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Cal was dressed in a Hex Hall uniform. The blazer was a little tight on his broad shoulders, more so when he shrugged. "It was mine.Mrs. Casnoff brought it with her. I don't really, uh, do costumes. Figured this was a good compromise."
I'd thought no one but Archer could make that uniform look good, but Cal proved me wrong. The bright blue was nice against his tan skin and golden hair, and he looked younger. There was a dimple in his cheek as he smiled at me-something I'd never noticed before. "You make a good Hecate," he said.
I would have snorted and made a sarcastic comment, but there was something in his eyes that made me just say, "Thanks. ~ Rachel Hawkins
Archer Sanction quotes by Rachel Hawkins
. . . 'science' was now called on to sanction and sanctify existing social relations. According to Malthus, it was wholly desirable that political economy be 'taught to the common people.' Thanks to it, the poor would understand that they must attribute the cause of their privations to Mother Nature or their own improvidence. ~ Domenico Losurdo
Archer Sanction quotes by Domenico Losurdo
Typically, when you have a depressed individual, they feel hopeless. They feel miserable. Their mind is racing, their heart is pounding. They feel anxious. They feel exhausted yet they can't sleep. ~ Dale Archer
Archer Sanction quotes by Dale Archer
Chatterers are a menace. ~ Jeffrey Archer
Archer Sanction quotes by Jeffrey Archer
Suddenly Archer was beside me and Luc was near Beth. We were backing up, but I didn't feel my feet moving of my muscles working. My eyes were trained on Daemon until the others of his kind swallowed his light.
Fear coated the inside of my mouth and turned the blood into slush in my veins. In that instant I couldn't help but think of what Dasher had said about what would happen when the Luxen came – and whether Daemon would stand with his own kind or with mine.
I wasn't sure Daemon even had a choice.
I wasn't sure I did, either. ~ Jennifer L. Armentrout
Archer Sanction quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
But rituals turn us all into fucking idiots. Like those birds that sleep with their heads facing backwards because their ancestors slept with their heads under their wings. Plutarch says carrying new wives across thresholds is stupid because we don't remember that it refers to the rape of the Sabine women - and that's fucking Plutarch, two thousand years ago. We still draw the Reaper with a scythe. We should draw him driving a John Deere for Archer Daniels Midland. ~ Josh Bazell
Archer Sanction quotes by Josh Bazell
I had no idea where I was going, but at that point, walking straight into the sea didn't seem like such a bad idea. For months I'd been torturing myself, wondering if Archer kissing me had just been part of his act. But he was right, he hadn't kissed me. I had kissed him, and he'd just...responded.God, I was a moron.
Archer caught up with me,but I kept looking straight ahead.
"Look,forget it," I said. "Just show me whatever it was you dragged me out here to see."
"Fine," he replied, his voice clipped.
We walked down the beach in total silence. In the moonlight, our shadows stretched out before us, almost touching. ~ Rachel Hawkins
Archer Sanction quotes by Rachel Hawkins
Wow, Cross. I think you missed your calling. Screw demon hunting: you should clearly be writing Hallmark cards. ~ Rachel Hawkins
Archer Sanction quotes by Rachel Hawkins
As a grandiose self-deception, war is o' the same magnitude as religion. We embrace war or religion - usually both at the same time - as a means o' defeatin' death, but neither o' them do a blinkin' thing but sanction dyin'. Throughout history, Death's best friend has been a priest with a knife. ~ Tom Robbins
Archer Sanction quotes by Tom Robbins
I was sitting in this small coffee shop a couple days ago and I saw this old man sitting at a table across from me. He looked so lonely, so sad. I was too, but it suddenly occurred to me that some people go through their whole lives never being loved or loving as deeply as I love you. There's always going to be the chance that I could lose you in this lifetime. There's nothing any of us can do about the possibility of loss. But in that moment, I decided that I was more interested in focusing on the great privilege I've been given in having you at all. Ch. 32 ~ Mia Sheridan
Archer Sanction quotes by Mia Sheridan
Steve mellon had told him that love was for poor suckers, and Richard had written on his steamed-up shaving mirror that morning, 'I must be penniless. ~ Jeffrey Archer
Archer Sanction quotes by Jeffrey Archer
I love your hairless chest." She nuzzled his pecs. "So smooth and sculpted. Like a marble manslut statue. ~ Nicole Archer
Archer Sanction quotes by Nicole Archer
His smile was like a Dylan album and a cup of coffee on a sunny afternoon ~ Jen Archer Wood
Archer Sanction quotes by Jen Archer Wood
