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Many married couples separate because they quarrel incessantly, but just as many separate because they were never honest enough or courageous enough to quarrel when they should have. ~ Sydney J. Harris
Harris Honest Abe quotes by Sydney J. Harris
When considering the truth of a proposition, one is either engaged in an honest appraisal of the evidence and logical arguments, or one isn't. Religion is one area of our lives where people imagine that some other standard of intellectual integrity applies. ~ Sam Harris
Harris Honest Abe quotes by Sam Harris
Be open and honest, but perceptive to your boss's situation. That's my advice to graduates worried about working with a new boss. ~ Naomie Harris
Harris Honest Abe quotes by Naomie Harris
I felt bad for lying to John, who was about as honest as Abe Lincoln on sodium Pentothal. ~ Mark Adams
Harris Honest Abe quotes by Mark Adams
In giving freedom to the slave, we assure freedom to the free
honorable alike in what we give, and what we preserve. We shall nobly save, or meanly lose, the last best hope of earth ~ Abraham Lincoln
Harris Honest Abe quotes by Abraham Lincoln
Once you grow accustomed to being famous, you do not realize it, but you are never quite your humble, honest self. No matter how tightly you keep the lid on, there is some watered stock of vanity inside. You are always in danger of the thing's coming off and of giving yourself an air or two. No man or woman was ever so distinguished that this exhibition did not make him ridiculous, especially to those of meaner minds. ~ Corra May Harris
Harris Honest Abe quotes by Corra May Harris
The core of science is not controlled experiment or mathetical modeling; it is intellectual honesty. It is time we acknowledge a basic feature of human discourse: when considering the truth of a proposition, one is either engaged in an honest appraisal of the evidence and logical arguments, or one isn't. ~ Sam Harris
Harris Honest Abe quotes by Sam Harris
He made an honest woman of me. It's a curious expression, don't you agree? An 'honest woman' is a very different creature from an 'honest man' and has nothing to do with the truth or lack thereof. Just as a woman's honor is a very different thing from a man's. It's as if when it comes to women, all possible virtues - honesty, honor, even virtue itself - are reduced simply to whom we allow between our legs. ~ C.S. Harris
Harris Honest Abe quotes by C.S. Harris
The rest of the world points an angry finger at the South. The rest of the world sees the cinders only in the eyes of southerners. The rest of the world refuses to see the soot in its own eyes.

The South, in attitude and in effect, is probably not much worse than the North--only in degree and display. It's simply that the South has always been honest about its hatred and its prejudice. Northern intolerance has been subtle, therefore more pernicious and snaring. ~ Eddy L. Harris
Harris Honest Abe quotes by Eddy L. Harris
A demon, if you prefer the term; although to be honest, the difference between god and a demon is really only a matter of perspective. ~ Joanne Harris
Harris Honest Abe quotes by Joanne Harris
Since the dawn of history, mankind has honoured and respected brave and honest people. ~ Nelson Mandela
Harris Honest Abe quotes by Nelson Mandela
If you are honest, people may cheat you. Be honest anyway. ~ Paulo Coelho
Harris Honest Abe quotes by Paulo Coelho
With the Special Ops Warrior Foundation's help, we put 266 kids through college last year. And that's what keeps me going. I'll be honest, I don't like running. I don't like biking. I don't like swimming. I do it to raise money. But, now that I'm in this sport, I want to see how far I can push myself. What makes me tick is that pain you feel when you do these ultramarathons. I love knowing that everyone's suffering because I know I can suffer just a little bit more. I can take a lot of pain. ~ David Goggins
Harris Honest Abe quotes by David Goggins
There may be men who think they are attacking Christianity when they investigate the historical origin or the morality of some dogma; I do not think so. Honest investigation can result only in growth. ~ Bjornstjerne Bjornson
Harris Honest Abe quotes by Bjornstjerne Bjornson
You may be sure that when a man begins to call himself a realist he is preparing to do something that he is secretly ashamed of doing. ~ Sydney J. Harris
Harris Honest Abe quotes by Sydney J. Harris
It's messy to love after heartbreak. It's painful and it forces you to be honest with yourself about who you are. You have to work harder to find the words for your feelings, because they don't fit into any prefabricated boxes.

But it's worth it.

Because look what you get:

Great loves.

Meaningful loves.

