality of those claims lasts but for the instant of its sounding. Name it as you will, claim it ~ Robin Hobb
Carmena Song quotes by Robin Hobb
I'm probably writing music now for the same reason as I started writing songs when I was 14 - to meet women. ~ Billy Joel
Carmena Song quotes by Billy Joel
By fate, not option, frugal Nature gave One scent to hyson and to wall-flower, One sound to pine-groves and to water-falls, One aspect to the desert and the lake. It was her stern necessity : all things Are of one pattern made; bird, beast, and flower, Song, picture, form, space, thought, and character Deceive us, seeming to be many things, And are but one. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
Carmena Song quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
The big difference between the radio show and the TV work is that I don't have to work by committee on the radio show. I'm the DJ; I can play what I want and suffer or get praised by that. With a TV show, it's much more of a collaboration, and the song that I might think is perfect may get shot down and vice versa. ~ Gary Calamar
Carmena Song quotes by Gary Calamar
Italy still has a provincial sophistication that comes from its long history as a collection of city states. That, combined with a hot climate, means that the Italians occupy their streets and squares with much greater ease than the English. The resultant street life is very rich, even in small towns like Arezzo and Gaiole, fertile ground for the peeping Tom aspect of an actor's preparation. I took many trips to Siena, and was struck by its beauty, but also by the beauty of the Siennese themselves. They are dark, fierce, and aristocratic, very different to the much paler Venetians or Florentines. They have always looked like this, as the paintings of their ancestors testify. I observed the groups of young people, the lounging grace with which they wore their clothes, their sense of always being on show. I walked the streets, they paraded them. It did not matter that I do not speak a word of Italian; I made up stories about them, and took surreptitious photographs. I was in Siena on the final day of the Palio, a lengthy festival ending in a horse race around the main square. Each district is represented by a horse and jockey and a pair of flag-bearers. The day is spent by teams of supporters with drums, banners, and ceremonial horse and rider processing round the town singing a strange chanting song. Outside the Cathedral, watched from a high window by a smiling Cardinal and a group of nuns, with a huge crowd in the Cathedral Square itself, the supporters passed, and to drum r ~ Roger Allam
Carmena Song quotes by Roger Allam
A song in a musical works best when a character has to sing - when words won't do the trick anymore. The same idea applies to a long speech in a play or a movie or on television. You want to force the character out of a conversational pattern. ~ Aaron Sorkin
Carmena Song quotes by Aaron Sorkin
waking up"
in a dream, your mother's garden flourishes
and she smiles and never knows the taste of rot

in a dream, you take god off the shelf, shake the dirt from his shoulders
he's smaller than he once was. you no longer tremble.

in a dream, kindness dances off your tongue
genuine, golden, graceful
your silicone heart beating a song from your sister's piano
you see the world through rosewater eyes

in a dream, the greenest shoot sprouts from the ash
how wonderful it is
that some things still believe in resurrection
that some things refuse to be destroyed. ~ E. P.
Carmena Song quotes by E. P.
Not only dowomen sufferindignities in daily life, but the literature of the world proclaims their inferiority and divinely decreed subjection in all history, sacred and profane, in science, philosophy, poetry, and song. ~ Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Carmena Song quotes by Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Water, wind and birdsong were the echoes in this quiet place of a great chiming symphony that was surging around the world. Knee-deep in grasses and moon daisies, Stella stood and listened, swaying a little as the flowers and trees were swaying, her spirit voice singing loudly, though her lips were still, and every pulse in her body beating its hammer strokes in time to the song. ~ Elizabeth Goudge
Carmena Song quotes by Elizabeth Goudge
There is nothing these hands can hold worth having. They cannot hold the moonlight, or the melody of a song, or even the beauty of a woman. They can touch her face, but not her beauty. Only the heart can hold such things. ~ Adam Bagdasarian
Carmena Song quotes by Adam Bagdasarian
I always like to think that I make movies that are like Nirvana songs. They have a slow verse and then they pop into high gear and then they go back into slow and then they pop into high gear again. ~ James Gunn
Carmena Song quotes by James Gunn
My Dearest,

I miss you, my darling, as I always do, but today is especially hard because the ocean has been singing to me, and the song is that of our life together. I can almost feel you beside me as I write this letter, and I can smell the scent of wildflowers that always reminds me of you. But at this moment, these things give me no pleasure. Your visits have been coming less often, and I feel sometimes as if the greatest part of who I am is slowly slipping away.

I am trying, though. At night when I am alone, I call for you, and whenever my ache seems to be the greatest, you still seem to find a way to return to me. Last night, in my dreams, I saw you on the pier near Wrightsville Beach. The wind was blowing through your hair, and your eyes held the fading sunlight. I am struck as I see you leaning against the rail. You are beautiful, I think as I see you, a vision that I can never find in anyone else. I slowly begin to walk toward you, and when you finally turn to me, I notice that others have been watching you as well. "Do you know her?" they ask me in jealous whispers, and as you smile at me, I simply answer with the truth. "Better than my own heart."

