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That's the song for the herbs?" "Mm-hmm." "It makes them happy?" "It makes them work," the woman says. "Prayer puts the world to work. The action you take is your expression of intent. The world listens. And then works. Go ~ Daniel Jose Older
Bakdash Mm quotes by Daniel Jose Older
Are you watching the boats?" Cornelia guessed. She craned her neck to see if there was any excitement on the river.
Heavens no, I'm spying on people," Virginia responded unrepentantly.
-Cornelia E and Virginia Somerset ~ Lesley M.M. Blume
Bakdash Mm quotes by Lesley M.M. Blume
Gansey took a drink of his healing tea. Maura's chin jutted as she observed the lump of it heading down his throat. His face remained precisely the same and he said absolutely nothing, but after a moment, he made a gentle fist of his hand and thumped his breastbone. "What did you say that was good for?" he asked politely. His voice was a little odd until he cleared his throat. "General wellness," Maura said. "Also, it's supposed to manage dreams." "My dreams?" he asked. Maura raised a very knowing eyebrow. "Who else's would you be managing?" "Mm." "Also, it helps with legal matters." Gansey had been swallowing as much of his fancy coffee as he could possibly manage without breathing, but he stopped and put the bottle on the table with a clink. "Do I need help with legal matters?" Maura shrugged. "Ask a psychic. ~ Maggie Stiefvater
Bakdash Mm quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
During the period in question, the changes in the empty space in
the womb can only be identified by an anatomical or gynecological
examination. Yet these changes, only recently identified by scientists,
are miraculously indicated in Surat ar-Ra'd:
Allah knows what every female bears and
every shrinking of the womb and every
swelling. Everything has its measure with
Him. (Qur'an, 13:8)
At the beginning of the menstrual
period, the mucous on the walls of the
womb (the endometrium layer) is 0.5
mm (0.02 inch) thick. Under the effect
of hormones secreted by the egg, this
layer grows and reaches a thickness of
5-6 mm (0.2 inch). This layer is then
discarded in the absence of fertilisation. As
we see from the above verse, this monthly
increase and reduction in the walls of the
womb is indicated in the Qur'an. ~ Harun Yahya
Bakdash Mm quotes by Harun Yahya
Gray," he whispered in his ear.
Grayson moaned softly in return.
"I'm here for you. I exist only for you. Tell me what you want me to do and I'll do it. ~ Elaine White
Bakdash Mm quotes by Elaine White
Jack felt arousal spiking through him, clouding his mind with the wanting, wanting this man, all of him, black and tarry, rotted with disuse, glorious and fractured and spilling out of the cracks. ~ Jane Seville
Bakdash Mm quotes by Jane Seville
MM Romance books will change your life ~ Jamie Lake
Bakdash Mm quotes by Jamie Lake
Photography turns one and all into fools, including - especially - artists like himself, eager to hunt life and trap as many of its fleeting variables as possible inside a 35 mm frame but doomed to return empty-handed far more often than not. ~ Richard Woodward
Bakdash Mm quotes by Richard Woodward
I don't always want to see and be seen at the best parties, because I've done that for too many years. I want something real and true." I pause and shoot him a sideways look. "I want a real partner, not a boyfriend who brings home a twenty two year old twink to make up a threesome for my birthday present."
"What the fuck?"
I look at him and start laughing helplessly. "I just wanted the latest Jeremy Clarkson biography. ~ Lily Morton
