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Derian pulled the blanket snug around himself. "This is my added assurance."

Eena wrinkled her nose as if she thought his answer was odder than his actions. "It's your what?"

"If you recall the last time we were here standing in this very spot, you pelted me with neumberries." He held up a single berry before popping it into his mouth. "I doubt you would risk soiling your blanket, so I figure wrapping it around me this way I'm pretty much assured safety from any potential attack."

He winked playfully, and she laughed out loud.

"I'm afraid you don't know me half as well as you think," she announced. Aiming low, she flung a sizable berry at his calf. It hit its mark.

"Whoa, whoa!" He lowered the blanket to cover his legs.

"You can't hide yourself entirely, Derian," she said, aiming for his face. He ducked, raising the blanket like a shield in the process.

Another round of ammunition pelted his ankles before he decided it was time to fight back. Eena found herself bound up in her own blanket, arms wrapped securely at her sides. She laughed nonstop, unable to move within his strong hold. Derian leaned forward until their noses touched, and then he kissed her giggles silent. He kept her in the blanket, snug and close to him, but Eena managed to wriggle an arm free and drape it around his neck, holding his lips in reach. She uttered a quick count in between kisses.

"Seven," she breathed.
Richelle E. Goodrich
4400 Series quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
When I got a part in 'All American Girl,' in 1994, I remember thinking, 'Now I have a series, I'm not going to need to do standup,' but every night I'd go out afterward and get onstage somewhere. ~ Judy Gold
4400 Series quotes by Judy Gold
The lust for chaos wrenched reason from my mind. She wanted the power I'd called before. She wanted to burn it all; to slice open the veil and summon the fires of hell to dance for her. She burned for it, and so did I." ~ Muse ~ Pippa DaCosta
4400 Series quotes by Pippa DaCosta
Many people want to live in an alternate world. As a writer, it's my job to put them there. ~ Devlin De La Chapa On Writing The HUSH Series
4400 Series quotes by Devlin De La Chapa On Writing The HUSH Series
I'm working on something that's not yet novel-shaped but is something of a film-noir-flavored 'Alice in Wonderland.' It will also very likely be a single volume story and not the start of a series. ~ Erin Morgenstern
4400 Series quotes by Erin Morgenstern
She never came back after mid-term break; according to the Automator, 'unforeseen circumstances' had forced her to extend her holiday. Every day Howard sees her classes trooping despondently from the Geography Room to the study hall, or carrying votive bundles of cardboard and paper to the recycling bins, their faces anxious, hopeful, like Indians doing a rain dance. He knows how they feel. Since mid-term he's existed in a constant state of tension, braced against every moment as the one that might finally restore her. Even out of school, even on his own, shopping in the supermarket, sitting at the traffic lights, he finds himself holding his breath. But the days are a series of ghost pregnancies, delivering nothing. ~ Paul Murray
4400 Series quotes by Paul Murray
It's specifically this Z = 2^(Aleph0) that he couldn't prove. Ever. Despite years of unimaginable doodling. Whether it's what unhinged him or not is an unanswerable question, but it is true that his inability to prove the C.H. caused Cantor pain for the rest of his life; he considered it his great failure. This too, in hindsight, is sad, because professional mathematicians now know exactly why G. Cantor could neither prove nor disprove the C.H. The reasons are deep and important and go corrosively to the root of axiomatic set theory's formal Consistency, in rather the same way that K. Godel's Incompleteness proofs deracinate all math as a formal system. Once again, the issues here can be only sketched or synopsized (although this time Godel is directly involved, so the whole thing is probably fleshed out in the Great Discoveries Series' Godel booklet). ~ David Foster Wallace
4400 Series quotes by David Foster Wallace
Although I have to say, it's become a lot harder for me since I won the world series because everyone wants to beat me. For example, bluffing is really tough now, because there's always someone who calls me on the off-chance that they'll then be able to say they read a world champion's bluff. ~ Chris Moneymaker
4400 Series quotes by Chris Moneymaker
The walking of passers-by offers a series of turns and detours that can be compared to "turns of phrase" or "stylistic figures." There is a rhetoric of walking. The art of "turning" phrases finds an equivalent in an art of composing a path. ~ Michel De Certeau
4400 Series quotes by Michel De Certeau
Uh, excuse me, myrna. What did you just say? To me it sounded like 'I'm pregnant with the troll's baby and I'm going to handfast with him, Mama.' I know I couldn't have heard you right."~ Shannon Parker
"You hears me right, Mama. Except for the part about Grant being a troll. You know i've asked you a thousand times to quit calling him that." ~Myrna
"Lets see... he's short. The top of his head is flat. He has an underbite. And a squeaky little voice. All that says troll to me." ~ Shannon Parker

