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Congrats on the tattoo... and the fish. ~ Jessica Pennington
Mceachin Virginia quotes by Jessica Pennington
When you readily throw words around like 'beautiful', 'gorgeous' and 'sexy'...Ensure the first person to hear them is the one who deserves them... ~ Virginia Alison
Mceachin Virginia quotes by Virginia Alison
Here have lived for more centuries than I can count, the obscure generations of my own obscure family. Not one of these Richards, Johns, Annes, Elizabeths have left a token of himself behind him, yet all, working together with their spades and their needles, their love-making and their child-bearing have left this.
-Viginia Woolf ~ Virginia Woolf
Mceachin Virginia quotes by Virginia Woolf
The peace conference must not adjourn without the establishment of some ordered system of international government, backed by power enough to give authority to its decrees.Unless a league something like this results at our peace conference, we shall merely drop back into armed hostility and international anarchy. The war will have been fought in vain ... ~ Virginia Gildersleeve
Mceachin Virginia quotes by Virginia Gildersleeve
Virginia 's tax system needs to be fixed. The time to act is now. Do not send me any more studies. Do not send me another piecemeal approach that confuses tinkering with real reform. ~ Mark Warner
Mceachin Virginia quotes by Mark Warner
They were a most unusual group of colonists. Instead of noblemen, craftsmen, and servants - the types of people who had founded Jamestown in Virginia - these were, for the most part, families - men, women, and children who were willing to endure almost anything if it meant they could worship as they pleased. ~ Nathaniel Philbrick
Mceachin Virginia quotes by Nathaniel Philbrick
Outside the trees dragged their leaves like nets through the depths of the air; the sound of water was in the room and through the waves came the voices of birds singing. ~ Virginia Woolf
Mceachin Virginia quotes by Virginia Woolf
Violence against women is not random or anonymous. In West Virginia, 88 percent of sexual-assault victims already know their attacker. In my hometown, Alicia McCormick, an advocate for our domestic-violence shelter at the YWCA, was killed in her home by a man doing handiwork in her apartment complex. That one of my greatest advocates could fall victim to something she fought against her whole life was a tragedy that moved me to action. ~ Shelley Moore Capito
Mceachin Virginia quotes by Shelley Moore Capito
There is a code of behavior, she knew, whose seventh article (it may be) says that on occasions of this sort it behooves the woman, whatever her own occupation may be, to go to the help of the young man opposite so that he may expose and relieve the thigh bones, the ribs, of his vanity, of his urgent desire to assert himself; as indeed it is their duty, she reflected, in her old maidenly fairness, to help us, suppose the Tube were to burst into flames. Then, she thought, I should certainly expect Mr. Tansley to get me out. But how would it be, she thought, if neither of us did either of these things? So she sat there smiling. ~ Virginia Woolf
Mceachin Virginia quotes by Virginia Woolf
Women have burnt like beacons in all the works of all the poets from the beginning of time. ~ Virginia Woolf
Mceachin Virginia quotes by Virginia Woolf
Naturally the question suggests itself, Why did these people want the river now when nobody had wanted it in the five preceding generations? Apparently it was because at this late day they thought they had discovered a way to make it useful; for it had come to be believed that the Mississippi emptied into the Gulf of California, and therefore afforded a short cut from Canada to China. Previously the supposition had been that it emptied into the Atlantic, or Sea of Virginia. ~ Mark Twain
Mceachin Virginia quotes by Mark Twain
How, then, did Virginia gentlemen persuade the voters to return the right kind of people to the House of Burgesses? How could patricians win in populist politics? The question can lead us again to the paradox which has underlain our story, the union of freedom and slavery in Virginia and America. ~ Edmund S. Morgan
Mceachin Virginia quotes by Edmund S. Morgan
By giving unusual people an easy way to find one another, the Internet has also enabled them to pool rare talents, resources, and voices, then push their case into public consciousness. The response, in many cases, is a kind of hysteria. ~ Virginia Postrel
Mceachin Virginia quotes by Virginia Postrel
Elephants are living treasures. Nature's gardeners. Nature's great teachers. Tragically some people don't give a damn. They prefer the dead treasure to the living one. The ivory. We must challenge this so-called 'trade' with all our might and shame on those who would condone it. ~ Virginia McKenna
Mceachin Virginia quotes by Virginia McKenna
When life sank down for a moment, the range of experience seemed limitless ... Beneath it is all dark, it is all spreading, it is unfathomably deep; but now and again we rise to the surface and that is what you see us by. Her horizon seemed to her limitless. ~ Virginia Woolf
Mceachin Virginia quotes by Virginia Woolf
I am reading six books at once, the only way of reading; since, as you will agree, one book is only a single unaccompanied note, and to get the full sound, one needs ten others at the same time. ~ Virginia Woolf
