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Love is not about finding the right person, but about being the right person. ~ Bryant McGill
Finding Love Randomly quotes by Bryant McGill
Love is more about being the right person than finding the right person. ~ Barbara Bartlein
Finding Love Randomly quotes by Barbara Bartlein
Only by honoring the greater truths (the macrocosmic truth) may we begin to honor our subjective truths (our microcosmic truth). This is a recognition of the greater mystery of life and a deep honoring of being a child of that great mystery. In that profound recognition rests the awareness that the same macrocosmic mystery is within us, and it manifests and takes its course in many ways. When we simply recognize this fundamental aspect of the nature of existence, we can begin to understand its presence in our lives. And then finding ourselves moving away from the career or relationship we thought we'd be in for the rest of our life is less of a shock or a "something must be wrong" and more of a deep, humble sigh of "alright, okay, here we go, and so it is." This is the way life moves. We do not hold the reins, and to feign so creates only pain. Evolution necessitates change. ~ Tehya Sky
Finding Love Randomly quotes by Tehya Sky
I had fallen in love, even if she was still finding her way. ~ Randy Pausch
Finding Love Randomly quotes by Randy Pausch
If you've ever felt a strange sense of sadness or alienation, there's a potential way out of the confusion- just shift this feeling into a sense of purpose. It's not about happiness, although happiness often results from doing something you love. Instead, it's about challenge and fulfillment, finding the perfect combination of striving and achievement that comes from reaching a big goal. ~ Chris Guillebeau
Finding Love Randomly quotes by Chris Guillebeau
We dance to rekindle the soul. ~ Lailah Gifty Akita
Finding Love Randomly quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
So the soul mate does make us feel complete, like finding the deeper understanding of ourselves ... souls will choose to be with or marry others when incarnate. We go through countless experiences, and sometimes one soul outgrows the other one (which also imitates life when one person grows and his or her partner stays stagnant). Of course these two are still connected-it's just that one has evolved to a greater degree than the other half has. This doesn't mean that your soul mate stops watching out for you or loving you-you two will be close for eternity. So instead of looking for the one soul mate, enjoy all the wonderful people you know and love here and from other lives ... and even on the Other Side. ~ Sylvia Browne
Finding Love Randomly quotes by Sylvia Browne
Only God satisfies. ONLY GOD SATISFIES. Let this truism settle down deep inside your heart. It is the unveiled truth. Feed this truth to your spirit. Force it down and command it to chase down, repel, and extricate all lies the Devil has successfully planted inside your spirit. Will it to sleigh your flesh. Forget about finding happiness and fulfillment in your spouse, friend, or child. Fulfillment comes only when you are totally invested in your relationship with God. When you are facing a trial or walking through a storm, it is God who will comfort and satisfy your soul with boundless and extraordinary love and guidance. Within God's love there is an all-embracing grace. ~ Cheryl Zelenka
Finding Love Randomly quotes by Cheryl Zelenka
I love the idea of real-life experiences finding their way into fiction. I think that's really cool. ~ Joel Edgerton
Finding Love Randomly quotes by Joel Edgerton
I'm helped by a gentle notion from Buddhist psychology, that there are "near enemies" to every great virtue - reactions that come from a place of care in us, and which feel right and good, but which subtly take us down an ineffectual path. Sorrow is a near enemy to compassion and to love. It is borne of sensitivity and feels like empathy. But it can paralyze and turn us back inside with a sense that we can't possibly make a difference. The wise Buddhist anthropologist and teacher Roshi Joan Halifax calls this a "pathological empathy" of our age. In the face of magnitudes of pain in the world that come to us in pictures immediate and raw, many of us care too much and see no evident place for our care to go. But compassion goes about finding the work that can be done. Love can't help but stay present ~ Krista Tippett
Finding Love Randomly quotes by Krista Tippett
And suddenly one note came back to us, just bounced back off the walls and rose from the floor and filled the place with this perfect hum ... These two completely different things, a note and a room, finding each other. It sounded ... right. Am I being ridiculous? Do you think that's what we mean by love, Mr. Evans? The note that comes back to you? That finds you even when you don't want to be found? ~ Richard Flanagan
Finding Love Randomly quotes by Richard Flanagan
I can't tell you how many life lessons I've learned through bowling. Time management, finding balance in life, how to lose, how to win, how to bowl as a team and deal with people. How to do something I love to do and inspire other people. ~ Diandra Asbaty
