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My sweet naughty girl I got your hot letter tonight and have been trying to picture you frigging your cunt in the closet. How do you do it? Do you stand against the wall with your hand tickling up under your clothes or do you squat down on the hole with your skirts up and your hand hard at work in through the slit of your drawers? Does it give you the horn now to shit? I wonder how you can do it. Do you come in the act of shitting or do you frig yourself off first and then shit? It must be a fearfully lecherous thing to see a girl with her clothes up frigging furiously at her cunt, to see her pretty white drawers pulled open behind and her bum sticking out and a fat brown thing stuck half-way out of her hole. You say you will shit your drawers, dear, and let me fuck you then. I would like to hear you shit them, dear, first and then fuck you. Some night when we are somewhere in the dark and talking dirty and you feel your shite ready to fall put your arms round my neck in shame and shit it down softly. The sound will madden me and when I pull up your dress. ~ James Joyce
Arnice Brown quotes by James Joyce
Who cares if your outfit is black and you're sporting a brown belt? Wear it, rock it, love it - and others will, too. Nothing beats a belt. ~ Rachel Nichols
Arnice Brown quotes by Rachel Nichols
Suddenly I realize it wasn't debris I felt against my escape pod as I left the ship. It was people. ~ Pierce Brown
Arnice Brown quotes by Pierce Brown
Papa didn't cuss, he didn't raise a whole lot of fuss. But when we did wrong, Papa beat the hell out of us. ~ James Brown
Arnice Brown quotes by James Brown
The God Factor Saga is a complex blockbuster in genre of This Present Darkness meets Anne of Green Gables. This saga is a romantic, suspenseful, apocalyptic, and inspirational novel tucked into the stories of children who grow up to be men and women with Divine purpose. ~ J. Nell Brown
Arnice Brown quotes by J. Nell Brown
Abandon the search for God ... instead, take yourself as the starting place. ~ Dan Brown
Arnice Brown quotes by Dan Brown
But I love giving out compliments, not kiss-ass, brown nose, I-just-want-to-make-you-feel-good compliments, but genuine, no bullshit, I-mean-it-because-I-feel-it-in-my-heart compliments. ~ Kim Holden
Arnice Brown quotes by Kim Holden
I yearn to love, but learn to hate. ~ Matthew Brown
Arnice Brown quotes by Matthew Brown
It's one of the biggest fibs going that American newspapers are now being forced to give up their commitment to investigative reporting. Most of them gave up long ago as their greedy managements squeezed every cent out of the bottom line and turned their newsrooms into eunuchs. ~ Tina Brown
Arnice Brown quotes by Tina Brown
The information was kept hidden for the same reason we keep matches from children. In the correct hands, fire can provide illumination ... but in the wrong hands, fire can be highly destructive. ~ Dan Brown
Arnice Brown quotes by Dan Brown
Only if you sacrifice for a cause will you love it. ~ Victor L. Brown
Arnice Brown quotes by Victor L. Brown
MYTH 141. | Amelia Earhart mysteriously vanished. The mystery behind her sudden disappearance was solved just four years after she went missing. Her plane was found to be crashed near an island in Kiribati and her skeletal remains were found close by as well. The skeleton matched her measurements. They also found her equipment near the wreckage. ~ John Brown
Arnice Brown quotes by John Brown
Darrow, Lancer of House Augustus. Rise, there are duties for you to fill. Rise, there are honors for you to take. Rise for glory, for power, for conquest and dominion over lesser men. Rise, my son. Rise. ~ Pierce Brown
Arnice Brown quotes by Pierce Brown
For where does one run to when he's already in the promised land? ~ Claude Brown
Arnice Brown quotes by Claude Brown
He then eyed Tristan and took a step back, stumbling over his cloak. "You must be the earl's twin brother. But your eyes ... how are they so green?"