Human cultures vary widely in the plants they use to gratify the desire for a change of mind, but all cultures (save the Eskimo) sanction at least one such plant and, just as invariably, strenuously forbid certain others. Along with the temptation seems to come the taboo. ~ Michael Pollan
Archer Sanction quotes by Michael Pollan
When we want to let go of a situation no matter what it is we must be able to "bless" it. When you bless something you sanction it giving it your approval and endorsement freeing it to go forward with your cooperation and support. ~ Sue Augustine
Archer Sanction quotes by Sue Augustine
Not taking the Bible (or other texts based on 'revealed truths') literally leaves it up to the reader to cherry-pick elements for belief. There exists no guide for such cherry-picking, and zero religious sanction for it. ~ Jeffrey Tayler
Archer Sanction quotes by Jeffrey Tayler
This isn't one of your spankerchiefs, is it?" "The hell?" "You know, your jizz rag? ~ Nicole Archer
Archer Sanction quotes by Nicole Archer
Every Christian church has tried to impose a code of morals of some kind for which it has claimed divine sanction. As these codes have always been opposed to those of the gospels a loophole has been left for moral progress such as hardly exists in other religions. ~ John B. S. Haldane
Archer Sanction quotes by John B. S. Haldane
Bernard Berenson once said that the formation of the great library he assembled at I Tatti was his greatest achievement. I feel much the same way about the library (as distinct from the bookshop) that I've put together in Archer City. The collection - or, more properly, the accumulation - now numbers about 28,000 volumes. If I were beamed up tomorrow my library would attest to the fact that a reader had once been there.

-- "On Rereading," NYRB July 14, 2005 ~ Larry McMurtry
Archer Sanction quotes by Larry McMurtry
Violence has no constitutional sanction; and every government from the beginning has moved against it. But where grievances pile high and most of the elected spokesmen represent the Establishment, violence may be the only effective response. ~ William O. Douglas
Archer Sanction quotes by William O. Douglas
The First Amendment, he explained, exposed tolerance as a sham, because tolerance implies one superior group of people deigning to put up with their inferiors. "It is now no more that toleration is spoken of as if it were the indulgence of one class of people that another enjoyed the exercise of their inherent natural rights," Washington wrote. "For, happily, the Government of the United States . . . gives to bigotry no sanction, to persecution no assistance." Of ~ Sarah Vowell
Archer Sanction quotes by Sarah Vowell
The experience of treaties being broken with impunity provide an afflicting lesson to mankind how little dependence is to be placed on treaties which have no other sanction than the obligations of good faith; and which oppose general considerations of peace and justice to the impulse of any immediate interest and passion. ~ Alexander Hamilton
Archer Sanction quotes by Alexander Hamilton
the only failure that cannot be excused is the failure to act on an injustice or to right a wrong. Those are the failures history shuns because the people who stand by and allow evil to occur are very nearly as bad as the evil-doers themselves." Archer ~ April White
Archer Sanction quotes by April White
The Archer sighed and closed his eyes as he tried to refocus on the activity around him. He really hated that name. The Archer. It was a stupidass name. Next time he decided to go all evil genius on the world, he was going to pick his own fucking name. ~ Abigail Roux
Archer Sanction quotes by Abigail Roux
We all make mistakes but one has to move on. ~ Jeffrey Archer
Archer Sanction quotes by Jeffrey Archer
When one enters any intellectual battle, big or small, public or private, one cannot seek, desire or expect the enemy's sanction. Truth or falsehood must be one's sole concern and sole criterion of judgment - not anyone's approval or disapproval; and, above all, not the approval of those whose standards are the opposite of one's own. ~ Ayn Rand
Archer Sanction quotes by Ayn Rand
Marriage is ... OK, it's rooted and grounded on love and attraction. ~ Mary Archer
Archer Sanction quotes by Mary Archer
But as I stood across from Archer, I couldn't forget that I was completely, stupidly in love with the one person I could never have.
The laughter died on my lips, and I dashed at my eyes with the back of my hand. "I need to get back," I said.
"Right," he replied. He was still holding his sword in his right hand, and he twirled the hilt, the point sratching the wooden floor. "So this is it. We're done."
"Yeah," I said, my voice cracking. I cleared my throat. "And I have to say, the world's first and last Eye-demon reconnaissance mission went pretty well." It was a struggle to meet his eyes, but I managed it. "Thank you."
He shrugged, his dark gaze full of something I couldn't quite read. "We were a good team."
"We were." In more ways than one, I thought. Which is why this sucked so bad.