Bakdash Mm quotes by Lily Morton
Bending his head, Kai pressed his lips to her knuckles. The plating had no nerve endings, and yet the touch sent a tingle of electricity along her arm.
He lifted his gaze. "Just to be clear, you're not using your mind powers on me right now, are you?"
She blinked. "Of course not."
"Just checking."
Then he slid his arms around her waist and kissed her.
Cinder gasped, pressing her palms against his chest. Kai pulled her closer.
Seconds later, her brain began registering all the new chemicals flooding her system. INCREASED LEVELS OF DOPAMINE AND ENDORPHINS, REDUCED AMOUNTS OF CORTISOL, ERRATIC PULSE, RISING BLOOD PRESSURE ...
Leaning into him, Cinder sent the messages away. Her hands tentatively made their way to his shoulders, before stringing around his neck. ~ Marissa Meyer
Bakdash Mm quotes by Marissa Meyer
Personally, I think every guy who calls himself straight should take a hike on the gay Appalachian Trail at least once in his life. ~ Brad Boney
Bakdash Mm quotes by Brad Boney
You let this become a mess," he cursed, as though he'd walked up to Tam and asked him to be drop dead gorgeous and vulnerable, just so that he would have his first guy crush.
"I didn't let anything happen. I just ... felt it. I think he feels it too," he argued, trying to talk sense into him. Why was this a bad thing? Konnor didn't have anything to do with Tam anymore, so why did it matter?
"Oh God. You're in serious shit now," Mack bemoaned, rolling his eyes and rubbing his forehead. ~ Elaine White
Bakdash Mm quotes by Elaine White
I am naked because I am going for a swim," he says happily. Then he laughs loudly, clutching his side. "Oh Johnny you look like an outraged Victorian chaperone. You just need a pearl necklace to clutch." He waggles his eyebrows lecherously. "I can definitely help you out with that. ~ Lily Morton
Bakdash Mm quotes by Lily Morton
Ah! This isn't raw egg at all! The egg white is actually a thinned seawater gelée (jelly)...
... and the yolk is salmon roe firmed in a gelatin!
The salmon roe pop crisply, filling the mouth with a rich saltiness...
... that is wrapped up in the mild smoothness of the gelée!"
"Oh! This looks like it's just a hard-boiled egg...
but the egg white is really a white asparagus mousse! And the yolk is hollandaise sauce made from real egg yolks!
The heavy richness of the hollandaise is perfectly balanced with the mild bitterness of the asparagus for an exquisite flavor!"
"Then what is this? It looks like an egg in its shell...."
"Oh, this?"
"She punctured it!"
"It's a milkshake. You drink it through the straw, like this. Once I removed the inside of the egg, I filled it with a milkshake made with milk, eggs and caramel."
"Mm!It's delicious! Its mellow sweetness and clean aftertaste bring to mind the freshness of an early morning!"
"And that is everything! All together, I call it...
..."The Three-Faces of-an-Egg Breakfast.""
What an utterly surprising dish! Each piece has an exquisite taste completely unlike what you would expect!
On this one plate...
... are miniature representations of...
... the flavors of the ocean, the forest and the earth ~ Yuto Tsukuda
Bakdash Mm quotes by Yuto Tsukuda
Hmm, do you mind if I put out your fire then?" I brushed his earlobe with my upper lip. ~ Shaye Evans
Bakdash Mm quotes by Shaye Evans
I was so besotted with '8½' that, when it was on TV, I used to take pictures with my 35-mm. camera of the frames of the film. That was the first time I'd ever really seen Italians on screen. ~ David Chase
Bakdash Mm quotes by David Chase
There, there, sweetin'," he murmured into her hair.

