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I know what cancer was. How is it like humankind?"

Sek Hardeen's perfectly modulated, softly accented tones showed a hint of agitation. "We have spread out through the galaxy like cancer cells through a living body, Duré. We multiply without thought to the countless life forms that must die or be pushed aside so that we may breed and flourish. We eradicate competing forms of intelligent life. ~ Dan Simmons
Mersz K Rd Sek quotes by Dan Simmons
Yes. But terrible heresies have proven to be grim truths many times before in the longer history of my Church, Sek Hardeen. ~ Dan Simmons
Mersz K Rd Sek quotes by Dan Simmons
At the Temple of the Seven-Handed Sek a hasty convocation of priests and ritual heart-transplant artisans agreed that the hundred-span-high statue of Sek was altogether too holy to be made into a magic picture, but a payment of two rhinu left them astoundedly agreeing that perhaps He wasn't as holy as all that.
A prolonged session at the Whore Pits produced a number of colourful and instrutive pictures, a number of which Rincewind concealed about his person for detailed perusal in private. As the fumes cleared from his brain he began to speculate seriously as to how the iconograph worked. ~ Terry Pratchett
Mersz K Rd Sek quotes by Terry Pratchett
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