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There's an awful video of me on, titled Dumas, her life is over! which was taped by some amateur during my first Olympic tryouts and has had quite a bit of traffic-like all videos of humiliated people do. This is where the exact moment that my life shattered around me was perfectly immortalized on film and can now be played and replayed, over and over, so the world can watch for their enjoyment. ~ Katy Evans
Dena Evans quotes by Katy Evans
I'll spend the rest of my life falling as far and deep and hard as my heart will let me go in love with this perfect, crazy girl who taught me to let go and hold on. I know in that minute I'll be Evan's fall guy until the day I die, and my future, for the first time in my life, is an always I can't wait to fall into. ~ Liz Reinhardt
Dena Evans quotes by Liz Reinhardt
Nineveh, Tyre, a God-forsaken railway in Siam, Dorrigo Evans said, flame ~ Richard Flanagan
Dena Evans quotes by Richard Flanagan
Science cannot be stopped. Man will gather knowledge no matter what the consequences - and we cannot predict that they will be ~ Davy Evans
Dena Evans quotes by Davy Evans
People are like books, unknown until they are opened. ~ Richard Paul Evans
Dena Evans quotes by Richard Paul Evans
Look at pictures of me growing up. It wasn't always the way it is now. It was a bumpy road for me. ~ Chris Evans
Dena Evans quotes by Chris Evans
I was dumped at my senior prom - I was 18 and in love. We danced all night, then she got back together with her ex. It broke my heart. ~ Chris Evans
Dena Evans quotes by Chris Evans
We humans are born egocentric. The sky thunders and children believe that God is mad at them for something they've done - parents divorce and children believe it's their fault for not being good enough. Growing up means putting aside our egocentricity for truth. Still, some people cling to this childish mind-set. As painful as their self-flagellation may be, they'd rather believe their crises are their fault so they can believe they have control. In doing so they make fools and false gods of themselves. ~ Richard Paul Evans
Dena Evans quotes by Richard Paul Evans
You are not beneath me. I am so not beneath you. I might not be as glamorous as what you are accustom to but I am a diamond in the rut. It doesn't matter how pretty one of those Chinese store accessories are, they will never worth more than the dirtiest diamond in the deepest parts of the earth's core. That my dear is a fact. ~ Crystal Evans
Dena Evans quotes by Crystal Evans
I am sure every movie I've made, even as an actor, had multiple test screenings. And I am sure there have been horrible things written about me. But I never have to see them! ~ Chris Evans
Dena Evans quotes by Chris Evans
It's about feeling alive in the moment because your adrenaline is going, your thinking about that present moment, you're not somewhere else, you're not thinking about what's going to happen 10 minutes from now, and that's the reason why I love fighting, it's when I'm in there. I feel free, I feel like there's no other place I want t be. I can't even think of anything beyond that second. That's why I'm drawn to the fight, because I love the presence of it, where it brings me mentally, it's the purest thing for me. ~ Rashad Evans
Dena Evans quotes by Rashad Evans
In your hurry to keep Christmas, you have forgotten Christmas. The truest gift of Christmas is the gift of self. ~ Richard Paul Evans
Dena Evans quotes by Richard Paul Evans
But it is recognized that punishment for the abuse of the liberty accorded to the press is essential to the protection of the public, and that the common law rules that subject the libeler to responsibility for the public offense, as well as for the private injury, are not abolished by the protection extended in our constitutions. The law of criminal libel rests upon that secure foundation. There is also the conceded authority of courts to punish for contempt when publications directly tend to prevent the proper discharge of judicial functions. ~ Charles Evans Hughes
Dena Evans quotes by Charles Evans Hughes
I want to marry this girl. I want to marry her now. ~ Katy Evans
Dena Evans quotes by Katy Evans
A model is a selectively simplified and consciously structured form of knowledge. ~ Eric Evans
Dena Evans quotes by Eric Evans
It's just death and resurrection, over and over again, day after day, as God reaches down into our deepest graves and with the same power that raised Jesus from the dead wrests us from our pride, our apathy, our fear, our prejudice, our anger, our hurt, and our despair. Most days I don't know which is harder for me to believe: that God reanimated the brain functions of a man three days dead, or that God can bring back to life all the beautiful things we have killed. Both seem pretty unlikely to me. ~ Rachel Held Evans
Dena Evans quotes by Rachel Held Evans
It is a very beautiful story, 'The Crow.' It is a very tragic story with huge emotional themes. ~ Luke Evans
Dena Evans quotes by Luke Evans
Bob Moses, composer, drummer, poet, artist, conceptualizer, inspirer of people, has created a musical environment that is balanced between discipline and freedom, compositional design and spontaneous inspiration. A party with a purpose. This album is original, soulful, funny and very special. I hope a lot of people get as much enjoyment from it as I have. ~ Gil Evans
Dena Evans quotes by Gil Evans
Money is everything in this world to some people, and more than the next to other poor souls. ~ Augusta Jane Evans
Dena Evans quotes by Augusta Jane Evans
But I must say, it's a lonely business fucking someone you no longer love. Especially a husband.
