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To be a poor man is hard, but to be a poor race in a land of dollars is the very bottom of hardships. ~ W.E.B. Du Bois
Riches And Poors quotes by W.E.B. Du Bois
The country is governed for the richest, for the corporations, the bankers, the land speculators, and for the exploiters of labor. ~ Helen Keller
Riches And Poors quotes by Helen Keller
One thing's sure and nothing surer. The rich get richer and the poor get- children ~ Ron Rash
Riches And Poors quotes by Ron Rash
Mankind is divided into rich and poor, into property owners and exploited; and to abstract oneself from this fundamental division; and from the antagonism between poor and rich means abstracting oneself from fundamental facts. ~ Joseph Stalin
Riches And Poors quotes by Joseph Stalin
Friends with spiteful hearts and thousand eyes of evil, mock not my slumbering glory. I just might be the next in line to gain access to the secret fount of good riches. ~ Darmie Orem
Riches And Poors quotes by Darmie Orem
I am content; that is a blessing greater than riches; and he to whom that is given need ask no more. ~ Henry Fielding
Riches And Poors quotes by Henry Fielding
A single word can brighten the face
of one who knows the value of words.
Ripened in silence, a single word
acquires a great energy for work.
War is cut short by a word,
and a word heals the wounds,
and there's a word that changes
poison into butter
and honey.
Let a word mature inside yourself.
Withhold the unripened thought.
Come and understand the kind of word
that reduces money and riches to dust.
Know when to speak a word
and when not to speak at all.
A single word turns the universe of hell
into eight paradises.
Follow the Way. Don't be fooled
by what you already know. Be watchful.
Reflect before you speak.
A foolish mouth can brand your soul.
Yunus, say one last thing
about the power of words –
Only the word "I"
divides me from God. ~ Yunus Emre
Riches And Poors quotes by Yunus Emre
The road to riches is never straight and narrow. It can be riddled with financial land mines. ~ Kevin O'Leary
Riches And Poors quotes by Kevin O'Leary
It is rare to see a rich man religious; for religion preaches restraint, and riches prompt to unlicensed freedom. ~ Owen Feltham
Riches And Poors quotes by Owen Feltham
I have been branded with folly and madness for attempting what the world calls impossibilities, and even from the great engineer, the late James Watt, who said ... that I deserved hanging for bringing into use the high-pressure engine. This has so far been my reward from the public; but should this be all, I shall be satisfied by the great secret pleasure and laudable pride that I feel in my own breast from having been the instrument of bringing forward new principles and new arrangements of boundless value to my country, and however much I may be straitened in pecuniary circumstances, the great honour of being a useful subject can never be taken from me, which far exceeds riches. ~ Richard Trevithick
Riches And Poors quotes by Richard Trevithick
There are so many things that are incompatible with a single life. No one can learn fully in one life the lessons of unbroken health and of bodily sickness, of riches and of poverty, of study and action, of comradeship and isolation, of defiance and of obedience, of virtue and of vice. ~ J.M.E. McTaggart
Riches And Poors quotes by J.M.E. McTaggart
Riches do not come by crossing your fingers and walking through the day hoping. Riches and wealth comes from well-laid plans. ~ Jim Rohn
Riches And Poors quotes by Jim Rohn
But the available light in Twisted River was dim and growing dimmer. The dance-hall door blew (or was slammed) closed, cutting off Teresa Brewer as suddenly as if Six-Pack had taken the singer's slender throat in her hands. When the dance-hall door blew (or was kicked) open again, Tony Bennett was crooning "Rags to Riches." Dominic didn't for a moment doubt that the town's eternal violence was partly spawned by irredeemable music. ~ John Irving
Riches And Poors quotes by John Irving
Taut, merry, nervous, expertly mounted, exquisitely clothed, haughty in their bright youth, the chevaliers of France poured from the disheveled clearing. Sunlit, all that morning, they spanned the glittering woods: diamond on diamond, grey on grey, riches on riches; bough and limb indistinguishable; skirts and meadows sewn in the same silks; skulls in antique fantasy knotted with rhizome and leafy with fern frond. Webs, manes, beards, spun the same smokelike filament; rime flashed; jewels sparked, red and fat, on rosebush and ring. Earth and animals wore the same livery. Jazerained in its berries, the oak tree matched their pearls, and paired their brilliant-sewn housings with low mosses underfoot, freshets winking half-ice in the pile. ~ Dorothy Dunnett
Riches And Poors quotes by Dorothy Dunnett
Riches and the things that are necessary in life are not evil in themselves. And all of us face cares and troubles in this life. The sin comes in the time and energy we spend in pursuing these things, at the expense of neglecting Christ. ~ David Wilkerson
Riches And Poors quotes by David Wilkerson
When you take all three categories of temptation to self-reliance – wisdom, might and riches – they form a powerful inducement toward the ultimate form of pride, namely, atheism. The safest way to stay supreme in our own estimation is to deny anything above us. This is why the proud preoccupy themselves with looking down on others. A proud man is always looking down on things and people and, of course, as long as you are looking down, you cannot see something that is above you. But to preserve pride it may be simpler to proclaim that there is nothing above to look at (Psalm 10:4). Ultimately, the proud must persuade themselves that there is no God. ~ John Piper
Riches And Poors quotes by John Piper
Oh, the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are His judgments and unfathomable His ways! ~ Anonymous