Divine by Blood (Part 2 Chapter 6) Partholon Series ~ P.C. Cast
4400 Series quotes by P.C. Cast
Mrs. Ishida smirked at the other parents. "Told you she could see demons." Ayden gaped.
"You knew?"
"Duh," Mr. Ishida snorted.
"Why does no one say anything?" I said.
"Plausible deniability," they all chorused. "Oh."
A & E Kirk (2014-05-26). Drop Dead Demons: The Divinicus Nex Chronicles: Book 2 (Divinicus Nex Chronicles series) (p. 510). A&E Kirk. Kindle Edition. ~ A&E Kirk
4400 Series quotes by A&E Kirk
When it was all over, Kit thankfully slipped away, avoiding the washing-up after dinner, and found himself a quiet spot under the front portico of the house. The air blowing off the desert was cool and spiced, and the ocean gleamed under the stars, a sheet of deep black that ended in a series of unfurling white waves. ~ Cassandra Clare
4400 Series quotes by Cassandra Clare
Days and months of holding back. Being diplomatic. Trying to figure out which way was up, and how to right a series of mistakes that weren't meant to hurt anyone. At work and in my personal life. It was all a mess, and every time I tried to make things right, I made them worse. So maybe the answer was to stop trying so hard. ~ Allyson Lindt
4400 Series quotes by Allyson Lindt
Helping people understand the impact of key environmental and human issues worldwide is something that I'm passionate about. CNN's 'Going Green' series of specials are engaging viewers around the world through important messages of conservation and hope. ~ Philippe Cousteau, Jr.
4400 Series quotes by Philippe Cousteau, Jr.
Secrets hold the power to change everything, which is why they must always be concealed. But secrets can never truly be hidden and when they're revealed, brace yourself." DJ Benz ~ D.J. Benz
4400 Series quotes by D.J. Benz
Every prime minister has a whole series of networks, and there are official formal networks and there are unofficial informal networks. I'm lucky in that I have good official formal networks, starting with my own office, the leadership group, the cabinet and the party room. ~ Tony Abbott
4400 Series quotes by Tony Abbott
In order to have a TV series, you have to have a good idea for the story. ~ Tiny Tim
4400 Series quotes by Tiny Tim
For Uncle Giles had been relegated by most of the people who knew him at all well to that limbo where nothing is expected of a person, and where more than usually outrageous actions are approached, at least conversationally, as if they constituted a series of practical jokes, more or less enjoyable, according to where responsibility for clearing up matters might fall. The curious thing about persons regarding whom society has taken this largely self-defensive measure is that the existence of the individual himself reaches a pitch when nothing he does can ever be accepted as serious. ~ Anthony Powell
4400 Series quotes by Anthony Powell
I was motivated by the fact that I wasn't happy with my play in this series and felt accountable to the guys. That's enough motivation to want to play well. ~ Ray Emery
4400 Series quotes by Ray Emery
Aren widened his stance, his eyes locked on his twin's. "So help me, Adam, I don't want to hurt you, but if you threaten her one more time I will. That's a promise." - Hunter's Moon ~ Lisa Kessler
4400 Series quotes by Lisa Kessler
I haven't baked a child in ... decades!
Aunt Maddy from Anbgela's Coven #covenbooks ~ Bruce Jenvey
4400 Series quotes by Bruce Jenvey
That's what every young kid thinks about when they first put on a uniform - is to play in the Major League and then, ultimately, play in a World Series. To me, that was the ultimate, winning in '86. ~ Gary Carter
4400 Series quotes by Gary Carter
Someday the Chicago Cubs are going to be in the World Series ~ Harry Caray
4400 Series quotes by Harry Caray
