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In our broad sweep, the city looks like a single gigantic creature - or more like a single collective entity created by many intertwining organism. Countless arteries stretch to the ends of its elusive body, circulating a continuous supply of fresh blood cells, sending out new data and collecting the old, sending out new consumables and collecting the old, sending out new contradictions and collecting the old. To the rhythm of its pulsing, all parts of the body flicker and flare up and squirm. Midnight is approaching, and while the peak of activity has passed, the basal metabolism that maintains life continues undiminished, producing the basso continuo of the city's moan, a monotonous sound that neither rises nor falls but is pregnant with foreboding. ~ Haruki Murakami
Breeched Pregnant quotes by Haruki Murakami
I just want to say that um, I'm just really, really shocked at like how nice our world is because it's just so nice. Like oh my God! Like, the other day, like I was sitting there and I saw these magazines and they said I was pregnant, and like, it's so true. Like America, believe everything you read. Because, like, you're smart and I'm stupid. Like for real. Come on y'all. ~ Britney Spears
Breeched Pregnant quotes by Britney Spears
Imagine you are a pregnant young woman with tuberculosis. The father of your unborn child is a short-tempered alcoholic with syphilis, a sexually transmitted disease. You have already had five kids. One is blind, another died young, and a third is deaf and unable to speak. The fourth has tuberculosis - the same disease you have. What would you do in this situation? Should you consider abortion? If you chose to have the abortion, you would have ended a valuable human being - regardless of the possible difficulties it may have brought you. Fortunately, the young woman who was really in this dilemma chose life. Otherwise we would never have heard the Fifth Symphony by Beethoven, for this young woman was his mother. ~ Sean McDowell
Breeched Pregnant quotes by Sean McDowell
Sea horses have complicated routines for courtship, and tend to mate under full moons, making musical sounds while doing so. They live in long-term monogamous partnerships. What is perhaps most unusual, though, is that it is the male sea horse that carries the young for up to six weeks. Males become properly "pregnant," not only carrying, but fertilizing and nourishing the developing eggs with fluid secretions. The image of males giving birth is perpetually mind-blowing: a turbid liquid bursts forth from the brood pouch, and like magic, minuscule but fully formed sea horses appear out of the cloud. ~ Jonathan Safran Foer
Breeched Pregnant quotes by Jonathan Safran Foer
The African Challenge - We must end conflict in Africa. We must lead to allow the Africans to enjoy the benefits from their natural resources. We must end poverty in Africa. Every African must be educated, have access to health care and a fair chance to fulfil their dream. Preventable sickness and disease must not reduce life expectancy or rob pregnant women of a chance to continue living. Africa must develop. Africa must not depend on foreign aid. Africa must be united and governed more effectively. Africa must customize her leadership culture and philosophy in a way that gives her global relevance and respect but still remain true and authentic to herself. Will you accept the challenge? Will you be that Africa? ~ Archibald Marwizi
Breeched Pregnant quotes by Archibald Marwizi
That much sexual tension makes me want to hump a phone pole, and that's just not attractive in a pregnant woman. ~ Amy Lane
Breeched Pregnant quotes by Amy Lane
I would love to design a maternity clothing line. It is so hard to find stylish clothes for pregnant people ... I would say 99 percent of the clothes I wore were not maternity because I couldn't find anything I liked. ~ Kourtney Kardashian
Breeched Pregnant quotes by Kourtney Kardashian
My affair with Trudy isn't going well. I thought I could take her love for granted. But I've heard biologists debating at dawn. Pregnant mothers must fight the tenants of their wombs. Nature, a mother herself, ordains a struggle for resources that may be needed to nurture my future sibling rivals. My health derives from Trudy, but she must preserve herself against me. So why would she worry about my feelings? If it's in her interests and those of some unconceived squit that I should be undernourished, why trouble herself if a tryst with my uncle upsets me? ~ Ian McEwan
Breeched Pregnant quotes by Ian McEwan
In Illinois a pregnant woman who takes an illegal drug can be prosecuted for 'delivering a controlled substance to a minor.' This is an explicit recognition that the unborn is a person with rights of her own. But that same woman who is prosecuted and jailed for endangering her child is perfectly free to abort her child. In America today, it is illegal to harm your preborn child, but it is perfectly legal to kill him. ~ Randy Alcorn
Breeched Pregnant quotes by Randy Alcorn
Through my blue fingers, pink grains are falling, haphazard, random, a disorganized stream of silicone that seems pregnant with the possibility of every conceivable shape ... But this is illusion. Things have their shape in time, not space alone. Some marble blocks have statues within them, embedded in their future. ~ Alan Moore
Breeched Pregnant quotes by Alan Moore
The world was full of dangers now that she was pregnant: mercury in tuna, hot tubs, beer, secondhand smoke, over-the-counter medicine. Not to mention crazy baby-abducting fairy kings. ~ Jennifer McMahon
Breeched Pregnant quotes by Jennifer McMahon
Unless one becomes a womb one never becomes pregnant with god. One cannot conquer god, one can't be aggressive - that is the sure way to fail. One can only surrender and allow god to happen. That's what the quality of being feminine really is. That is the essential core of meditation. ~ Rajneesh
Breeched Pregnant quotes by Rajneesh
I gained 60 pounds, and I'm proud of it. Why do I need to watch my weight when I'm pregnant? I could eat whatever the hell I want to eat. ~ Kate Hudson
Breeched Pregnant quotes by Kate Hudson
I've never seen or touched anything."