Mceachin Virginia quotes by Virginia Woolf
I considered 4 of these bills [of the revised code of Virginia] as forming a system by which every fibre would be eradicated of antient or future aristocracy; and a foundation laid for a government truly republican. ~ Thomas Jefferson
Mceachin Virginia quotes by Thomas Jefferson
The mind which is most capable of receiving impressions is very often the least capable of drawing conclusions. ~ Virginia Woolf
Mceachin Virginia quotes by Virginia Woolf
A light here required a shadow there. ~ Virginia Woolf
Mceachin Virginia quotes by Virginia Woolf
The random talk of people who have no chance of immortality and thus can speak their minds out has a setting, often, of lights, streets, houses, human beings, beautiful or grotesque, which will weave itself into the moment for ever. ~ Virginia Woolf
Mceachin Virginia quotes by Virginia Woolf
The language was also shamelessly intimate and earthy: passersby were addressed as "honey" and children as "little shits." They dubbed local landmarks Gallows Branch or Cutthroat Gap or Shitbritches Creek (in North Carolina). In Lunenberg County, Virginia, they even named two local streams Tickle Cunt Branch and Fucking Creek. ~ Arthur Herman
Mceachin Virginia quotes by Arthur Herman
Up men to your posts! Don't forget today that you are from old Virginia. ~ George Pickett
Mceachin Virginia quotes by George Pickett
Someone who touches your heart, all be it a mere fleeting moment, means no less than those who stay a lifetime. The longing is no less, and your life will never be the same after their gentle caress burns a swathe through your soul as there it will remain until the end of time... ~ Virginia Alison
Mceachin Virginia quotes by Virginia Alison
Consumer confidence in an industry can be a very fragile thing. It only takes a few builders who promise but don't deliver, who cheat rather than perform, who delay until the warranty expires rather than repair, to damage the reputation of an entire industry. ~ Virginia Knauer
Mceachin Virginia quotes by Virginia Knauer
Is it not possible - I often wonder - that things we have felt with great intensity have an experience independent of our minds; are in fact still in existence? And if so, will it not be possible,in time, that some device will be invented by which we can tap them? ... Instead of remembering here a scene and there a sound, I shall fit a plug into the wall; and listen in to the past ~ Virginia Woolf
Mceachin Virginia quotes by Virginia Woolf
Sometimes I think heaven must be one continuous unexhausted reading. ~ Virginia Woolf
Mceachin Virginia quotes by Virginia Woolf
It's only when it comes to crunch time that people's true character comes out. ~ Virginia Wade
Mceachin Virginia quotes by Virginia Wade
Peace was the third emotion. Love. Hate. Peace. Three emotions made the ply of human life. ~ Virginia Woolf
Mceachin Virginia quotes by Virginia Woolf
It is to them I look, to the rising generation, and not to the one now in power, for these great reformations i.e., emancipation of slaves and settlement of the Virginia constitution on a firmer and more permanent basis. ~ Thomas Jefferson
Mceachin Virginia quotes by Thomas Jefferson
Nothing need be said; nothing could be said. ~ Virginia Woolf
Mceachin Virginia quotes by Virginia Woolf
A strange thing has happened - while all the other arts were born naked, this, the youngest, has been born fully-clothed. It can say everything before it has anything to say. It is as if the savage tribe, instead of finding two bars of iron to play with, had found scattering the seashore fiddles, flutes, saxophones, trumpets, grand pianos by Erhard and Bechstein, and had begun with incredible energy, but without knowing a note of music, to hammer and thump upon them all at the same time. ~ Virginia Woolf
Mceachin Virginia quotes by Virginia Woolf
In this delicate and unpredictable life, the future is unwritten. Do not take someone for granted today, for once tomorrow dawns upon the indigo night the only remaining trace will be tracks in the sand... ~ Virginia Alison
Mceachin Virginia quotes by Virginia Alison
How lovely goodness is in those who, stepping lightly, go smiling through the world. ~ Virginia Woolf
Mceachin Virginia quotes by Virginia Woolf
She'd wanted Randall Parks from the moment her hormones kicked in. Her best friend, her guardian when things got rough, her knight in somewhat-rusted and dinged up armor - he wore many hats in her life and none more important than that of best friend. ~ Virginia Nelson
Mceachin Virginia quotes by Virginia Nelson
So boasting of her capacity to surround and protect, there was scarcely a shell of herself left for her to know herself by; all was so lavished and spent; ~ Virginia Woolf
Mceachin Virginia quotes by Virginia Woolf
With every word the mist which had enveloped them, making them seem unreal to each other, since the previous afternoon melted a little further, and their contact became more and more natural. Up through the sultry southern landscape they saw the world they knew appear clearer and more vividly than it had ever appeared before. ~ Virginia Woolf
Mceachin Virginia quotes by Virginia Woolf