I stepped back. "Anyway, I should go. See ya,Cross." Then I laughed, only it sounded suspiciously like another sob. "Except I won't, will I So I guess I should say goodbye." I felt like I was about to shatter into a million tiny shards, like the mirrors I'd broken with Dad. "okay, well, best of luck with the whole Eye thing, then. Try not to kill anyone I know." I turned away, but he reached out and caught my wrist.
I could feel my pulse hammering under his fingers. "Mercer, that day in the cellar..." He searched my face, and I could sense him struggling for what he wanted to say. Then finally, "I didn't kiss you back because I had to. I kissed you because I w ~ Rachel Hawkins
Archer Sanction quotes by Rachel Hawkins
Give me your pain, love,' he said holding her against the steady beat of his heart. 'Let me take it for you. ~ Zoe Archer
Archer Sanction quotes by Zoe Archer
Once I faced a female with diamond skin," Nix said breathlessly. "I was transfixed - even as she was choking the life out of me."
" No, I saw that character on X men. I just wanted to commiserate. Alas, I have no weaknesses."
"Except your insanity," Lucia pointed out.
sigh. "Well played, Archer. then carry on ... ~ Kresley Cole
Archer Sanction quotes by Kresley Cole
Do you want to come free-running with us?" She pulled a slim book off a shelf and shook her head. "I'm off to the bath." Ringo held his hand out, and she squeezed it quickly before she left the room. He looked baffled when he turned to us. "It's 'er third bath since we got 'ere. She wasn't dirty to begin with." I grinned at him. "It's a chick thing." "No chicken I ever saw liked a bath." Archer ~ April White
Archer Sanction quotes by April White
I wish we could go to the movies. ~ Rachel Hawkins
Archer Sanction quotes by Rachel Hawkins
The truths Phaedrus began to pursue were lateral truths; no longer the frontal truths of science, those toward which the discipline pointed, but the kind of truth you see laterally, out of the corner of your eye. In a laboratory situation, when your whole procedure goes haywire, when everything goes wrong or is indeterminate or is so screwed up by unexpected results you can't make head or tail out of anything, you start looking laterally. That's a word he later used to describe a growth of knowledge that doesn't move forward like an arrow in flight, but expands sideways, like an arrow enlarging in flight, or like the archer, discovering that although he has hit the bull's-eye and won the prize, his head is on a pillow and the sun is coming in the window. Lateral knowledge is knowledge that's from a wholly unexpected direction, from a direction that's not even understood as a direction until the knowledge forces itself upon one. Lateral truths point to the falseness of axioms and postulates underlying one's existing system of getting at truth. ~ Robert M. Pirsig
Archer Sanction quotes by Robert M. Pirsig
Poor Quinn."
I glanced at my husband, and found him shaking his head mournfully.
"Why poor Quinn?" Kat asked.
"Dan still has his crush on Nico, and Quinn isn't here to defend his bromance."
I snorted because this was true. Dan had a bit of a crush on Nico. But then, we all did.
As though reading my thoughts, Sandra mock-whispered, "We all have a crush on Nico. Even you, Greg."
He didn't deny it; instead, opting to say, "I'm going to start a rumor that Dan and Nico bought tickets to the Cubs opening game, they're going together, and are hoping to get on the kiss-cam."
I clicked my tongue in mild disapproval. "You are a gossip, Greg Archer."
"Yes. I am. Annoyingly, Alex is worthless at spreading rumors because he's smitten with Drew."
"And you're smitten with no one," I stated.
"Untrue. I'm smitten with you."
This earned him an appreciative grin; I lifted my chin. "Well played, husband. Well played. ~ Penny Reid
Archer Sanction quotes by Penny Reid
I think the key for a child to do well in a divorce is, very simply, you have to be honest with them. ~ Dale Archer
Archer Sanction quotes by Dale Archer
Gossip is perhaps the most familiar and elementary form of disguised popular aggression. Though its use is hardly confined to attacks by subordinates on their superiors, it represents a relatively safe social sanction. Gossip, almost by definition has no identifiable author, but scores of eager retailers who can claim they are just passing on the news. Should the gossip - and here I have in mind malicious gossip - be challenged, everyone can disavow responsibility for having originated it. The Malay term for gossip and rumor, khabar angin (news on the wind), captures the diffuse quality of responsibility that makes such aggression possible.