"Can you explain then how you had children?"
"You're right. It's true I have four kids. Four! But still I have never seen the male organ. He came into the bedroom, he turned off the light, and then Bam! Bam! Bam! and voila I was pregnant! What's more, I was granted four girls. So I have never seen penises. ~ Marjane Satrapi
Breeched Pregnant quotes by Marjane Satrapi
I'm never as happy as when I'm pregnant. I literally would have 10 babies if I could! ~ Tori Spelling
Breeched Pregnant quotes by Tori Spelling
The man has a mouth on him, let me tell you. His kiss could get a girl pregnant. ~ Rachel Van Dyken
Breeched Pregnant quotes by Rachel Van Dyken
Okay. He's not coming back.
Is he?
I thought back to biking that first day in Oregon. Weston and I weaving back and forth, taking up the whole street, loving the August air and ocean breeze. I remember him calling me his "neighbor" every night as we'd lie in our hammocks. "Oh, how's the family, neighbor?" he'd ask.
"Oh, great."
We'd started with such fire and magic. With a shared destiny and destination. The beginning of a grand adventure is pregnant with a thousand futures. Every possible best thing. But the end is often a fizzle. For us, Weston left for a wedding. And didn't come back. And just like that, a chapter was done. ~ Jedidiah Jenkins
Breeched Pregnant quotes by Jedidiah Jenkins
There were wonderful moments when I was singing for the first time in the Olympia Theatre and I was pregnant with my son, which was very, very strange for a singer. ~ Nana Mouskouri
Breeched Pregnant quotes by Nana Mouskouri
We are all mother's of the Buddha because we are all pregnant with the potential for awakening. ~ Thich Nhat Hanh
Breeched Pregnant quotes by Thich Nhat Hanh
sometimes I feel my heart fall to vague depths between words
there are such spaces that I can't help but feel my heart fall between the pregnant pause of all you will not say
and all i can not ask ~ Jewel
Breeched Pregnant quotes by Jewel
In early pregnancy her ability to tolerate heat stress improves by about 30 percent and in late pregnancy by at least 70 percent. Indeed, when a woman exercises at 65 percent of her maximum capacity in late pregnancy, her peak core temperature during exercise does not even get up to the level it was at rest before she became pregnant. ~ James F. Clapp III
Breeched Pregnant quotes by James F. Clapp III
All the really pretty girls get pregnant. ~ Mark Hoppus
Breeched Pregnant quotes by Mark Hoppus
To this day, I'm embarrassed that I didn't realize that pregnant women needed reserved parking until I experienced my own aching feet. As one of Google's most senior women, didn't I have a special responsibility to think of this? ~ Sheryl Sandberg
Breeched Pregnant quotes by Sheryl Sandberg
For me, even when I was pregnant, I wondered, Should we even have children if we're bringing them into this horrible, scary world? But I did have a child, despite these fears - or because of them - and these fears are both contemporary and as old as time. ~ Edan Lepucki
Breeched Pregnant quotes by Edan Lepucki
You don't know for sure if I'm pregnant."
"Do not play games, Raven. Sometimes your rebellious ways grow tedious. I know you are with child. You cannot hide such a thing from me. Mikhail knows it to be true, and he knows he cannot allow your dangerous involvement in this mission to continue with you in such a condition."
Raven flung out her ebony hair. "No one allows me to do anything. I decide. I was born and raised human, Gregori," she pointed out. "I can only be myself. Byron is my friend, and he is in desperate trouble. I intend to help him."
"If your lifemate is so enthralled with you that he would allow you such foolishness," Gregori replied softly, menacingly, "then I can do no other than protect you myself."
"Don't you talk about Mikhail like that!" Raven was furious.
You really know how to stir up the hornets' nest with the women, do you not? Mikhail demanded, even though he understood Gregori completely and felt him justified. ~ Christine Feehan
Breeched Pregnant quotes by Christine Feehan
When I was pregnant, I couldn't wear fragrance. I couldn't smell anything. I couldn't smell flowers, I was very sensitive to everything. I could smell orange juice from across the room and I remember thinking, 'I will throw up.' ~ Gwyneth Paltrow
Breeched Pregnant quotes by Gwyneth Paltrow
When I found out I was pregnant, my mother said, 'Don't separate your life, the life that you're going to make with this child, from the things that you are and what you want to do.' ~ Neneh Cherry
Breeched Pregnant quotes by Neneh Cherry
I did a lot of work with myself over the course of being pregnant and the first few months of being pregnant. It's nice, the pace of being pregnant; it gives you a long time to not just germinate a baby but germinate the mother that you're gonna be. ~ Ani DiFranco
Breeched Pregnant quotes by Ani DiFranco
I think a lot of people get pregnant and decide they can turn into garbage disposals. ~ Gisele Bundchen
Breeched Pregnant quotes by Gisele Bundchen
I'm pro-choice because I've never been a fourteen-year-old incest victim pregnant by her father, or a woman who's going to die if her pregnancy continues, or even a teenager who made a mistake or a rape victim. I want women to have choices, but I also believe that it's a life, especially once it's big enough to live outside the womb. ~ Laurell K. Hamilton
Breeched Pregnant quotes by Laurell K. Hamilton
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