"He loved me, he truly did," she gasped.

"I know he did," Michael said.

"And I loved him."


She raised her head, glaring angrily. "You don't even believe in love. Why are you agreeing with me?"

He laughed.

"Because" - he leaned down and licked at the tears on her cheeks, his lips brushing softly against her sensitive skin as he spoke, "ye've bewitched and bespelled me, my sweet Silence, didn't ye know? I'll agree that the sky is pink, that the moon is made o' marzipan and sugared raisins, and that mermaids swim the muddy waters o' the Thames, if ye'll only stop weepin'. Me chest breaks apart and gapes wide open when I see tears in yer pretty eyes. Me lungs, me liver, and me heart cannot stand to be thus exposed."

She stopped breathing. She simply inhaled and stopped, looking at him in wonder. His lips were quirked in a mocking smile, but his eyes - his fathomless black eyes - seemed to hold a great pain as if his strong chest really had been split open. ~ Elizabeth Hoyt
Bakdash Mm quotes by Elizabeth Hoyt
"Just a little," I breathed. ~ Shaye Evans
Bakdash Mm quotes by Shaye Evans
So is this, like, dynamite?"
"It's HMX compounded with three percent polymer-bonded explosive composite," Cindy says …
"Did you say that all extra technical to make me feel like an asshole" Moon asks.
"Mm-hmmm. ~ Matt Wallace
Bakdash Mm quotes by Matt Wallace
I know I'm just a human woman, but so help me, if anything happens to her while she's with you - "
"I assure you she'll be in good hands."
"Mm-hm, that's part of what I'm worried about." She pointed at his hands. "Hands off, mister. ~ Wendy Higgins
Bakdash Mm quotes by Wendy Higgins
Well then, first would be the abalone and sea urchin- the bounty of the sea!
Ah, I see! This foam on top is kombu seaweed broth that's been whipped into a mousse!"
"Mm! I can taste the delicate umami flavors seeping into my tongue!"
"The fish meat was aged for a day wrapped in kombu. The seaweed pulls just enough of the moisture out of the meat, allowing it to keep longer, a perfect technique for a bento that needs to last. Hm! Next looks to be bonito. ...! "What rich, powerful umami!"
Aha! This is the result of several umami components melding together. The glutamic acid in the kombu from the previous piece is mixing together in my mouth with the inosinic acid in the bonito!
"And, like, I cold aged this bonito across two days. Aging fish and meats boosts their umami components, y'know. In other words, the true effect of this bento comes together in your mouth... as you eat it in order from one end to the other."
"Next is a row... that looks to be made entirely from vegetables. But none of them use a single scrap of seaweed. The wrappers around each one are different vegetables sliced paper-thin!"
"Right! This bento totally doesn't go for any heavy foods."
"Next comes the sushi row that practically cries out that it's a main dish... raw cold-aged beef sushi!" Th-there it is again! The powerful punch of umami flavor as two components mix together in my mouth!
"Hm? Wait a minute. I understand the inosinic acid comes from the beef.. ~ Yuto Tsukuda
Bakdash Mm quotes by Yuto Tsukuda
Inhaling deeply, Evan pressed his face to the soft tangle of Jamie's hair.
You had me at that first 'fuck you'. ~ Finn Marlowe
Bakdash Mm quotes by Finn Marlowe
Are you sure? What about your grandmother?"
He shrugged as though it didn't matter, and a beaming smile splayed across his mouth. "I'll be out here with you when I come out. ~ Shaye Evans
Bakdash Mm quotes by Shaye Evans
Gee, you don't sugarcoat things, do you?"
"At least if I'm at a club, I won't have you pressuring me."
"No, you'll have heaps of strangers instead. ~ Shaye Evans
Bakdash Mm quotes by Shaye Evans
Chase grabbed Joey's neck and hauled him into a kiss.
Oh shit.
Not again.
It didn't matter how many times it had been wrong, he still wanted to believe it. Wanted to believe it when he kissed a guy and everything inside said him. It had been wrong about Mark and Noah and Jorge and Tom and the whole list going right back to kissing Eduardo under the bleachers in tenth grade. Or maybe before. When he'd been three and told his mom he was going to marry his best friend Cody. ~ K.A. Mitchell
Bakdash Mm quotes by K.A. Mitchell
Well, I still have ten fingers and toes, if that's what you're talking about."
Cash snickered, lifting his head. A smile pulled at the corners of his mouth. "Not exactly."
"There's no evidence that it ever happened. He just said to keep warm and stay out of the snow as much as possible."
"Good. ~ Shaye Evans
Bakdash Mm quotes by Shaye Evans
I love you," Colt declared against Jace's lips.
"I love you, too." Jace made Colt smile.
"Thank you for taking me back." Colt
kissed the tip of Jace's nose.
"Thank you for finding me," Jace mumbled into the pillow on a deep yawn. "I need to sleep.Be here when I wake up."
"I'm here for as long as you want me. I promise I'll be here when you wake, Jace," he whispered and pressed a kiss to Jace's furrowed brow."Every day ... for the rest of our lives. ~ Kindle Alexander
Bakdash Mm quotes by Kindle Alexander
If you put somebody on a crack pipe and give them a 9 mm Baretta, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out what's going to happen next. ~ James Lee Burke
Bakdash Mm quotes by James Lee Burke
If I didn't love so damn hard I
wouldn't have someone to risk my life for. ~ Leslie Lee Sanders
Bakdash Mm quotes by Leslie Lee Sanders
Chocolate makes everything better, in the end," he announced, and Thayer fully agreed.
Thayer gave him a smile of gratitude and watched Castel lift his spoon from the saucer. He dipped it, gracefully, into his coffee and gave it a light stir.
"Too many people rush to stir such delicate flavours. Take too long and they will clog together to become a lump of bitterness in your coffee. But take your time and be gentle with them," Castel explained, quietly, "and they will create a symphony of flavours, to melt in your mouth," he said, leaning down, just until his nose was over his cup, to take a long inhale. He smiled and straightened, extracting the spoon to place it back on his saucer. "Now try it."
Thayer took a sip and almost felt his toes curl at the luxurious taste.