The character of gossip that distinguishes it from rumor is that gossip consists typically of stories that are designated to ruin the reputation of some identifiable person or persons. If the perpetrators remain anonymous, the victim is clearly specified. There is, arguably, something of a disguised democratic voice about gossip in the sense that it is propagated only to the extent that others find it in their interest to retell the story.13 If they don't, it disappears. Above all, most gossip is a discourse about social rules that have been violated. A person's reputation can be damaged by stories about his tightfistedness, his insulting words, his cheating, or his clothing only if the public among whom such tales circulate have shared standards of generosity, polite speech, honesty, and appropriate dress. Without an accepted normat ~ James C. Scott
Archer Sanction quotes by James C. Scott
She's keeping people down here in storage," I said, my voice echoing. "Like they're things. Archer. This is…Look, I knew whatever was down here would be bad. It's not like Lara Casnoff would use a powerful blood spell to guard her chocolate chip cookie recipe. But this?"
"Yeah," Archer said softly. "This goes beyond bad, and straight into nightmarish. ~ Rachel Hawkins
Archer Sanction quotes by Rachel Hawkins
Kunal made a noise between a grunt and a sigh. "We need to move."

"Is he like this around you too?" Alok said, whispering.

"All honorable and brooding?"

"Oh, I like that description. ~ Swati Teerdhala
Archer Sanction quotes by Swati Teerdhala
Archer seemed startled, and I realized they'd never actually met face to face. He took Elizabeth's hand and grazed the back of it with his lips. It made me want to change trajectory and hit him. "Lady Elizabeth. I'm honored." His tone was formal, thank God. If it had been low and growly I might have ended the Tudor line about forty years early. ~ April White
Archer Sanction quotes by April White
A WEEK BEFORE commencement, at which Stoner was to receive his doctorate, Archer Sloane offered him a full-time instructorship at the University. ~ John Edward Williams
Archer Sanction quotes by John Edward Williams
Perhaps the forces of winged retribution. The prophet Elijah being fed to the ravens. Like Baida, I have killed my three pigeons.'

'Two,' Adam said.

'Two died instead of Vishnevetsky. One died instead of my brother. Long ago. Attar, the Persian poet, saw the destiny of souls as a flight of birds across the seven valleys of Seeking, Love, Knowledge, Independence, Unity, Stupefaction and Annihilation, before at last being lost in the divine Ocean and thenceforth happy. A charming, if sterile, conceit. Next time, the bird may escape,' Lymond said. 'Happy pigeon. Next time, the archer may die. ~ Dorothy Dunnett
Archer Sanction quotes by Dorothy Dunnett
Making a million legally has always been difficult. Making a million illegally has always been a little easier. Keeping a million when you have made it is perhaps the most difficult of all. ~ Jeffrey Archer
Archer Sanction quotes by Jeffrey Archer
What is it, I wonder, that they hope to Correct? I am what I am, irredeemably, irretrievably, implacably - as are mostof my fellow desperadoes here in Correctional Facility.
We are monsters. ~ Jeff Lindsay
Archer Sanction quotes by Jeff Lindsay
And because Scarlet loved pancakes ... That's what he would do. Make pancakes and flee. ~ Chelsea Fine
Archer Sanction quotes by Chelsea Fine
Oh, good, it worked," Archer said, his ghostly face relieved. Unlike Elodie, his voice came in loud and clear, and so familiar that my heart broke all over again.
I stood frozen, my back against the door. Even though he was faint, I could see him smirk.
"Um…Mercer? Haven't seen you in nearly a month. I was expecting something like, 'Oh, Cross, love of my heart, fire of my loins, how I've longed-"
"You're dead," I blurted out, pressing a hand against my stomach. "You're a ghost, and you think-"
All the humor disappeared from his face, and he held up both hands. "Whoa, whoa, whoa. Not dead. Promise."
My heart was still hammering. "Then what the heck are you?"
Archer almost looked sheepish as he reached inside his shirt and pulled out some kind of amulet on a thin silver chain. "It's a speaking stone. Lets you appear to people kind of like a hologram. You know. 'Help me, Sophie-Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope.'"
"Did you steal it from the cellar at Hecate, too?" Archer had collected all sorts of magical knickknacks back when we had cellar duty at Hex Hall.
"No," he said, offended. "I found it at a…store. For magical stuff. Okay, yes, I stole it from the cellar."
I rushed across the room and thrust my fist at his solar plexus. It went right through him, but it was still kind of satisfying. "You jerk!" I cried, striking at his head. "You scared me to death! Cal said The Eye probably had you, and I thought they'd found out about you and ~ Rachel Hawkins
Archer Sanction quotes by Rachel Hawkins
You know how to be a good boy?" Anna widened her eyes in surprise. "Why, Archer, I'm certain I never recognized that quality in you. ~ Lora Leigh
Archer Sanction quotes by Lora Leigh
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