True loves. ~ Taylor Jenkins Reid
Harris Honest Abe quotes by Taylor Jenkins Reid
Leo Tolstoy, the greatest anti-patriot of our time, defines patriotism as the principle that will justify the training of wholesale murderers; a trade that requires better equipment in the exercise of man-killing than the making of such necessities as shoes, clothing, and houses; a trade that guarantees better returns and greater glory than that of the honest workingman. ~ Emma Goldman
Harris Honest Abe quotes by Emma Goldman
I believe one of the best preparations for marriage is participating in a small group. If a person has learned to be intimate and honest with a few friends before they get married, they will have less reason to fear intimacy after they are married. ~ Andy Stanley
Harris Honest Abe quotes by Andy Stanley
To believe all men honest is folly. To believe none is something worse. ~ John Adams
Harris Honest Abe quotes by John Adams
Out of the blue, someone can just walk into your life, and make you realize why things never worked out with anyone else. And this is the person you were meant to be with ... forever. ~ Jose N Harris
Harris Honest Abe quotes by Jose N Harris
There was a quote he could not quite remember, something about the past being an island surrounded by time. He had missed the last boat to the island. ~ Joanne Harris
Harris Honest Abe quotes by Joanne Harris
For me, as I suspect for most people, there comes a point where you have enough. If you've got £20 million, why keep going until you've got £100 million or £1,000 million? Does anyone need another vast yacht or private jet or a house full of gold? ~ Robert Harris
Harris Honest Abe quotes by Robert Harris
Dalinar took a deep breath, then forced himself to open his arms and pull back. "If you had hoped to
soothe my worries for the day, then this didn't help."
She folded her arms. He could still feel where her safehand had touched him on the back. A tender
touch, reserved for a family member. "I'm not here to soothe you, Dalinar. Quite the opposite."
"Please. I do need time to think."
"I won't let you put me away. I won't ignore that this happened. I won't - "
"Navani," he gently cut her off, "I will not abandon you. I promise."
She eyed him, then a wry smile crept onto her face. "Very well. But you began something today."
"I began it?" he asked, amused, elated, confused, worried, and ashamed at the same time.
"The kiss was yours, Dalinar," she said idly, pulling open the door and entering his antechamber.
"You seduced me to it."
"What? Seduced?" She glanced back at him. "Dalinar, I've never been more open and honest in my
"I know," Dalinar said, smiling. "That was the seductive part." He closed the door softly, then let out
a sigh. Blood of my fathers, he thought, why can't these things ever be simple?
And yet, in direct contrast with his thoughts, he felt as if the entire world had somehow become
more right for having gone wrong. ~ Brandon Sanderson
Harris Honest Abe quotes by Brandon Sanderson
Let's be honest here," I said, throwing it all out. "We both know I'm gonna fuck up. But I'm pretty sure I love you, Em." Her breath caught. "What did you just say?" "I love you, ~ Joanna Wylde
Harris Honest Abe quotes by Joanna Wylde
Im going to kiss you, Eleanore" he said quietly, still looking at her. "Not now. Later." His eyes cut back to mine. "I thought it fair to tell you first." I stilled. "If you think you can do so without me biting your lip, feel free to try." His gaze shone wicked blue. "I dont mind if you bite." "Biting your lip off, I should have said." "Ah,Lets see how it goes, shall we? ~ Shana Abe
Harris Honest Abe quotes by Shana Abe
Nevertheless, four years later, at the end of August 2004, a Zogby poll discovered the critical fact that 57 percent of the undecided voters in that year's election would rather have a beer with George Bush than with John Kerry.
The question was odd enough on its face, but a nation to which it would matter is odder still. Be honest. Consider all the people with whom you've tossed back a beer. How many of them would you trust with nuclear launch codes? ~ Charles P. Pierce
Harris Honest Abe quotes by Charles P. Pierce
To be quite honest, John Lennon had questionable politics. There was a flip side. He was all peace and love, but he was a very violent character. ~ Noel Gallagher
Harris Honest Abe quotes by Noel Gallagher
Harris Honest Abe quotes by Russ Harris
The claim that science can disprove God's existence is an honest ambition but it is a statement that is actually impossible to back up. This is because the task of proving something like science is unprovable by scientific methods. How do you prove an idea like "science"? What container do you use to measure it? What laws of science do you use to prove science? That's the first reason why the worldview of scientism, the belief that science proves everything, fails to work out in real life. Science cannot prove everything because it cannot even prove itself. ~ Jon Morrison
Harris Honest Abe quotes by Jon Morrison
Honest, open communication is the only street that leads us into the real world ... We then begin to grow as never before. And once we are on this road, happiness cannot be far away. ~ John Powell
Harris Honest Abe quotes by John Powell
