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A little rain beats down a big wind. Long drinking bouts break open the tun(der). ~ Francois Rabelais
Enano Tun quotes by Francois Rabelais
Sometimes is good to be in patience, it can be mean understand, sometimes patience can describe as sacrifice , but everytime it hurting ourself ~ Tun Teja
Enano Tun quotes by Tun Teja
Motive lies behind action. It is the root of behaviour and attitude, the fuel we need to progress from desire to achievement. In our humanity we are driven to survive, and to be loved makes the living worthwhile. ~ Sarah Tun
Enano Tun quotes by Sarah Tun
He found Podrick Payne asleep in a chair outside the door of the solar, and shook him by the shoulder. "Summon Bronn, and then tun down to the stables and have two horses saddled." (Tyrion).
The squire's eyes were cloudy with sleep. "Horses". (squire)
"Those big brown animals that love apples, I'm sure you've seen them. Four legs and a tail. But Bronn first." (Tyrion) ~ George R R Martin
Enano Tun quotes by George R R Martin
When there is a bit mistrust, jealousy will arise and ended with misunderstanding ~ Tun Teja
Enano Tun quotes by Tun Teja
Everybody has heard of the great Heidelberg Tun, and most people have seen it, no doubt. It is a wine-cask as big as a cottage, and some traditions say it holds eighteen hundred thousand bottles, and other traditions say it holds eighteen hundred million barrels. I think it likely that one of these statements is a mistake, and the other is a lie. However, the mere matter of capacity is a thing of no sort of consequence, since the cask is empty, and indeed has always been empty, history says. An empty cask the size of a cathedral could excite but little emotion in me. I do not see any wisdom in building a monster cask to hoard up emptiness in, when you can get a better quality, outside, any day, free of expense. ~ Mark Twain
Enano Tun quotes by Mark Twain
Mensch kann tun was er will; er kann aber nicht wollen was er will. (One can choose what to do, but not what to want.) ~ Arthur Schopenhauer
Enano Tun quotes by Arthur Schopenhauer
Eyes never lies, but doesn't mean it's true ~ Tun Teja
Enano Tun quotes by Tun Teja
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Enano Tun quotes by Ira Finch
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