Riches And Poors quotes by Anonymous
You can have all the riches and success in the world, but if you don't have your health, you have nothing. ~ Steven Adler
Riches And Poors quotes by Steven Adler
But what if the great secret insider-trading truth is that you don't ever get over the biggest losses in your life? Is that good news, bad news, or both? ... The pain does grow less acute, but the insidious palace lie that we will get over crushing losses means that our emotional GPS can never find true north, as it is based on maps that no longer mention the most important places we have been to. Pretending that things are nicely boxed up and put away robs us of great riches. ~ Anne Lamott
Riches And Poors quotes by Anne Lamott
0 true and heavenly grace, without which our own merits are nothing, and our natural gifts of no account! Neither arts nor riches, beauty nor strength, genius nor eloquence have any value in Your eyes, Lord, unless allied to grace. For the gifts of nature are common to good men and bad alike, but grace or love are Your especial gift to those whom You choose, and those who are sealed with this are counted worthy of life everlasting. ~ Thomas A Kempis
Riches And Poors quotes by Thomas A Kempis
Thirst of power and of riches now bear sway,
The passion and infirmity of age. ~ James Anthony Froude
Riches And Poors quotes by James Anthony Froude
As people become aware of the finitude of their life, they do not ask for much. They do not seek more riches. They do not seek more power. They ask only to be permitted, insofar as possible, to keep shaping the story of their life in this world
to make choices and sustain connections to others according to their own priorities. In modern society, we have come to assume that debility and dependence rule out such autonomy. ~ Atul Gawande
Riches And Poors quotes by Atul Gawande
Think of the trees and how simply they let go, let fall the riches of a season, how without grief ( it seems ) they can let go ... Learn to lose in order to recover, and remember that nothing stays the same for long ... Let it go. ~ May Sarton
Riches And Poors quotes by May Sarton
The dance is the most universal of the arts, since, as Goethe justly said, it could destroy all the fine arts. It is an expression of all the emotions of the spirit, from the lowest to the highest. It accompanies and stimulates all the processes of life, from hunting and farming to war and fertility, from love to death. It enables, in turn other arts to come into being: music, song, drama. Despite all their riches, the dance is no formless complex, but a simple unity. ~ Gerard Van Der Leeuw
Riches And Poors quotes by Gerard Van Der Leeuw
Prayer COME TO ME WITH A THANKFUL HEART, SO THAT YOU CAN ENJOY MY PRESENCE. This is the day that I have made. I want you to rejoice today, refusing to worry about tomorrow. Search for all that I have prepared for you, anticipating abundant blessings and accepting difficulties as they come. I can weave miracles into the most mundane day if you keep your focus on Me. Come to Me with all your needs, knowing that My glorious riches are a more-than-adequate supply. Stay in continual communication with Me, so that you can live above your circumstances even while you are in the midst of them. Present your requests to Me with thanksgiving, and My Peace, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your heart and mind. See also Psalm 118:24; Philippians 4:19, 6, 7 (From Jesus Calling by Sarah Young) ~ Anonymous
Riches And Poors quotes by Anonymous
Victory, union, faith, identity, time, Yourself, the present and future lands, the indissoluble compacts, riches, mystery, Eternal progress, the kosmos, and the modern reports. This, then, is life; ~ Anonymous
Riches And Poors quotes by Anonymous
Oppression is often the consequence, but seldom or never the means of riches; and though avarice will preserve a man from being necessitously poor, it generally makes him too timorous to be wealthy. ~ Thomas Paine
Riches And Poors quotes by Thomas Paine
You know, we'll hardly get our feet out of time [and] into eternity that we'll bow our heads in shame and humiliation. We'll gaze on eternity and say, 'My God! Look at all the riches there were in Jesus Christ, and I've come to the Judgment Seat almost a pauper! ~ Aiden Wilson Tozer
Riches And Poors quotes by Aiden Wilson Tozer
The incorruptible things are all within the narrow gate. The peace of God which passed all understanding - the bright hope of good things to come - the sense of the Spirit dwelling in us - the consciousness that we are forgiven, safe, insured, provided for in time and eternity, whatever may happen - these are true gold, and lasting riches. ~ J.C. Ryle
Riches And Poors quotes by J.C. Ryle
When we have passed a certain age, the soul of the child that we were and the souls of the dead from whom we sprang come and shower upon us their riches and their spells, asking to be allowed to contribute to the new emotions which we feel and in which, erasing their former image, we recast them in an original creation. ~ Marcel Proust
Riches And Poors quotes by Marcel Proust
There is a higher form of hierarchy and that is the hierarchy of the spirit. When I stand in front of a person, I stand in front of a soul and I have met magnificent souls in bodies possessing no money, as well as parched and shallow souls in bodies bathed in riches. In the same light, I have met magnificent souls in bodies bathed in wealth, as well as parched and shallow souls in bodies that are impoverished. I am tired of people busying their minds with hierarchy based upon money, because this form of hierarchy is primitive; meanwhile there is an altogether higher form of hierarchy that is of the soul. As you judge man and woman based upon their riches, I laugh at your primitive form of judgment! When I stand in front of a human, I stand in front of a soul. ~ C. JoyBell C.
