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Still writing tales?" he said. I told him yes and he nodded once, returning his attention to the snake. Very few of the boys I grew up with had finished high school, but they accepted that I was a writer. I was merely doing what other men did - following in my father's footsteps. Sonny was a plumber. The son of a local drunk was the town drunk in two towns. Sons of soldiers joined the army. That I had become a writer was perfectly normal. ~ Chris Offutt
Imperfect Fathers quotes by Chris Offutt
Humanity is regarded as unfinished, incomplete, imperfect. We have the possibility of completing ourselves, perfecting ourselves, and all that is necessary for this lies in us. ~ Maurice Nicoll
Imperfect Fathers quotes by Maurice Nicoll
The boy should enclose and keep, as his life, the old child at the heart of him, and never let it go. He must still, to be a right man, be his mother's darling, and more, his father's pride, and more. The child is not meant to die, but to be forever fresh born. ~ George MacDonald
Imperfect Fathers quotes by George MacDonald
For one day as I leant over a gate that led into a field, the rhythm stopped: the rhymes and the hummings, the nonsense and the poetry. A space was cleared in my mind. I saw through the thick leaves of habit. Leaning over the gate I regretted so much litter, so much unaccomplishment and separation, for one cannot cross London to see a friend, life being so full of engagements; nor take a ship to India and see a naked man spearing a fish in blue water. I said life had been imperfect, an unfinished phrase. It had been impossible for me, taking snuff as I do from any bagman met in a train, to keep coherency - that sense of the generations, of women carrying red pitchers to the Nile, of the nightingale who sings among conquests and migrations. It had been too vast an undertaking, I said, and how can I go on lifting my foot perpetually to climb the stair? I addressed myself as one would speak to a companion with whom one is voyaging to the North Pole. ~ Virginia Woolf
Imperfect Fathers quotes by Virginia Woolf
I gain nothing but pleasure from writing fiction; short stories are foreplay, novellas are heavy petting – but novels are the full monte. Frankly, if I didn't enjoy writing novels I wouldn't do it – the world hardly needs any more and I can think of numerous more useful things someone with my skills could be engaged in. As it is, the immersion in parallel but believable worlds satisfies all my demands for vicarious experience, voyeurism and philosophic calithenics. I even enjoy the mechanics of writing, the dull timpani of the typewriter keys, the making of notes – many notes – and most seducttive of all: the buying of stationery. That the transmogrification of my beautiful thoughts into a grossly imperfect prose is always the end result doesn't faze me: all novels are only a version- there is no Platonic ideal. But I'd go further still: fiction is my way of thinking about and relating to the world; if I don't write I'm not engaged in any praxis, and lose all purchase. ~ Will Self
Imperfect Fathers quotes by Will Self
Eyes, golden-brown curls and crimson cheeks. She laughed too much to please her father's congregation and had shocked old Mrs. Taylor, the disconsolate spouse of several departed husbands, by saucily declaring - in the church-porch at that - "The world ISN'T a vale of tears, Mrs. Taylor. It's a world of laughter." Little dreamy Una was not given to laughter. Her braids of straight, dead-black hair betrayed no lawless kinks, and her almond-shaped, dark-blue eyes had something wistful and sorrowful in them. Her mouth had a trick of falling open over her tiny white teeth, and a shy, meditative smile occasionally crept over her small face. She was much more sensitive to public opinion than Faith, and had an uneasy consciousness that there was something askew in their way of living. She longed to put it right, but did not know how. Now and then she dusted the furniture - but it was so seldom she could find the duster because it was never in the same place twice. And when ~ L.M. Montgomery
Imperfect Fathers quotes by L.M. Montgomery
Avoid] likewise the accumulation of debt ... ~ George Washington
Imperfect Fathers quotes by George Washington
As long as I remain imperfect and refractory, neither obeying God by practising the commandments nor becoming perfect in spiritual knowledge, Christ from my point of view also appears imperfect and refractory because of me. For I diminish and cripple Him by not growing in spirit with Him, since I am 'the body of Christ and one of its members' (I Cor. 12:27). ~ Maximus The Confessor
Imperfect Fathers quotes by Maximus The Confessor
Our opponent [ Representative John Lewis] is someone who sees America as imperfect enough to pal around with terrorists who targeted their own country. ~ Sarah Palin
Imperfect Fathers quotes by Sarah Palin
I had to escape the destruction of my father's bankruptcy and all that difficulty. ~ Brendan Coyle
Imperfect Fathers quotes by Brendan Coyle
I leaned against the desk, ran my hand over my father's paperwork, and picked up a pen. Turning around, I shoved it into my father's hand.
"What's this?" he asked, raising a brow.
"You'll need it to sign my death certificate," I said, pain vibrating my veins against my muscles and bones. "Are we done now?" (Eric) ~ Shannon A. Thompson
Imperfect Fathers quotes by Shannon A. Thompson
It is impossible to account for the creation of the universe without the agency of a Supreme Being. ~ George Washington
Imperfect Fathers quotes by George Washington
You're annoying. You always act as if everything is so easy. 'Well, Oliver, it seems to me that your choice is either to quit or continue,'" he mimicked, remembering his father's advice when he'd been on the verge of leaving school. The other man only smiled. "I'm your father. It's my job to annoy you. ~ Courtney Milan
Imperfect Fathers quotes by Courtney Milan
The day we find the perfect church, it becomes imperfect the moment we join it. ~ Charles Haddon Spurgeon
Imperfect Fathers quotes by Charles Haddon Spurgeon
I think I have the courage to doubt everything; I think I have the courage to fight everything. But I do not have the courage to know anything, nor to possess, to own anything. Most people complain that the world is so prosaic, that life isn't like a romantic novel where opportunities are always so favorable. What I complain of is that life is not like a novel where there are hard-hearted fathers, and goblins and trolls to fight with, enchanted princesses to free. What are all such enemies taken together compared to the pallid, bloodless, glutinous nocturnal shapes with which I fight and to wich I myself give life and being. ~ Soren Kierkegaard
Imperfect Fathers quotes by Soren Kierkegaard
If I'd learned anything from writing this book, it was that no matter how you might read characters in a book, real life was always different. It was easy for a writer to spin a story to make the hero or heroine seem smart and intelligent, for them to make the right moves, take the correct steps toward their future, but when it came to real life, it didn't quite happen that easily. People were constantly making mistakes and showing insecurities, even when they didn't realize it, and being so imperfect that it actually made them perfect . . . because they were human. Those ~ Meghan Quinn
Imperfect Fathers quotes by Meghan Quinn
If you have no arms