Tough, funny, vulgar, cynical, it was a classic Ava Gardner line.
It rolled off the tongue. I didn't want to lose it.
The problem was I couldn't reconcile it with something she had told me earlier--that she was "even more in love with all three of my husbands the day I left them than the day we married."
-author Peter Evans ~ Peter Evans
Dena Evans quotes by Peter Evans
He laughs more darkly.
You are so fucking mine you don't even know how mine you are. ~ Katy Evans
Dena Evans quotes by Katy Evans
I once read that love is like a rose: we fixate on the blossom, but it's the thorny stem that keeps it alive and aloft. I think marriage is like that. Like my father said, the things of greatest value are the things we fight for. And in the end, if we do it right, we value the stem far more than the blossom ~ Richard Paul Evans
Dena Evans quotes by Richard Paul Evans
You may be slow to warm up, but once you do, you light up the whole room ~ Jenna Evans Welch
Dena Evans quotes by Jenna Evans Welch
It's weird I don't know anything about you,"
"What are you talking about? We just spent the whole day together."
"Yes, but we drank loads and chatted about - I don't even know what we chatted about,"
"I like conversations like that," Tom said. "Much less hard work. with my ex, it was like pulling teeth sometimes. We had loads in common but we didn't see the world the same way." He stopped. "Oh, that sounds good. I should write it down." He got out his phone.
"You're writing that down?"
"Yep" Tom said, fiddling with his phone
She stared at him, trying not to laugh. "Wow. You are weird, do you know that," she said. "Most of the time you're almost normal, but occasionally your super-weird side comes out. ~ Harriet Evans
Dena Evans quotes by Harriet Evans
I reached reverently into the bag, then took a big bite of the cornetta. It was warm and melty and tasted like every perfect thing that could ever happen to you. Italian summers. First loves. Chocolate. ~ Jenna Evans Welch
Dena Evans quotes by Jenna Evans Welch
Before I could catch it, my heart slammed straight down to my feet, leaving me with a massive hole in my chest. It was amazing how I could just be going along, doing okay, and then suddenly-wham-I missed her so much even my fingernails hurt. ~ Jenna Evans Welch
Dena Evans quotes by Jenna Evans Welch
But perhaps the most unsettling thing about a new church is the way the ghost of the old one haunts it. For better or worse, the faith of our youth informs our fears, our nostalgia, our reactions, and our suspicions. ~ Rachel Held Evans
Dena Evans quotes by Rachel Held Evans
I'm telling you, Dena, when you live long enough to see your children begin to look at you with different eyes, and you can look at them not as your children, but as people, it's worth getting older with all the creaks and wrinkles. ~ Fannie Flagg
Dena Evans quotes by Fannie Flagg
And so there are so many good things going on all across Iraq and unfortunately that's not what the American people see on TV or they don't read a lot about it in the newspapers. ~ Donald Evans
Dena Evans quotes by Donald Evans
God is in charge, and alone sits as the ultimate government over His creation. All other governments are then to reflect His ultimate rule. ~ Tony Evans
Dena Evans quotes by Tony Evans
Why is it that good always has to fight an uphill battle?"
I thought for a moment, then said, "I don't know. Maybe that's the point. Good things are higher up. ~ Richard Paul Evans
Dena Evans quotes by Richard Paul Evans
I am going to be announcing today that we will have a business delegation come to this country sometime in the future where we will bring businesses from America to Morocco to show them the vast business opportunities here. ~ Donald Evans
Dena Evans quotes by Donald Evans
She was different. She liked hearing it, because she wanted to recall just enough of it to remember that she never wanted to go back to being the person she'd been before. ~ Harriet Evans
Dena Evans quotes by Harriet Evans
I believe that feminists of the more aggressive persuasion are frustrated women unable to find the proper male leadership. If a woman were receiving the right kind of love and attention and leadership, she would not want to be liberated from that. ~ Tony Evans
Dena Evans quotes by Tony Evans
From a man who fights like crazy, arouses me like no other, is the sexiest thing I've ever seen. From the man who plays me sexy music, gives me his t-shirt to sleep in, protects me as fiercely as a lion, and yet won't take me when I'm naked and trembling in his arms ... ~ Katy Evans
Dena Evans quotes by Katy Evans
I might say that in retrospect, looking at where the community college system is today, I think we may have gone too far. The community college system is so big, so broad, so consuming of tax money. ~ Daniel J. Evans
Dena Evans quotes by Daniel J. Evans
It's good for people to look at me and think, 'This guy is doing his thing and enjoying what he's doing and successful at it and living his life.' And that's what I'm doing, and I'm very happy. ~ Luke Evans
Dena Evans quotes by Luke Evans
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