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#1. Place me like a seal over your heart, like a seal on your arm; for love is as strong as death, its jealousy unyeilding as the grave. It burns like a blazing fire, like a mighty flame. Song of Solomon 8:6 - Author: Elizabeth Hunter
Superfly Song quotes by Elizabeth Hunter
#2. I'd finally reached the end of myself, all my self-reliance and denial and pride unraveling into nothingness, leaving only a blank Alison-shaped space behind. It was finished. I was done.
But just as I felt myself dissolving on the tide of my own self-condemnation, the dark waves receded, and I floated into a celestial calm.
I saw the whole universe laid out before me, a vast shining machine of indescribable beauty and complexity. Its design was too intricate for me to understand, and I knew I could never begin to grasp more than the smallest idea of its purpose. But I sensed that every part of it, from quark to quasar, was unique and - in some mysterious way - significant.
I heard the universe as an oratorio sung by a master choir of stars, accompanied by the orchestra of the planets and the percussion of satellites and moons. The aria they performed was a song to break the heart, full of tragic dissonance and deferred hope, and yet somewhere beneath it all was a peircing refrain of glory, glory, glory. And I sensed that not only the grand movements of the cosmos, but everything that had happened in my life, was a part of that song. Even the hurts that seemed most senseless, the mistakes I would have done anything to erase - nothing could make those things good, but good could still come out of them all the same, and in the end the oratorio would be no less beautiful for it.
I realized then that even though I was a tiny speck in an infinite cosmos, a bli - Author: R.J. Anderson
Superfly Song quotes by R.J. Anderson
#3. The sound of his voice was an overwhelming relief, like remembering the name of a beloved song or returning to a childhood haunt to find it totally unchanged. Did he not fee the same swell of relief? Or was he just better at hiding it? - Author: Galt Niederhoffer
Superfly Song quotes by Galt Niederhoffer
#4. The old men shall dream dreams,
The young maids will see visions,
The beast of the forest will turn away,
They will see the child of misery coming,
And make clear the path.
- Song of Venda - Author: Mary E. Pearson
Superfly Song quotes by Mary E. Pearson
#5. Purple Rain comes on. It's the song we first danced to at homecoming. - Author: Heidi McLaughlin
Superfly Song quotes by Heidi McLaughlin
#6. Daughter, daughter, shining bright
Precious jewel within mine sight
Oh, if I could soar with thee
As you seek your destiny.

To see with you the caves and skies
Vistas grand beneath your eyes
Taking wing to horizons new
Let us wonder who waits for you.

A dragon bright?
A dragon dark?
Victor of duels with battle mark?
A dragon strong?
A dragon keen?
Singer of honors and triumphs seen?

Red, Gold, Bronze, and Blue
To your lord you shall be true,
Copper, Silver, Black, and White,
Who will win your mating flight?