The ordinary man cannot imagine this Providence in any other form but that of a greatly exalted father, for only such a one could understand the needs of the sons of men, or be softened by their prayers and placated by the signs of their remorse. The whole thing is so patently infantile, so incongruous with reality, that to one whose attitude to humanity is friendly it is painful to think that the great majority of mortals will never be able to rise above this view of life. It is even more humiliating to discover what a large number of those alive today, who must see that this religion is not tenable, yet try to defend it inch by inch, as if with a series of pitiable rearguard actions. ~ Sigmund Freud
4400 Series quotes by Sigmund Freud
the more I get to know Ray, the more I hate him. The bastard is rude, crude and lewd. He's not a good dude. Yep, Dr. Seuss could write a series of adult rhyming books about that creep. ~ Elle Kennedy
4400 Series quotes by Elle Kennedy
May be it's time... Not to give up, to let go ~ The Originals
4400 Series quotes by The Originals
Series work is just grueling. ~ Robert Urich
4400 Series quotes by Robert Urich
All our lives are miraculous if only we are willing to view them that way. The world keeps on pulsing new amazements, providing a constant series of epiphanies, illuminations, peak experiences. If, out of inattention, cynicism or a moribund view of the world, we don't respond to the wondrous, then we get what we expect: a confirmation that life is unsurprising. ~ Pierre Delattre
4400 Series quotes by Pierre Delattre
I tackle guys three times your size for a living. I can handle whatever you throw at me. ~ Amy Andrews
4400 Series quotes by Amy Andrews
The shoes represent my ability to provide foot coverings for you and maybe one day our children." Fane cleared his throat and continued, fumbling along as he went.
"You see, it is important that you know that you won't be without something on your feet, so-" Jacque held up her hand to stop Fane from going any further.
"There are no shoes in this box, are there?" Fane shook his head once. "Not one."
Loftis, Quinn (2011-11-18). Blood Rites: Book 2 Grey Wolves Series (The Grey Wolves Series) (p. 243). Kindle Edition. ~ Quinn Loftis
4400 Series quotes by Quinn Loftis
As the war on terrorism spreads and prolongs, the fruits of ending the threat of terrorism around the world will be tempered with a whole new series of problems to be addressed and resolved. ~ Charles Bass
4400 Series quotes by Charles Bass
It was the saying of a great man, that if we could trace our descents, we should find all slaves to come from princes, and all princes from slaves; and fortune has turned all things topsy-turvy in a long series of revolutions; beside, for a man to spend his life in pursuit of a title, that serves only when he dies to furnish out an epitaph, is below a wise man's business. ~ Seneca The Younger
4400 Series quotes by Seneca The Younger
As part of our ongoing series of reports on the environment, 'America Goes Green,' we take on the question that can make otherwise competent adults quake with fear. We've all been there. You come to the end of the checkout line and then comes that question: 'Paper or plastic?' For that one brief moment, we grocery buyers are made to feel like the fate of the planet hinges on our decision. ~ Brian Williams
4400 Series quotes by Brian Williams
Mornings sunrise is yesterdays farewell"
~James Lagoski~ ~ James Lagoski
4400 Series quotes by James Lagoski
If A denotes one of the two constant traits, for example, the dominating one, a the recessive, and the Aa the hybrid form in which both are united, then the expression: gives the series for the progeny of plants hybrid in a pair of differing traits. ~ Gregor Mendel
4400 Series quotes by Gregor Mendel
To the man who is truly ethical all life is sacred, including that which from the human point of view seems lower in the scale. He makes distinctions only as each case comes before him, and under the pressure of necessity, as, for example, when it falls to him to decide which of two lives he must sacrifice in order to preserve the other. But all through this series of decisions he is conscious of acting on subjective grounds and arbitrarily, and knows that he bears the responsibility for the life which is sacrificed. ~ Albert Schweitzer
4400 Series quotes by Albert Schweitzer
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