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India's linguistic diversity surprises many Westerners, but there are nearly thirty languages in India with at least a million native speakers. There are more native speakers of Tamil on our planet than of Italian. Likewise, more people speak Punjabi than German, Marathi than French, and Bengali than Russian. There are more Telugu speakers than Czech, Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Greek, Slovak, and Swedish speakers combined. ~ Bob Harris
Rajasekhar Telugu quotes by Bob Harris
There are over six thousand languages in India, as per one estimate. At home, my driver speaks three: Kannada, Tamil and Telugu. I speak three languages: Hindi, English and bad. The home nurse (caring for my MIL) speaks Malayalam. The maid speaks gibberish. And, my husband does not speak. So, by the time we get a simple task executed, for instance, 'Get some salt', one can take a short trip to Sri Lanka, learn Sinhalese and come back. ~ Rachna Singh
Rajasekhar Telugu quotes by Rachna Singh
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Rajasekhar Telugu quotes by Vividhabooks
I have an impeccable memory, and I can learn dialogues in any language in 20 minutes, including Telugu and Malayalam. ~ Katrina Kaif
Rajasekhar Telugu quotes by Katrina Kaif
The Shiv Sena was the handiwork of a cartoonist named Bal Thackeray, whose main target was south Indians, whom he claimed were taking away jobs from the natives. Thackeray lampooned dhoti-clad 'Madrasis' in his writings and drawings; while his followers attacked Udupi restaurants and homes of Tamil and Telugu speakers. ~ Ramachandra Guha
Rajasekhar Telugu quotes by Ramachandra Guha
Telugu-Tamil producer Thyagarajan has bought the South Indian language rights for two Hindi hit films, Vikas Behl's 'Queen' and Neeraj Pandey's 'Special 26.' He wants me to play Akshay Kumar's role in the Telugu version of 'Special 26.' Akshay and I even look similar, physique-wise. ~ Ravi Teja
Rajasekhar Telugu quotes by Ravi Teja
I joined the Madras Christian College but dropped out after three months. Telugu music director Ramesh Naidu asked me to assist him, and I did so for over a year. I did think of rejoining college, but by then, I was discovering the musician in me. I worked with Illaya Raja and Raj Koti and soon shifted to commercials. This led to movie offers. ~ A.R. Rahman
Rajasekhar Telugu quotes by A.R. Rahman
I learnt to sing in Bengali, my mother tongue, then went on to sing in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Gujarati and every possible Indian language. ~ Shreya Ghoshal
Rajasekhar Telugu quotes by Shreya Ghoshal
I have lot of respect of filmmakers who work in Telugu and Tamil. ~ Anil Kapoor
Rajasekhar Telugu quotes by Anil Kapoor
As long as I am acting, I will do only Telugu films. I want to take Telugu films to the world. Everyone should talk about our films. ~ Mahesh Babu
Rajasekhar Telugu quotes by Mahesh Babu
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