"They were brown until your heathen of a cousin shot me through the heart," Tristan said crossly. ~ Chelsea Fine
Arnice Brown quotes by Chelsea Fine
man clings to the mother-hand of the past, till he can think and act alone. ~ Henry Harrison Brown
Arnice Brown quotes by Henry Harrison Brown
[Author's Note:] It took me four years to research and write this novel, so I began long before talk about migrant caravans and building a wall entered the national zeitgeist. But even then I was frustrated by the tenor of the public discourse surrounding immigration in this country. The conversation always seemed to turn around policy issues, to the absolute exclusion of moral or humanitarian concerns. I was appalled at the way Latino migrants, even five years ago - and it has gotten exponentially worse since then - were characterized within that public discourse. At worst, we perceive them as an invading mob of resource-draining criminals, and at best, a sort of helpless, impoverished, faceless brown mass, clamoring for help at our doorstep. We seldom think of them as our fellow human beings. People with the agency to make their own decisions, people who can contribute to their own bright futures, and to ours, as so many generations of oft-reviled immigrants have done before them. ~ Jeanine Cummins
Arnice Brown quotes by Jeanine Cummins
Personally, I don't do certain things. I read articles and they'll pit me against Lil' Kim like I'm going to smash them down. I never said any of that; I never said I didn't like Kim or Foxy [Brown]. ~ Jean Grae
Arnice Brown quotes by Jean Grae
Tom Walls' buddies remain an isolated minority, except during times of economic or social stress, when a mass following develops to blame cranky sociopaths for the problems besetting society. If it weren't for brown-nosing evil firebrands, he would have no friends. The ideas backing up his rejoinders are extremely superficial and sex-crazed. ~ Linda Chavez
Arnice Brown quotes by Linda Chavez
Dancer finds me the next day as I practice my Aureate accent in the penthouse's holomirror. I can see a three-dimensional depiction of my head in front of me. The teeth move strangely, catching my tongue as I try to roll my words. I am still becoming used to my body, even months after the last of the surgeries. My teeth are larger than I initially thought them. It also doesn't help that the Goldbrows speak as though they've had golden shovels stuck up their bloodydamn stinkholes. So I find it easier to speak like one if I see that I am one. The arrogance comes easier. ~ Pierce Brown
Arnice Brown quotes by Pierce Brown
We can revolutionize the attitude of inner city brown and black kids to learning. We need a civil rights movement within the African-American community. ~ Henry Louis Gates
Arnice Brown quotes by Henry Louis Gates
Who were all these people, so many of them so brown? What was this ritual unfolding around him? I've never seen a German look as German as Clark did when he assessed his likely assessors. His eyes were like small blue coins behind his glasses. ~ Walter Kirn
Arnice Brown quotes by Walter Kirn
I grip him. "Don't leave me."
He kisses my lips, "Never again. This isn't me leaving you. This is me choosing you." He throws my words back at me.
He kisses me once more and then pushes off. He leaves and doesn't look back. I fight the urge to run after him. ~ Tara Brown
Arnice Brown quotes by Tara Brown
I admire one to my left, the bronze sun is behind him as he falls, silhouetting him, immortalizing him in that singular moment - one I know I shall never forget - so that he looks like a Miltonian angel falling with wrath and glory. His exoskeleton sheds its friction armor, as Lucifer might have shed the fetters of heaven, feathers of flame peeling off, fluttering behind. Then a missile slashes the sky and high-grade explosives christen him mortal once again. ~ Pierce Brown
Arnice Brown quotes by Pierce Brown
There is no such thing as a black middle class. ~ H. Rap Brown
Arnice Brown quotes by H. Rap Brown
he had the kindest face in the world, with big, dark eyes and buzzed-cut
brown hair. ~ S.C. Stephens
Arnice Brown quotes by S.C. Stephens
He moves me to madness. He's an indescribable poetic impression. He's Persian blood re-defined by Parisian culture, softened in the right places, yet, fierce where it counts. Dreamy. The kind of boy you can't get too close to, because you might get lost in his brown eyes and melancholy. ~ Michael Ben Zehabe
Arnice Brown quotes by Michael Ben Zehabe
UnSexed Virgin Dies En Route To Her Deflowering
'We were so close,' says surrogate ~ Elizabeth Brown
Arnice Brown quotes by Elizabeth Brown
We need to become more unreasonable but in an intelligent way. ~ Jerry Brown
Arnice Brown quotes by Jerry Brown
Tell your wife often how terrific she looks. ~ H. Jackson Brown, Jr.
Arnice Brown quotes by H. Jackson Brown, Jr.
Over the ten years since she'd been born, the trees of Briary Swamp, West Virginia, had peered through May's window night after night. They had watched over her thoughtful brown eyes, the imaginative crook of her head, the strong character of her knobby knees. The trees had laughed at the jokes May told her cat. Their leaves had whispered over her wild inventions, her colorful stories, her drawings. ~ Jodi Lynn Anderson
Arnice Brown quotes by Jodi Lynn Anderson
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