For in your hearts our future rests
To see our line with hatchlings blessed
And for those who threaten clutch of flame,
To feel the wrath of dragon-dame. - Author: E.E. Knight
Superfly Song quotes by E.E. Knight
#7. You can't start a fire
Worrying 'bout your little world falling apart
This gun's for hire
Even if we're just dancing in the dark - Author: Bruce Springsteen
Superfly Song quotes by Bruce Springsteen
#8. If I'm happy with the song and it's a hit song or not, for the rest of my life, I can hang my hat on knowing I did the best I could, and I'll enjoy getting out there and doing it. That's all that really matters for me. The icing on the cake is people actually enjoy it and sing it back to you. That's when you know that you've done something great. - Author: Jake Owen
Superfly Song quotes by Jake Owen
#9. She was a poem and a painting too. Everything she said sounded like a song, every silence was the music too. - Author: Akshay Vasu
Superfly Song quotes by Akshay Vasu
#10. When somebody brings me a record to mix, usually they feel like they can only get it so far with who they were working with or with themselves, and they just want somebody with fresh ears to take it to the next level. I just try to have a candid, open conversation with them about each song before we start working on it. - Author: John Congleton
Superfly Song quotes by John Congleton
#11. Videos come definitely after the music has been created, but I have always felt, and especially today, that videos are vital in the album process. I think that we live in a very visual era, and if you make a mistake with a video, those images will accompany the song forever. - Author: Shakira
Superfly Song quotes by Shakira
#12. I love playing our older songs along with newer ones but If all I have is my old stuff, I quit. Creating is more rewarding. - Author: Patrick Stump
Superfly Song quotes by Patrick Stump
#13. At the time I just was like, I can't believe I am on the show, and the first thing I have to do is an entire song and dance routine for the whole cast of 'Mad Men.' - Author: Jessica Pare
Superfly Song quotes by Jessica Pare
#14. Every single morning, I have a person sitting right there next to me in prayer with a tape recorder - and a song comes up every day. - Author: Andrae Crouch
Superfly Song quotes by Andrae Crouch
#15. When a rap song glorifies violence, death and sadness and loss is inflicted because of the violence. - Author: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Superfly Song quotes by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
#16. It isn't true, is it, Daniel, that music can tame the beasts? Yet, in the end, a song lives. - Author: Maria Angels Anglada
Superfly Song quotes by Maria Angels Anglada
#17. My overnight success was really 15 years in the making. I'd been writing songs since I was 6 and playing in bands and performing since I was 14. - Author: Lisa Loeb
Superfly Song quotes by Lisa Loeb
#18. I think it's always interesting how music means different things to different people, and people who overthink it are looking to in some ways show off with music, versus people who just respond to a song and decide to sing it. - Author: Noah Baumbach
Superfly Song quotes by Noah Baumbach
#19. And the stars in the night were the eyes of his wolves, and the wind itself was their song. - Author: George R R Martin
Superfly Song quotes by George R R Martin
#20. I don't sing a song unless I feel it. The song don't tug at my heart, I pass on it. I have to believe in what I'm doing. - Author: Ray Charles
Superfly Song quotes by Ray Charles
#21. I personally feel that the universe behaves more like a song than an equation because math is about static law and music is about dynamic expression. - Author: Rick Delmonico
Superfly Song quotes by Rick Delmonico
#22. A Short Story of Falling

It is the story of the falling rain
to turn into a leaf and fall again

it is the secret of a summer shower
to steal the light and hide it in a flower

and every flower a tiny tributary
that from the ground flows green and momentary

is one of water's wishes and this tale
hangs in a seed-head smaller than my thumbnail

if only I a passerby could pass
as clear as water through a plume of grass

to find the sunlight hidden at the tip
turning to seed a kind of lifting rain drip

then I might know like water how to balance
the weight of hope against the light of patience

water which is so raw so earthy-strong
and lurks in cast-iron tanks and leaks along

drawn under gravity towards my tongue
to cool and fill the pipe-work of this song

