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Yoochun makes great I want to go fishing w/ him. That way I can be closer to him as well. ~ Junsu
Redone Songs quotes by Junsu
But, like Shakespeare, I too am often occupied with the pursuit of my creative endeavors and dealing with all aspects of life's mundane matters. "Who are the best musicians for these songs?" "Am I recording in the right studio?" "Is this song in the right key?" Some things never change, even in 400 years.

Not once have I ever had the time to ask myself, "Are my songs literature?"

So, I do thank the Swedish Academy, both for taking the time to consider that very question, and, ultimately, for providing such a wonderful answer. ~ Bob Dylan
Redone Songs quotes by Bob Dylan
I was writing a lot of true love songs-true love almost gone wrong but saved at the last moment ... Many of the best songs get written in a state of abject misery. I prefer to write fewer songs and have less cataclysmic events in my life ... Some hit songs are really stupid, and who knows why they're hits. But a lot of hit songs are really good. ~ Jorma Kaukonen
Redone Songs quotes by Jorma Kaukonen
I've always felt profoundly about what's going on in the world on a daily basis. What I hadn't felt was that I was at a point in my writing career where I could write about these things in songs and do it well. ~ PJ Harvey
Redone Songs quotes by PJ Harvey
If prisons, freight trains, swamps, and gators don't get ya to write songs, man, y'ain't got no business writin' songs. ~ Ronnie Van Zant
Redone Songs quotes by Ronnie Van Zant
Over the years, I have realized that there's more to a film's fate than just good acting and a solid script. It needs to be marketed well. It's the package that sells - the songs, action, actors, etc. ~ Randeep Hooda
Redone Songs quotes by Randeep Hooda
'Nashville' songs and country music have always been about storytelling and about the heart and confessionals. They're monologues. ~ Chip Esten
Redone Songs quotes by Chip Esten
It's funny because if you ever ask anyone in England to try and do a Beatles accent, no one knows what they really sound like. If you ask anyone in America, they would try and give it a go. English people just know their songs. ~ Aaron Johnson
Redone Songs quotes by Aaron Johnson
Why are there so many romantic songs about the spring? I hate the spring. The snow melts, and everything smells like thawing dog shit. ~ Joe Hill
Redone Songs quotes by Joe Hill
It used to be the case that for an Irishman to come to the U.S. involved a perilous journey on a ship. It involved singing lots of songs before you left saying goodbye, and once you were in the U.S., it involved singing lots of songs about how you were never going to set foot in Ireland again. ~ Joseph O'Neill
Redone Songs quotes by Joseph O'Neill
I believe in working with songs that have personal value for me. ~ M. Ward
Redone Songs quotes by M. Ward
Every single song I've ever written is sung by a character created by somebody else. Some might have a jaundiced view of love, some don't. But none of these songs is me singing - not a single one. ~ Stephen Sondheim
Redone Songs quotes by Stephen Sondheim
She paced her room all day, tossed sleeplessly in her bed all night. At dusk, she sat in her window and poured all her longing and desire into her songs, hoping he would somehow hear her and return.
And he did. ~ Kate Forsyth
Redone Songs quotes by Kate Forsyth
A great Iranian mystic of the fourteenth century, fAlll'uddawla Semnlini, was to speak in similar terms of the "invisible master," the "Gabriel of your being." His esoteric exegesis, his ta'wll, carries the figures of Koranic revelation to a sevenfold depth; to attain to the "Gabriel of your being"

is to pass successively through the seven esoteric levels and to be reunited with the Spirit which guides and initiates the "seven prophets of your being." This striving is also designated as jacob's contest with the Angel, which was so interpreted in the symbolic exegesis of the jewish mystic joseph ben Judah: the intellective soul struggling to be united with the Angel, with the active Intelligence, until the rising of the light ( ishraq), at which time the soul emerges, delivered, from the darkness that imprisoned it.10 Thus no doubt we should speak not of a combat with, that is against, the Angel, but of a combat for the Angel, for the Angel in tum needs the response of a soul if his being is to become what it has to be. A whole series of jewish speculative mystics found the same symbolism in the Song of Songs, where the Beloved plays the role of the active Intelligence, while the heroine is the thinking human soul. ~ Abul Barkat
Redone Songs quotes by Abul Barkat
A history of nightlife!