Finding Love Randomly quotes by Diandra Asbaty
He cupped his hand around her cheek, and she marveled at how perfectly his palm fit her cheek. His fingers in her hair, she waited, maybe for an eternity, for his lips to meet hers. When they did it was like being inside an exploding star. Time and space became irrelevant. She slipped her arms under his, clinging to him, his body the only thing stopping her from drifting away, untethered in space. His hand on her back slipped under layers of clothes, finding her skin. He pulled her close, and she leaned into him, feeling like she could never be close enough to him. ~ Summer Hines
Finding Love Randomly quotes by Summer Hines
But now I knew finding love and holding on to it were not the same thing. ~ Mary E. Pearson
Finding Love Randomly quotes by Mary E. Pearson
I told you,lifemate, you're always taking off my clothes."
"Then stop wearing the damn things," he responded gruffly,his hands at her tiny waist, his mouth finding her flat stomach. "Someday my child will be growing right here," he said softly, kissing her belly. His hands pinned her thighs so that he could explore easily without interruption. "A beautiful little girl with your looks and my disposition."
Savannah laughed softly, her arms cradling his head lovingly. "That should be quite a combination. What's wrong with my disposition?" She was writhing under the onslaught of his hands and mouth,arcing her body more fully into his ministrations.
"You are a wicked woman," he whispered. "I would have to kill any man who treated my daughter the way I am treating you."
She cried out,her body rippling with pleasure. "I happen to love the way you treat me,lifemate," she answered softly and cried out again when he merged their bodies, their minds, their hearts and souls.
The future might be uncertain, with the society dogging the footsteps of their people,but their combined strength was more than enough to see them through. And together they could face any enemy to ensure the continuation of their race. ~ Christine Feehan
Finding Love Randomly quotes by Christine Feehan
Someone asked me, "Are there no good men where you are?" And I answered, "I think there are good men everywhere. It's never about finding good people; it's about finding one person. ~ C. JoyBell C.
Finding Love Randomly quotes by C. JoyBell C.
The dilemma for women who love to write may not have so much to do with finding the elusive literary voice, as with being reluctant to use the one that's already lurking inside, just waiting for the chance to speak up. Many of us, especiall,y those from the generations taught to be good, accommodating girls, are afraid of sounding too strong, too loud, too unconventional, or simply too much like the self we're afraid to reveal to the world. Most of us have at least an inkling of what form our writing voice should take, if only we might find the courage to reveal it. ~ Nava Atlas
Finding Love Randomly quotes by Nava Atlas
i think i love fire and ice by robert frost not because it deals with the end of all things, but because it deals with love. love can destroy all things when you have it, or it can destroy all things when you do not. it can either save you, or kill you. there are many kinds of love: the love with someone who fits you, and meets all of your needs. this can create a contentment that makes you happy and full. there is a more dangerous form of love. this love is kin to obsession, possession, and desire. you cannot breathe without their beings there. you cannot think, but of them. they plague you, and creep into everything you do until you despair of it. then one day you realize, not only did losing them create the most beautiful way of finding who they truly were, but it created you as you are. they made you something greater than you were. love is sickness, but it is the kind of sickness that makes life worth living. you realize that not only can you now live with them, but you can live without them, and you can stand beside them, while letting them have their freedom. The deep desire to hold them higher sits so deep in your soul that you would give your life to have them be no one other than the person you have come to see them as. faults and all, because no they aren't perfect, but who should be? ~ Jennifer Megan Varnadore
Finding Love Randomly quotes by Jennifer Megan Varnadore
The pursuit of happiness is a most ridiculous phrase; if you pursue happiness you'll never find it. ~ C.P. Snow
Finding Love Randomly quotes by C.P. Snow
I think on the journey to finding the love we crave, the love we truly deserve, the first stop has to be the love we have for ourselves. That's a love that can never be lost and can only grow and get stronger the more it is fostered and developed. ~ Jay Crownover
Finding Love Randomly quotes by Jay Crownover
And so the German spirit, carousing in music, in wonderful creations of sound, and wonderful beauties of feeling and mood that were never pressed home to reality, has left the greater part of its gifts to decay. None of us intellectuals is at home in reality. We are strange to it and hostile.