I love to see honest and honorable men at the helm, men who will not bend their politics to their purses, nor pursue measures by which they may profit, and then profit by their measures. ~ Thomas Jefferson
Harris Honest Abe quotes by Thomas Jefferson
It would be pretty impossible for us to separate our personal and professional lives, because so much of what we do comes from how we were raised and what we share and who we are. ~ Maya Harris
Harris Honest Abe quotes by Maya Harris
To be honest, at that point, just being so fresh to L.A., I was in the mind-set of just getting work, at all costs. But, if you take a step back from it, it's just such a blessing to be able to play somebody like Glenn. Me being Asian American, it's nice to have something to play that's not so very stereotypical. It's also nice to have somebody that I identify with. ~ Steven Yeun
Harris Honest Abe quotes by Steven Yeun
Young man: Be honest; train yourself for useful work; love God. ~ Milton S. Hershey
Harris Honest Abe quotes by Milton S. Hershey
Dr. Johnson's enticing images and language give us a fundamentally sound and memorable way of managing change." - Albert J. Simone, President ROCHESTER INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY "Spencer Johnson's unique insights and storytelling make this a rare book that can be read and understood quickly by everyone who wants to do well in these changing times." - Randy Harris, Former Vice-Chairman MERRILL LYNCH INTERNATIONAL "This book is a simple, understandable road map for us to use as we deal with our own individual circumstances around change." - Michael Morley, Senior Vice President EASTMAN KODAK "This wonderful book is an asset to any person or group that applies its lessons." - John A. Lopiano, Senior V.P. XEROX CORPORATION ~ Spencer Johnson
Harris Honest Abe quotes by Spencer Johnson
Your feelings wouldn't get hurt if you were honest with yourself ~ Ty Gray
Harris Honest Abe quotes by Ty Gray
I find with records, they become what they're going to become. They take on a power and a direction of their own. Part of making records is to honor that and not try to force it. ~ Emmylou Harris
Harris Honest Abe quotes by Emmylou Harris
It makes no sense at all to have the most important features of our lives anchored to divisive claims about the unique sanctity of ancient books or to rumors of ancient miracles. There ~ Sam Harris
Harris Honest Abe quotes by Sam Harris
Something about the fall, the freshness of the pain, had been restorative. It was honest pain, clear pain, a pain without shame or filth, and it was a different sensation than he had felt in years ... before he was conscious of what he was doing, he was tossing himself against the brick wall, and as he did so, he imagined he was knocking out of himself every piece of dirt, every trace of liquid, every memory of the past few years. He was resetting himself; he was returning himself to something pure; he was punishing himself for what he had done. After that, he felt better, energized. ~ Hanya Yanagihara
Harris Honest Abe quotes by Hanya Yanagihara
To me, baseball is as honorable as any other business. It is the most honest pastime in the world. It has to be, or it could not last a season out. Crookedness and baseball do not mix. It has become immeasurably more popular as the years have gone by. It will be greater yet. This year, 1919, is the greatest season of them all. ~ Charles Comiskey
Harris Honest Abe quotes by Charles Comiskey
Now I will be anything else you please, except dull. You may say I have been dull already? As I am an honest woman, I don't agree with you. There are some people who bring dull minds to their reading - and them blame the writer for it. I say no more. ~ Wilkie Collins
Harris Honest Abe quotes by Wilkie Collins
Every kingdom work, whether publicly performed or privately endeavored, partakes of the kingdom's imperishable character. Every honest intention, every stumbling word of witness, every resistance of temptation, every motion of repentance, every gesture of concern, every routine engagement, every motion of worship, every struggle towards obedience, every mumbled prayer, everything, literally, which flows out of our faith-relationship with the Ever-Living One, will find its place in the ever-living heavenly order which will dawn at his coming. ~ Randy Alcorn
Harris Honest Abe quotes by Randy Alcorn
This is what you do on your very first day in Paris. You get yourself, not a drizzle, but some honest-to-goodness rain, and you find yourself someone really nice and drive her through the Bois de Boulogne in a taxi. The rain's very important. That's when Paris smells its sweetest. It's the damp chestnut trees. ~ Audrey Hepburn
Harris Honest Abe quotes by Audrey Hepburn
I personally feel that a box, far from being a dead end, is an entrance to another world. I don't know to where, but an entrance to somewhere, some other world. ~ Kobo Abe
Harris Honest Abe quotes by Kobo Abe
I know that I need honesty from the people I interview. I also know that the truth is more interesting than made up stuff, and also, people don't connect with you if you're not honest. ~ Neil Strauss
Harris Honest Abe quotes by Neil Strauss
You need to have honest things in the world. Even if people don't understand it, if it's coming from you, that's already important. ~ Jillian Hervey
Harris Honest Abe quotes by Jillian Hervey
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