what an interesting concept. A history of a people, told not through their daily travails and successive political upheavals, but via the changes in their nightly celebrations and unwindings. History is, in this telling, accompanied by a bottle of Malbec, some fine Argentine steak, tango music, dancing, and gossip. It unfolds through and alongside illicit activities that take place in the multitude of discos, dance parlors, and clubs. Its direction, the way people live, is determined on half-lit streets, in bars, and in smoky late-night restaurants. This history is inscribed in songs, on menus, via half-remembered conversations, love affairs, drunken fights, and years of drug abuse. ~ David Byrne
Redone Songs quotes by David Byrne
I listen
as I eat the street for supper,
listen to the pain songs
of Mexico.
Flashes of returning
come with the birds. ~ Joseph Ceravolo
Redone Songs quotes by Joseph Ceravolo
When you're all singing together, it brings things together. I know the songs that my grandfather and my father sang. ~ Terry Pratchett
Redone Songs quotes by Terry Pratchett
I always get a little bit irritated when people talk about 'bringing poetry to the people' especially those poet - performers who seem to assume their audience hasn't read anything, as though 'the people' were some ignorant mass incapable of taste. 'Bringing poetry to the people'? Speaking as a people, I go out and get it as long as its available. When people hear any kind of excellence or panache in the use of language in pop songs or movies they notice it, they talk about it. That's because it's available - inescapable, in fact - while my local library is shutting down. ~ Michael Donaghy
Redone Songs quotes by Michael Donaghy
The one thing I've learned in the last ten years is that successful artists don't get paid to write and sing songs, they get paid for the psychological roller coaster they're going to have to ride. That's the hard work. ~ Enrique Iglesias
Redone Songs quotes by Enrique Iglesias
It's hard to be in the limelight and write songs that cater to fans that have expectations of you. We just want to write songs that we love, but all the different people with different ideas coming in make it difficult. We have to ask ourselves if we're writing for the most important people: the fans. ~ Josh Dun
Redone Songs quotes by Josh Dun
Well, you know, when you're putting together a show, you've got to be careful not to load it up with the new stuff. We have to play the songs that people want to hear, too. People may come thinking, "Oh, I've just got to hear this song." Or maybe they'll write me a letter saying a certain song is really meaningful to them, so we'll be sure to play those songs. ~ Margo Timmins
Redone Songs quotes by Margo Timmins
Gershwin's melodic gift was phenomenal. His songs contain the essence of New York in the 1920s and have deservedly become classics of their kind, part of the 20th-century folk-song tradition in the sense that they are popular music which has been spread by oral tradition (for many must have sung a Gershwin song without having any idea who wrote it). ~ George Gershwin
Redone Songs quotes by George Gershwin
The greater our present trials, the louder will our future songs be, and the more intense our joyful gratitude. ~ Charles Spurgeon
Redone Songs quotes by Charles Spurgeon
I think the concept of commercials, for example, I have had offers to do songs in different commercials, and it is not what I have liked. ~ Chris Cornell
Redone Songs quotes by Chris Cornell
I have my own opinions, but my songs don't share them. ~ Shania Twain
Redone Songs quotes by Shania Twain
When love moves to the fifth center then whatever talents you have, any creative dimension, is possible for you. This is the center of creativity. It is not only for songs, not only for music; it is for all creativity. ~ Rajneesh
Redone Songs quotes by Rajneesh
Even though there are some great keyboard players on the album, there are a number of songs with no keyboard on them and the backing is all guitar oriented. This is first time I've ever done this actually. ~ Lee Ritenour
Redone Songs quotes by Lee Ritenour
We never fit in completely to [the punk] scene because we were writing love songs that were heartfelt and endearing. Some of the punks didn't know what to make of us, but I finally realized that was what made us punk. We sang what we meant, from the heart, and didn't worry about what anyone was going to think. ~ Billie Joe Armstrong
Redone Songs quotes by Billie Joe Armstrong
Every year on my birthday, I start a new playlist titled after my current age so I can keep track of my favorite songs of the year as a sort of musical diary because I am a teenage girl. ~ Chris Hardwick