To hold your crying child but your own arms

And no legs but your own to run the stairs one more time

To fetch what was forgotten

I bow to you

If you have no vehicle

To tote your wee one but the wheels that you drive

And no one else to worry, "Is my baby okay?"

When you have to say goodbye on the doorsteps of daycare

or on that cursed first day of school

I bow to you

If you have no skill but your own skill

To replenish an ever-emptying bank account

And no answers but your own to

Satisfy the endless whys, hows, and whens your child asks and asks again

I bow to you

If you have no tongue to tell the truth

To keep your beloved on the path without a precipice

And no wisdom to impart

Except the wisdom that you've acquired

I bow to you

If the second chair is empty

Across the desk from a scornful, judging authority waiting

For your child's father to appear

And you straighten your spine where you sit

And manage to smile and say, "No one else is coming - I'm it."

Oh, I bow to you

If your head aches when the spotlight finally shines

on your child because your hands are the only hands there to applaud

I bow to you

If your heart aches because you ~ Toni Sorenson
Imperfect Fathers quotes by Toni Sorenson
He may make me feel like a fool, and like a woman who can do nothing, but what I can do I will. In my jewellery box is a dark locket of black tarnished silver and inside it locked in the darkness, I have his name: Richard Neville and that of George, Duke of Clarence, written in my blood on a piece of paper from the corner of my father's last letter. These are my enemies, I have cursed them. I will see them dead at my feet. ~ Philippa Gregory
Imperfect Fathers quotes by Philippa Gregory
We are fathers, brothers, husbands and sons. We are dreamers, lovers, and God fearing men…the majority of us are just like you…people dealing with something so traumatic, so heartbreaking, and so horrific that the heart never quite learns to mend. ~ B.T. Urruela
Imperfect Fathers quotes by B.T. Urruela
I don't really enjoy experiencing pain. No one does. But we will become less human if we learn to detach ourselves from one another to the point that when we experience death of a beautiful being (our mothers, our fathers, our sisters, our brothers, our soul mates, our friends etc.) that it will not bother us that we will not feel. But see that's suppression. It will bother us somewhere deep inside. So, love someone. Hold them tight. Don't fear the loss. Fear the part of being too afraid to love someone. Love Everyone. It's inevitable: we all die. Thats the ugly part of life. But Love and being alive is so beautiful and so strong that the love, the memories stay even in death. Life is love, life is being alive to feel pain. The love the beautiful love always remains. Love. Life. Joy. Peace ~ Jill Telford
Imperfect Fathers quotes by Jill Telford
TRANSIENCY We should find perfect existence through imperfect existence. ~ Shunryu Suzuki
Imperfect Fathers quotes by Shunryu Suzuki
The possibilities and probabilities are all we have to work with in medicine, though. What we are drawn to in this imperfect science, what we in fact covet in our way, is the alterable moment-the fragile but crystalline opportunity for one's know-how, ability, or just gut instinct to change the course of another's life for the better. ~ Atul Gawande
Imperfect Fathers quotes by Atul Gawande
The only big weapon anyone has against you is that you're human. Fucked-up, a bit. Imperfect, yes. In this, you are like every great human who has ever lived, male and female alike. If you're slutty, well, Mary Wollstonecraft was pretty slutty. If you're needy, my God, Charlotte Brontë's needs could devour a person alive. If you're mean, or self-destructive, or crazy, I assure you, Billie Holiday managed to record 'Strange Fruit' while being spectacularly self-destructive, and Sylvia Plath wrote Ariel while being both crazy and very, very mean. The world is still better with those works in it. Humanity is still lucky that those particular women existed, and that, despite their deep flaws and abudance of raw humanity, they stood up and said what they had to say. ~ Sady Doyle
Imperfect Fathers quotes by Sady Doyle
I wonder if any other girl thinks her father the best man in the world!"
"Nonsense, child; you'll think your husband better."