Assiduous and busy, care-ridden and light-hearted, intelligent and yet thoughtless, these butterflies lived a life at once childlike and raffiné; independent, not to be bought by every one, finding their account in good luck and fine weather, in love with life and yet clinging to it far less than the bourgeois, always ready to follow a fairy prince to his castle, always certain, though scarcely conscious of it, that a difficult and sad end was in store for them. ~ Hermann Hesse
Finding Love Randomly quotes by Hermann Hesse
That each day that you love, honor, and respect your own unique point of view, you're a step closer to finding a fortune. ~ Sarah Ban Breathnach
Finding Love Randomly quotes by Sarah Ban Breathnach
Acting is fascinating to me. I love unlocking the mysteries with characters and finding out what would be the most intriguing aspect of that character to exist in. Figuring out a person and getting to be a different person every day, hey - that's pretty lucky. I don't have to wake up and be Amanda if I don't feel like it. You know, that's fun. ~ Amanda Schull
Finding Love Randomly quotes by Amanda Schull
There is much satisfaction in work well done; praise is sweet; but there can be no happiness equal to the joy of finding a heart that understands. ~ Victor Robinson
Finding Love Randomly quotes by Victor Robinson
Poetry and song lyrics might want us to believe that finding love is like uncovering buried treasure, but now I know the truth. There's no joy or celebration in love. There are no happy endings. There is simply me and her and a crushing pain. What's left after that? An entire life of mute should-haves and second-bests. ~ Autumn Doughton
Finding Love Randomly quotes by Autumn Doughton
I love my job. I love fighting for what I believe in. I love having fun while doing it. I love reporting stories that the Complex refuses to report. I love fighting back, I love finding allies, and - famously - I enjoy making enemies. ~ Andrew Breitbart
Finding Love Randomly quotes by Andrew Breitbart
You see the separation of life as very arbitrary at this time.
You are not alone in this assumption.
You have far more connection than you are even vaguely aware of.
You will not lose the love that is yours. ~ Donna Goddard
Finding Love Randomly quotes by Donna Goddard
My heart keeps finding new ways to love you. ~ Penny Reid
Finding Love Randomly quotes by Penny Reid
We say love is blind, and the figure of Cupid is drawn with a bandage around his eyes. Blind - yes, because he does not see what he does not like; but the sharpest-sighted hunter in the universe is Love for finding what he seeks, and only that. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
Finding Love Randomly quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Relationships take time and effort; they're not always like the fairytale they start off as. Finding your soul mate isn't the hard part; staying together is. ~ Neha Yazmin
Finding Love Randomly quotes by Neha Yazmin
You know someone is special to you when you're literally captivated by them in even the little moments. The slightest thing they say or do, is like watching the universe unfold. And nothing else matters in those moments.

Where you go about your day, & the most capricious of things send you into a whirlwind of thoughts connected to them. And a plethora of thoughts flood into your mind, for no apparent reason other than its them.

Or perhaps, you randomly see a picture of them in your news feed & you just pause & look, & the world melts away & all time seems to stop, & there's a radiance that illuminates your life. And you focus on the little details, & wish you could just capture every single detail vividly.

And you see their eyes, & though they're merely a moment in time, their eyes are so beautiful, that they transcend the medium & are as if they're there looking back. And all you can do it look into them. Knowing those eyes are what you could look into endlessly.
And you know that it's all you could ever want, if for just a single moment in time.

Or they share their thoughts, & you rack your brain around how they think. An you just want to understand & know more of their thoughts, simply because they're theirs.

They, to you, are a more elegant work of art than even the finest painting, songs or poems of the great artists. And you know that even the most renowned artist c ~ Trevor Driggers
Finding Love Randomly quotes by Trevor Driggers
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