Riches And Poors quotes by C. JoyBell C.
I learned that the possessions most esteemed by your fellow-creatures were, high and unsullied descent united with riches. A man might be respected with only one of these acquisitions; but without either he was considered, except in very rare instances, as a vagabond and slave, doomed to waste his powers for the profit of the chosen few. And what was I? Of my creation and creator I was absolutely ignorant; but I knew that I possessed no money, no friends, no kind of property. I was, besides, endowed with a figure hideously deformed and loathsome; I was not even of the same nature as man. I was more agile than they, and could subsist upon coarser diet; I bore the extremes of heat and cold with less injury to my frame; my stature far exceeded their's. When I looked around, I saw and heard of none like me. Was I then a monster, a blot upon the earth, from which all men fled, and whom all men disowned? ~ Mary Shelley
Riches And Poors quotes by Mary Shelley
Your quality of life is directly tied to the amount of love flowing in you and through you to others. Though it's often overlooked, love is infinitely more valuable than riches, fame, or honor. They will pass away, but love remains. ~ Stephen Kendrick
Riches And Poors quotes by Stephen Kendrick
Holiness always exalts a person and brings him closer to God ~ Sunday Adelaja
Riches And Poors quotes by Sunday Adelaja
Riches, honors and pleasure are the sweets which destroy the mind's appetite for heavenly food; poverty, disgrace and pain are the bitters which restore it. ~ George Horne
Riches And Poors quotes by George Horne
What was shocking were the rewards my father's cousins had gathered in the intervening couple of decades. They farmed now on thousands of acres, not hundreds. They drove fancy pickup trucks, owned lakefront property and second homes. A simple Internet search offered the truth of where their riches had come from: good ol' Uncle Sam. Recently I clicked again on a database of farm subsidy payments, and found that five of my father's first cousins had been paid, all told, $3 million between 1995 and 2005 - and that on top of whatever they'd earned outright for the sale of their corn and soybeans. They worked hard, certainly. They'd saved and scrimped through the lean years. They were good and honorable yeoman, and now they'd come through to their great reward: a prime place at the trough of the welfare state. All that corn syrup guzzled down the gullets of America's overweight children, all that beef inefficiently fattened on cheap feed, all that ethanol being distilled in heartland refineries: all of it underwritten by as wasteful a government program as now exists this side of the defense industry. In the last ten years, the federal government has paid $131 million in subsidies and disaster insurance in just the county [in Minnesota] where I grew up. Corn is subsidized to keep it cheap, and the subsidies encourage overproduction, which encourages a scramble for ever more ways to use corn, and thus bigger subsidies - the perfect feedback loop of government welfare. ~ Philip Connors
Riches And Poors quotes by Philip Connors
If I had rubies, riches, and crowns, I'd buy the whole world and change things around. ~ Bob Dylan
Riches And Poors quotes by Bob Dylan
We don't need more museums that try to construct the historical narratives of a society, community, team, nation, state, tribe, company, or species. We all know that the ordinary, everyday stories of individuals are riches, more humane, and much more joyful. ~ Orhan Pamuk
Riches And Poors quotes by Orhan Pamuk
I can assure you that God did not put us here to amass piles of riches and wealth. He put us here to learn…. and some of life's greatest lessons are realized when you have nothing left to give. ~ Jacob Paul Patchen
Riches And Poors quotes by Jacob Paul Patchen
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