"Impossible," said Mary, relapsing into her usual tone; "husbands are an inferior class of men, who require keeping in order. ~ George Eliot
Imperfect Fathers quotes by George Eliot
Give me faith to step aside and let You work, especially in those times when I desire to influence, to persuade, to make my opinion known. Help me to be silent, trusting Your Holy Spirit to be at work in the hearts of those I love. Thank You for never giving up on prodigals, for loving them even more than we as mothers or fathers or brothers or sisters can love them. ~ Shelly Beach
Imperfect Fathers quotes by Shelly Beach
If our fathers, in 1776, had acknowledged the principle that a majority had the right to rule the minority, we should never have become a nation; for they were in a small minority, as compared with those who claimed the right to rule over them. ~ Lysander Spooner
Imperfect Fathers quotes by Lysander Spooner
I hope you will like the little things I have sent you. You seem to be most interested in Railways just now, so I am sending you mostly things of that sort. I send as much love as ever, in fact more. We have both, the old Polar Bear and I, enjoyed having so many nice letters from you and your pets. If you think we have not read them you are wrong; but if you find that not many of the things you asked for have come, and not perhaps quite as many as sometimes, remember that this Christmas all over the world there are a terrible number of poor and starving people. I (and also my Green Brother) have had to do some collecting of food and clothes, and toys too, for the children whose fathers and mothers and friends cannot give them anything, sometimes not even dinner. I know yours won't forget you. So, my dears, I hope you will be happy this Christmas and not quarrel, and will have some good games with your Railway all together. Don't forget old Father Christmas, when you light your tree. ~ J.R.R. Tolkien
Imperfect Fathers quotes by J.R.R. Tolkien
... good things, things worth having, seemed to paradoxically work over time, like these colossal water-sculptured rocks- Or lone-standing trees along the stonewall the day of their walk. Sometimes even in a heated cacophony of pressure and turmoil before becoming a part of one's self, not just a smooth phrase on one's lips...
- "Past Imperfect ~ Kimberley James
Imperfect Fathers quotes by Kimberley James
He needed me to do what sons do for their fathers: bear witness that they're substantial, that they're not hollow, not ringing absences. That they count for something when little else seems to. ~ Richard Ford
Imperfect Fathers quotes by Richard Ford
Weston: Look at my outlook. You don't envy it, right?
Wesley: No.
Weston: That's because it's full of poison. Infected. And you recognize poison, right? You recognize it when you see it?
Wesley: Yes.
Weston: Yes, you do. I can see that you do. My poison scares you.
Wesley: Doesn't scare me.
Weston: No?
Wesley: No.
Weston: Good. You're growing up. I never saw my old man's poison until I was much older than you. Much older. And then you know how I recognized it?
Wesley: How?
Weston: Because I saw myself infected with it. That's how. I saw me carrying it around. His poison in my body. ~ Sam Shepard
Imperfect Fathers quotes by Sam Shepard
The sooner we give up the illusion that a church must be perfect in order to love it, the sooner we quit pretending and start admitting we're all imperfect and need grace. This is the beginning of real community. ~ Rick Warren
Imperfect Fathers quotes by Rick Warren
When you're a dad, there's no one above you. If I don't do something that has to be done, who is going to do it? ~ Jonathan Safran Foer
Imperfect Fathers quotes by Jonathan Safran Foer
Jesus Christ is the way of gaining a father, the path of a pure and righteous life without fornication, lust or adultery ~ Sunday Adelaja
Imperfect Fathers quotes by Sunday Adelaja
May not and ought not the children of these fathers rightly say: Our fathers were Englishmen which came over this great ocean, and were ready to perish in this wilderness but they cried unto the Lord, and He heard their voice, and looked on their adversity, &c. Let them therefore praise the Lord, because He is good, and His mercies endure forever. Yea, let them which have been redeemed of the Lord, shew how He hath delivered them from the hand of the oppressor. When they wandered in the; desert wilderness out of the way, and found no city to dwell in, both hungry, and thirsty, their soul was overwhelmed in them. Let them confess before the Lord His loving kindness, and His wonderful works before the sons of men. ~ William Bradford