which is the story of the falling rain
that rises to the light and falls again - Author: Alice Oswald
Superfly Song quotes by Alice Oswald
#23. Not too many songwriters, when they write songs go for broke. When someone does who's really good, it's astonishing. There's a reason a three-minute song can devastate you, or make you get up and dance, stop what you're doing and go, 'What is that?' It just hits you. And it's a very potent thing you're playing around with. - Author: Lou Reed
Superfly Song quotes by Lou Reed
#24. It felt safer to run, a moving target was harder to hit. But this vague sense of security evaporated when the darkness came, it was like running in a void where every step brought the threat of a painful fall. - Author: Anthony Ryan
Superfly Song quotes by Anthony Ryan
#25. We lose our souls if we lose the experience of the forest, the butterflies, the song of the birds, if we can't see the stars at night. - Author: Thomas Berry
Superfly Song quotes by Thomas Berry
#26. She sometimes takes her little brother for a walk round this way," explained Bingo. "I thought we would meet her and bow, and you could see her, you know, and then we would walk on."
"Of course," I said, "that's enough excitement for anyone, and undoubtedly a corking reward for tramping three miles out of one's way over ploughed fields with tight boots, but don't we do anything else? Don't we tack on to the girl and buzz along with her?"
"Good Lord!" said Bingo, honestly amazed. "You don't suppose I've got nerve enough for that, do you? I just look at her from afar off and all that sort of thing. Quick! Here she comes! No, I'm wrong!"
It was like that song of Harry Lauder's where he's waiting for the girl and says, "This is her-r-r. No, it's a rabbut." Young Bingo made me stand there in the teeth of a nor'-east half-gale for ten minutes, keeping me on my toes with a series of false alarms, and I was just thinking of suggesting that we should lay off and give the rest of the proceedings a miss, when round the corner there came a fox-terrier, and Bingo quivered like an aspen. Then there hove in sight a small boy, and he shook like a jelly. Finally, like a star whose entrance has been worked up by the personnel of the ensemble, a girl appeared, and his emotion was painful to witness. His face got so red that, what with his white collar and the fact that the wind had turned his nose blue, he looked more like a French flag than anything else. He sagged from the wais - Author: P.G. Wodehouse
Superfly Song quotes by P.G. Wodehouse
#27. I've forgotten lines all the time. Sometimes I switch verses in a song. It's just hard not to when you're doing the same thing all the time. - Author: Josh Young
Superfly Song quotes by Josh Young
#28. I'm feeling more and more thoughts that aren't songs, just reflections. I'm always been very shy and in some ways a prisoner in one language and I feel that the liberation of creativity has to be in all senses. So I've been deciding to publishing something very simple but very small at the same time, nothing egocentric. - Author: Ana Tijoux
Superfly Song quotes by Ana Tijoux
#29. She laid the side of her face against his frail old heart, where the pink shell of her ear could capture whatever song it had left. - Author: Barbara Kingsolver
Superfly Song quotes by Barbara Kingsolver
#30. The thing about being a songwriter, once you realize you are one, is that to provide ammo, you start to become an observer. ... You're constantly on the alert. That faculty gets trained in you over the years: observing people, how they react to one another, which in a way makes you weirdly distant ... It's a little of Peeping Tom, being a song-writer. - Author: Keith Richards
Superfly Song quotes by Keith Richards
#31. Sometimes I hear Mark laugh, and some days in the car the right song will come on the satellite radio and I'll feel him there tingling like a phantom limb. Like he's sitting there next to me in the dark. But I know that's not so. And I know that when you die there's not even darkness, and I know Mark and me won't meet on some cloud or in some pit of fire. And I guess that's a good thing. I couldn't take those eyes seeing what's become of me, those eyes looking down at my hands and my chewed-up ragged nails. - Author: Jordan Harper
Superfly Song quotes by Jordan Harper
#32. I realized then how odd it must seem to them to be summoned by a woman. Roman women were at home quietly minding their business or else doing what wives were known to do in joke and song: boss, nag, forbid. As a foreign queen I was the only woman who was their equal and had the power to summon them, question them, and advise them on matters other than domestic details. I thought that a pity; there should be others. - Author: Margaret George
Superfly Song quotes by Margaret George
#33. One who cannot dance must not blame the song. - Author: Matshona Dhliwayo
Superfly Song quotes by Matshona Dhliwayo
#34. If I only have ten minutes, Sam, this is what I want to say. You're not the best of us. You're more than that. You're better than all of us. If I only have ten minutes, I would tell you to go out there and live. I'd say ... please take your guitar and sing your songs to as many people as you can. Please fold a thousand more of those damn birds of yours. Please kiss that girl a million times. - Author: Maggie Stiefvater
Superfly Song quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
#35. This song would have no end; it couldn't possibly. This song was forever. - Author: Steve Brezenoff
Superfly Song quotes by Steve Brezenoff

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