Redone Songs quotes by Chris Hardwick
We all have, in my family, what we call the 'Vorderman bottom' - a sticky out, bigger-than-normal, signature, of the rear variety. It's been a family joke all our lives - even my lovely brother has one. I know the lines to all the good singalong big bum songs. ~ Carol Vorderman
Redone Songs quotes by Carol Vorderman
The songs sort of come out spontaneously and it'll take me awhile to figure out what exactly is happening lyrically, what kind of story I'm telling. Then I start building little bridges - word bridges - to make everything go from one point to the next point to the next point until it reaches the end. ~ Jeff Mangum
Redone Songs quotes by Jeff Mangum
Our whole intention was to make a record of songs that we grew up with and change them up a little bit, but we kind of stumbled on writing "Joseph's Lullaby." The irony is when I originally wrote the song, it was called "Mary's Lullaby." I wrote it from Mary's standpoint and it was in a higher key, a real falsetto, and it just wasn't right. One day, the producer's wife said, "Well, it's kind of odd that you're singing from Mary's perspective, being the guy. Why don't you do Joseph? ~ Bart Millard
Redone Songs quotes by Bart Millard
Songs are out there - they're waiting to be grabbed. I start with a phrase, musical and lyrical, words like 'I don't think so' and a nice riff. It rolls from there. ~ Ronnie Wood
Redone Songs quotes by Ronnie Wood
Just above Tommy's face were the Maiden and the Troll, two of his oldest wall people. The troll lived in a cave deep in the woods. He was big (Tommy knew the troll was even bigger than his daddy, and if the troll told his daddy to sit down and shut up, he would in a second), and he looked scary, with his little eyes and crooked teeth like fangs, but he had a secret. The secret was that he wasn't scary at all. He liked to read, and play chess by mail with a gnome from over by the closet wall, and he never killed anything. The troll was a good troll, but everyone judged him by his looks. And that, Tommy knew, was a mean thing to do, though everyone did it.
The maiden was very beautiful. Even more beautiful than Tommy's mommy. She had long blonde hair that fell in heavy curls to her waist, and big blue eyes, and she always smiled even though her family was poor. She came into the woods near the troll's cave to get water from a spring, for her family. The spring bubbled out of Tommy's wall right next to where his hand lay when he was asleep. Sometimes she only came and filled her jug and left. But other times she would sit awhile, and sing songs of love lost, and sailing ships, and the kings and queens of Elfland. And the troll, so hideous and so kind, would listen to her soft voice from the shadows just inside the entrance of his cave, which sat just below the shelf where Tommy kept his favorite toys and books.
Tommy felt bad for the troll. He loved the maiden who came ~ Michael Kanuckel
Redone Songs quotes by Michael Kanuckel
I really don't chase songs. I get in the studio, I know what I gotta do; I'm pretty much programmed to do it. ~ R. Kelly
Redone Songs quotes by R. Kelly
I jetset around and play these songs and get to hang with some pretty amazing people, then I go home to a really great farm, though actually it's a disaster area of a farm at the moment. But it's certainly a blast. I wouldn't trade lives with anyone right now. ~ Brad Paisley
Redone Songs quotes by Brad Paisley
One of my favorite songs from the album is a song called 'For Better or Worse,' and it's basically about unconditional love, which is, I'd say, an ongoing theme in my personal life. ~ Debbie Gibson
Redone Songs quotes by Debbie Gibson
Not all the songs are real events, but I do write about stuff that is close to my heart and it comes out one way or another. ~ Matt Berninger
Redone Songs quotes by Matt Berninger
Miley is always on, she's always funny, she's always writing songs, she's always making music. The parallel of the film is like Miley says, going back to her home, going back to her roots. Getting back to Tennessee was art imitating life imitating art. ~ Billy Ray Cyrus
Redone Songs quotes by Billy Ray Cyrus
Although I have guitars all around and I pick themm up occasionally and write a tune and make a record, I don't really see myself as a musician. It may seem a funny thing to say. It's just like, I write lyrics amd I make up songs, but I'm not a great lyricist or songwriter or producer. It's when you put all these things together - that makes me. ~ George Harrison
Redone Songs quotes by George Harrison
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