Imperfect Fathers quotes by William Bradford
Well, did anything interesting happen today?' [my father] would begin. And even before the daily question was completed I had eagerly launched into my narrative of every play, and almost every pitch, of that afternoon's contest. It never crossed my mind to wonder if, at the close of a day's work, he might find my lengthy account the least bit tedious. For there was mastery as well as pleasure in our nightly ritual. Through my knowledge, I commanded my father's undivided attention, the sign of his love. It would instill in me an early awareness of the power of narrative, which would introduce a lifetime of storytelling, fueled by the naive confidence that others would find me as entertaining as my father did. ~ Doris Kearns Goodwin
Imperfect Fathers quotes by Doris Kearns Goodwin
...the water was scarcely inviting; for, through fear lest the output of the source should not suffice, the Fathers of the Grotto only allowed the water of the baths to be changed twice a day. And nearly a hundred patients being dipped in the same water, it can be imagined what a terrible soup the latter at last became. All manner of things were found in it, so that it was like a frightful consomme of all ailments, a field of cultivation for every kind of poisonous germ, a quintessence of the most dreaded contagious diseases; the miraculous feature of it all being that men should emerge alive from their immersion in such filth. ~ Emile Zola
Imperfect Fathers quotes by Emile Zola
He wanted, for example, to investigate why one should hold fast to a religion not because it was true but because it was the faith of one's fathers. Was faith not faith but simple family habit? Maybe there was no true religion but only this eternal handing down. And error could be handed down as easily as virtue. Was faith no more than an error of our ancestors? ~ Salman Rushdie
Imperfect Fathers quotes by Salman Rushdie
It is funny,' she said, 'That even after all this time, you still believe you should be rewarded, just because you have been obedient. I thought you would have learned that lesson in your father's halls. None shrank and simpered as you did, and yet the great Helios stepped on you all the faster, because you were already crouched at his feet.' She was leaning forward, her golden hair loose, embroidering the sheets around her. 'Let me tell you the truth about Helios and all the rest. They do not care if you are good. They barely care if you are wicked. The only thing that makes them listen is power. ~ Madeline Miller
Imperfect Fathers quotes by Madeline Miller
You know how it is with fathers, you never escape the idea that maybe after all they're right. ~ John Updike
Imperfect Fathers quotes by John Updike
She'd continued to see Derek behind her father's back. She loved that he seemed to like her for who she was and not for her money. He wouldn't let her spend money on him - ever. He worked hard for a construction company, which would frustrate her at times because she wanted him to be with her and not at a job. He'd laugh at her frustration, but he always made it up to her on the weekends. "Jasmine?" Jasmine turned ~ Melody Anne
Imperfect Fathers quotes by Melody Anne
For generations fathers had watched earth and sea. ~ Pearl S. Buck
Imperfect Fathers quotes by Pearl S. Buck
It would certainly not be correct to speak of a tradition of pacifism in the Church. Our survey shows only four early writers - not all should be called Fathers - who are absolute pacifists. They are: Marcion, who is a formal heretic; Tatian, also a formal heretic, Tertullian, who expressed pacifism only after becoming a heretical Montanist; before that he was not pacifistic; and Lactantius who in the passage in which he expressed pacifism also contradicted St. Paul, which is substantially the same as heresy. So there is not even one respectable example of pacifism in the Fathers. ~ William Most
Imperfect Fathers quotes by William Most
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