~ Cinnamon Kiss ~ Elaine White
Bakdash Mm quotes by Elaine White
You should have followed me out! That guy could have just as easily taken advantage of me, Brett!"
"Exactly why I'm here now, making sure you're okay."
"Too bad if Chris ended up dragging me off to a gutter instead of a hospital then, huh? ~ Shaye Evans
Bakdash Mm quotes by Shaye Evans
Jamie Canning was my first crush and my first love. But he was never mine to have. ~ Sarina Bowen
Bakdash Mm quotes by Sarina Bowen
I think he won a tiny piece of my heart that day. If he didn't have the whole damn thing before then, he certainly had part of it now. ~ N.R. Walker
Bakdash Mm quotes by N.R. Walker
Baby, it's not spur of the moment, and I'm thinking just fine. I've loved you since the first time I laid eyes on you. We've already wasted too much time. Jace Montgomery, be mine forever. Marry me on our terms before we leave this island.Just say yes. If I could move, I'd hold you, kiss you, beg you to say yes. Please, go find the chaplain and let's do this thing, right now. I don't want to destroy that marriage certificate. I want it to be real. I want to marry you. I want to say the words 'I do' in front of witnesses. ~ Kindle Alexander
Bakdash Mm quotes by Kindle Alexander
Halfway through the meal, while we were all laughing and telling stories, I made the mistake of placing my hand on Kaidan's upper thigh without thinking.
He let out a groan loud enough to silence the room. I slipped my hand back into my own lap, and Kaidan cleared his throat.
"Wow," he said. "The corn pudding is fantastic."
I snorted, which started a round of snickers. Patti smiled at Kaidan like he was a precious boy.
"Isn't it good? Anna found the recipe a few years ago. She's a great cook."
"Mm-hm." Kaidan gave a tight-lipped smile. "That she is. ~ Wendy Higgins
Bakdash Mm quotes by Wendy Higgins
Mm what you say Oh that you only meant well, well of course you did Mm what you say Mm that it's all for the best, of course it is Mm what you say That it's just what we need, you decided this Mm what you say What did she say? ~ Imogen Heap
Bakdash Mm quotes by Imogen Heap
Your daughter is gay? Where are all these gay people coming from? Gay friends. Gay daughters of friends. Gay sisters-in-law. Gay suspects. I ask one guy for a kiss and suddenly I'm living in Ancient Greece. ~ Dani Alexander
Bakdash Mm quotes by Dani Alexander
Ladies. I'm fine," said Sam.
"Mm-hm," said Avani, her hands on her hips. "You be sure and tell me that when you wake up in the middle of the night and pus is leaking out of your stomach and your skin's turning green."
He looked a bit taken aback and studied his middle more closely.
"You'll be fine," I said. "At least for a little while."
"Or we could cauterize it," said Avani, her face lighting up.
"Cauterize?" Sam echoed, looking slightly panicked. "Like, with fire?"
"Yes!" She grinned even wider. "I've read how to do it. I definitely could."
"I should've let the sexually frustrated elephant rip my guts out," Sam muttered. "At least it had the decency not to smile while it contemplated my murder."
Avani rolled her eyes. "Sam, you gonna put your shirt back on? Before Sarah here starts to hyperventilate?"
Looking thoroughly chastened, Sam shrugged his shirt on. I hissed at Avani through the corner of my mouth as he walked away. "Hyperventilate?"
She shrugged and inspected her nails. "You were studying him like you were prepping for an anatomy exam."
"I was not! ~ Jessica Khoury
Bakdash Mm quotes by Jessica Khoury
Christ, what a sad collection of losers, mm?'

'Too much time on their hands, mate. Leads to poetry. ~ Garth Ennis
Bakdash Mm quotes by Garth Ennis
Have you ever been so blindsided by a kiss you had to hold on for dear life to avoid toppling over like a sapling in a fierce storm? Yeah, me either. This was a first. It was no ordinary kiss. This felt like a revelation. Like a thunderclap accompanied by the soulful voices of a Greek chorus. ~ Lane Hayes
Bakdash Mm quotes by Lane Hayes
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