The biographer is now faced with a difficulty which it is better perhaps to confess than to gloss over. Up to this point in telling the story of Orlando's life, documents, both private and historical, have made it possible to fulfil the first duty of the biographer, which is to plod, without looking to right or left, in the indelible footprints of truth; unenticed by flowers; regardless of shade; on and on methodically till we fall plump in the grave and write finis on the tombstone above our heads. ~ Virginia Woolf
Mceachin Virginia quotes by Virginia Woolf
'The Irish Duke' is a sequel to 'The Decadent Duke' about Lady Georgina Gordon who married the Duke of Bedford. 'The Irish Duke' tells the story of their daughter, Lady Louisa, who married James Hamilton, the powerful and wealthy Duke of Abercorn. ~ Virginia Henley
Mceachin Virginia quotes by Virginia Henley
No doubt we should be, on the whole, much worse off than we are without our astonishing gift for illusion. ~ Virginia Woolf
Mceachin Virginia quotes by Virginia Woolf
Who was it who said that every virtue contains its corresponding vice? C.S. Lewis? Virginia Woolf? You forget. But it has always worried you that what the virtue of wit contained was the vice of scorn. ~ Kevin Brockmeier
Mceachin Virginia quotes by Kevin Brockmeier
Cosmetics makers have always sold 'hope in a jar' - creams and potions that promise youth, beauty, sex appeal, and even love for the women who use them. ~ Virginia Postrel
Mceachin Virginia quotes by Virginia Postrel
I have to admit that most of the time I read in the same way that I smoke and chew gum and jiggle my leg a lot. I read a lot, but at the same time I'm not a particularly good or diligent or discriminating reader. I go through maybe close to a thousand or more books a year, but a lot of times I'll only read bits and pieces of any one individual text. There are even certain works that are very important to me (Like Virginia Woolf's To the Lighthouse, for example) that I probably haven't ever read all the way through from beginning to end, just certain passages over and over. I tend to read at stuff, rather that through it, if that makes any sense, and maybe there's something a little bit rodent-like about it, like a gerbil gnawing on woodchips in those, tiny, rapid obsessive bites. ~ Dan Chaon
Mceachin Virginia quotes by Dan Chaon
One leading French naturalist, the Comte de Buffon, famously proposed that climate and other conditions in the New World had led to the inevitable degeneration of its fauna and flora. Buffon's more enthusiastic readers extrapolated from this argument to call into question the virility and intelligence of both America's European settlers and its native inhabitants, the Indians. That sparked a rousing defense of American virtue and vigor from Jefferson, spelled out in his only published book, Notes on the State of Virginia.20 ~ Jonathan Lyons
Mceachin Virginia quotes by Jonathan Lyons
Trying to hang on to what's gone just causes pain. It's better to focus on what we have. ~ Virginia Zimmerman
Mceachin Virginia quotes by Virginia Zimmerman
When I rummage in my own mind I find no noble sentiments about being companions and equals and influencing the world to higher ends. I find myself saying briefly and prosaically that it is much more important to be oneself than anything else. ~ Virginia Woolf
Mceachin Virginia quotes by Virginia Woolf
So coming back from a journey, or after an illness, before habits had spun themselves across the surface, one felt that same unreality, which was so startling; felt something emerge. Life was most vivid then. One could be at one's ease. Mercifully one need not say, very briskly, crossing the lawn to great old Mrs. Beckwith, who would be coming out to find a corner to sit in, "Oh, good-morning, Mrs. Beckwith! What a lovely day! Are you going to be so bold as to sit in the sun? Jasper's hidden the chairs. Do let me find you one!" and all the rest of the usual chatter. One need not speak at all. One glided, one shook one's sails (there was a good deal of movement in the bay, boats were starting off) between things, beyond things. Empty it was not, but full to the brim. She seemed to be standing up to the lips in some substance, to move and float and sink in it, yes, for these waters were unfathomably deep. Into them had spilled so many lives. The Ramsays'; the children's; and all sorts of waifs and strays of things besides. A washerwoman with her basket; a rook; a red-hot poker; the purples and grey-greens of flowers: some common feeling held the whole. ~ Virginia Woolf
Mceachin Virginia quotes by Virginia Woolf
But china is seldom thrown from a great height; it is one of the rarest of human actions. You have to find in conjunction a very high house, and a woman of such reckless impulse and passionate prejudice that she flings her jar or pot straight from the window without thought of who is below. ~ Virginia Woolf
Mceachin Virginia quotes by Virginia Woolf
Immediately, Mrs. Ramsay seemed to fold herself together, one petal closed in another, and the whole fabric fell in exhaustion upon itself, so that she had only strength enough to move her finger, in exquisite abandonment to exhaustion, across the page of Grimm's fairy story, while there throbbed through her, like the pulse in a spring which has expanded to its full width and now gently ceases to beat, the rapture of successful creation. ~ Virginia Woolf
Mceachin Virginia quotes by Virginia Woolf
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