I stop when I reach you and take you in my arms. I long for this moment more than any other. It is what I live for, and when you return my embrace, I give myself over to this moment, at peace once again.

I raise my hand and gently touch your cheek and you tilt your head and cl ~ Nicholas Sparks
Carmena Song quotes by Nicholas Sparks
I never realized my ugliness till now. When I compared myself with you, I pity myself indeed, poor unhappy monster that I am! I must seem to you like some awful beast, eh? You,-you are a sunbeam, a drop of dew, a bird's song! As for me, I am something frightful, neither man nor beast,- a nondescript object, more hard, shapeless, and more trodden under foot than a pebble! ~ Victor Hugo
Carmena Song quotes by Victor Hugo
If there's a future, we want it now. ~ Hayley Williams
Carmena Song quotes by Hayley Williams
The songs themselves sometimes have messages and people can read into them different ways, but I try to use concerts as a way to gather people and then have information there. I think that's important to find that balance, a way to be able to turn people on to things at the shows, but also just have it be an entertainment experience for people who just want to hear music and dance and don't want the extra stuff. ~ Jack Johnson
Carmena Song quotes by Jack Johnson
I get so many ideas for songs, but I'm so seldom disciplined enough to sit down and crank them out. ~ Amanda Palmer
Carmena Song quotes by Amanda Palmer
You always will be singing a song or humming a line or a melody. ~ Dennis Brown
Carmena Song quotes by Dennis Brown
My nails are my rhythm section when I'm writing a song all alone. Some day, I may cut an album, just me and my nails. ~ Dolly Parton
Carmena Song quotes by Dolly Parton
When you are writing a song for something else, if you are doing something for money, I always think that's bad luck. ~ Chad Kroeger
Carmena Song quotes by Chad Kroeger
I write my own lyrics completely on my own. Sometimes I have people helping me with concepts or like choruses and stuff sometimes, but mostly I write all my own songs by myself, especially the verses and a lot of the choruses. ~ Big Sean
Carmena Song quotes by Big Sean
The amusements of broadcast consist mainly of songs, stories, and games, just as in tribal life. The songs and stories are mostly about courtship, the games mostly played by men, just as in tribal life. ~ Stewart Brand
Carmena Song quotes by Stewart Brand
Every song has a bouquet, which is the music. If you can put words with something that is really apt, then you've done it. ~ Roy Harper
Carmena Song quotes by Roy Harper
Sometimes a little song is sweet to hear, even if the orchestra is more accomplished ~ Esme Raji Codell
Carmena Song quotes by Esme Raji Codell
One of the songs that stayed in my head that I really considered a lot was an old folk song called 'John Brown' - not the abolitionist John Brown, but the one that Bob Dylan has covered and sung before. It's about a boy coming home from the Civil War, or maybe World War I even, and about his Mother seeing him all destroyed. ~ Quentin Tarantino
Carmena Song quotes by Quentin Tarantino
Be silent and listen to the song of your soul. ~ Debasish Mridha
Carmena Song quotes by Debasish Mridha
There's an opera out on the turnpike, there's a ballet being fought out in the alley. ~ Bruce Springsteen
Carmena Song quotes by Bruce Springsteen
Berry's On Top is probably my favorite record of all time; it defines rock and roll. A lot of people have done Chuck Berry songs, but to get that feel is really hard. It's the rock and roll thing-the push-pull and the rhythm of it. ~ Joe Perry
Carmena Song quotes by Joe Perry
No matter how long the sun may linger on his long and weary journey, at length evening comes with its sacred song. ~ Brian Friel
Carmena Song quotes by Brian Friel
I try to think of the songs as little movies. They're always pretty visual to me. I can always sort of see them. I don't always know what the end result is going to be, and I don't know exactly what it's going to sound like, but I can kinda see them. ~ Neko Case
Carmena Song quotes by Neko Case
If you'd only met her in Gotham, for instance, I should have had a song all ready for you. When you came in, I was just perfecting a little song about a wild woman of Gotham, who made love to young men and then shot 'em - till ~ Leslie Charteris
Carmena Song quotes by Leslie Charteris
I was working with Toby Gad, who spent a lot of time in India. There's a sitar [in "Body Shop"] and the song has a very Indian flavor to it. I liked the idea of the body of a car as a kind of sexual metaphor - What you do to a car, what you do in a car - drive. So, lots of innuendos, and lots of fun. ~ Madonna Ciccone
Carmena Song quotes by Madonna Ciccone
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