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Imagine that your desktop computer began to control its own peripheral devices, removed its own cover, and pointed its webcam at its own circuitry. That's us. ~ David Eagleman
Dymchurch Webcam quotes by David Eagleman
All forms of contact are good: letters, parcels, e-mails - I've been trying to get a Webcam for my computer, but I'm such a Luddite. ~ Rose Byrne
Dymchurch Webcam quotes by Rose Byrne
The next morning, I woke up to hear Becky moaning and rustling around in her bed covers.
"I'm so itchy!" she cried.
"So scratch!" I said, groggily, but suddenly, I felt itchy too.
So, I started scratching my legs. They felt better until I stopped scratching. Then, it started to burn. I threw back the covers and saw that my legs were covered in red bumps.
"My legs!" I yelled.
Becky looked over at me. Then, she pulled back her covers. Her legs were even worse. She gasped.
"Mom!" I cried.
Mom came in. She was ready for work, wearing her dress shirt and gym shorts. She only had to dress up the top half of her body in case she had to use her webcam to talk to her boss.
"What is it?" she asked.
"Look!" I said, showing her our legs.
"Oh no! That's poison ivy!" she cried, "Where were you guys playing yesterday?"
"The woods," I said.
"You must have been sitting in it," she said.

- The Castle Park Kids ~ Laura Smith
Dymchurch Webcam quotes by Laura Smith
A webcam that Iceland's environmental agency had set up. ~ Elizabeth Kolbert
Dymchurch Webcam quotes by Elizabeth Kolbert
As a general rule, if you are prone to melodramatic meltdowns, please avoid purchasing a webcam for any reason. ~ Ray William Johnson
Dymchurch Webcam quotes by Ray William Johnson
Twitter seems like a busman's holiday: just more writing. I have no plans to do it. I'll just stick with my 24/7 webcam. I'm old-fashioned that way. ~ Tina Fey
Dymchurch Webcam quotes by Tina Fey
That sounds like the sin of pride, Marshal. Better run downstairs and let Miss December flog it out of you. Webcam it and charge by the minute. You won't ever have to take government money again. ~ Richard Kadrey
Dymchurch Webcam quotes by Richard Kadrey
The best place for puffin watching is Sumburgh Head, at the south end of the Shetland mainland. There used to be a lighthouse there, but it's now a visitor centre and gallery; they run a webcam, so you can check on the puffins in advance. ~ Ann Cleeves
Dymchurch Webcam quotes by Ann Cleeves
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