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If the idea of having to change ourselves makes us uncomfortable, we can remain as we are. We can choose rest over labour, entertainment over education, delusion over truth, and doubt over confidence. The choices are ours to make, but while we curse the effect, we continue to nourish the cause ~ Jim Rohn
Cotard Delusion quotes by Jim Rohn
Science is what we have learned about how to keep from fooling ourselves. ~ Richard Feynman
Cotard Delusion quotes by Richard Feynman
I think when you fall in love, like true love, it's love for life. All the rest is just experiences and delusions. ~ J.A. Redmerski
Cotard Delusion quotes by J.A. Redmerski
To commit the act of felo-de-se is a form of delusion. You see, my love, to leave one's life unfinished implies the possibility of success. What is left unlived may contain the potential truth one always seeks. Those who kill themselves do so with the conviction that they would have reached that truth eventually had they lived to the proper end. They die in the illusion of hope which in a way keeps the rest of us alive. Reason, therefore, for not committing suicide. ~ Raymond Federman
Cotard Delusion quotes by Raymond Federman
A mind with absolutely no insight into itself, a mind filled with purpose and delusion. ~ Louise Penny
Cotard Delusion quotes by Louise Penny
I don't have the delusion that I'm the best or have the right answer. Whenever someone is out there pissed at you or me, they don't even know you or I. What they are really pissed at is themselves. You might have total respect for them but they don't respect themselves. ~ Tony Robbins
Cotard Delusion quotes by Tony Robbins
I seek the truth ... it is only persistence in self-delusion and ignorance that does harm. ~ Marcus Aurelius
Cotard Delusion quotes by Marcus Aurelius
It's that moment about two months in, when you think you've finally got a handle on the place. Suddenly it feels within your grasp. It's a delusion – you've only been there eight weeks – and it's followed by the complete despair of ever understanding anything. But at the moment the place feels entirely yours. It's the briefest, purest euphoria. ~ Lily King
Cotard Delusion quotes by Lily King
As long as people want the Mormon Church to be true,
more than they are willing to face the possibility that it is not,
they will not entertain evidence or reason.
Delusion becomes a choice. ~ Jim Whitefield
Cotard Delusion quotes by Jim Whitefield
But then in all his words if not deeds Jefferson was so beautifully human, so eminently vague, so entirely dishonest but not in any meretricious way. Rather it was a passionate form of self-delusion that rendered Jefferson as president and as man (not to mention as writer of tangled sentences and lunatic metaphors) confusing even to his admirers. Proclaiming the unalienable rights of man for everyone (excepting slaves, Indians, women and those entirely without property), Jefferson tried to seize the Floridas by force, dreamed of a conquest of Cuba, and after his illegal purchase of Louisiana sent a military governor to rule New Orleans against the will of its inhabitants. ~ Gore Vidal
Cotard Delusion quotes by Gore Vidal
I concluded, that it was not a dream or a delusion or a misplaced memory or a fancy or any other falsity, but a solid, true thing witnessed while in a weakened highly agitated state. ~ Yann Martel
Cotard Delusion quotes by Yann Martel
The fact of the matter is that all apparent forms of matter and body are momentary clusters of energy. We are
little more than flickers on a multidimensional television screen. This realization directly experienced can be
delightful. You suddenly wake up from the delusion of separate form and hook up to the cosmic dance.
Consciousness slides along the wave matrices, silently at the speed of light ~ Timothy Leary
Cotard Delusion quotes by Timothy Leary
…95 percent of political commentary, whether spoken or written, is now polluted by the very politics it's supposed to be about. Meaning it's become totally ideological and reductive: The writer/speaker has certain political convictions or affiliations, and proceeds to filter all reality and spin all assertion according to those convictions and loyalties. Everybody's pissed off and exasperated and impervious to argument from any other side. Opposing viewpoints are not just incorrect but contemptible, corrupt, evil […] Political discourse is now a formulaic matter of preaching to one's own choir and demonizing the opposition. Everything's relentlessly black-and-whitened…. Since the truth is way, way more gray and complicated than any one ideology can capture, the whole thing seems to me not just stupid but stupefying… How can any of this possibly help me, the average citizen, deliberate about whom to choose to decide my country's macroeconomic policy, or how even to conceive for myself what that policy's outlines should be, or how to minimize the chances of North Korea nuking the DMZ and pulling us into a ghastly foreign war, or how to balance domestic security concerns with civil liberties? Questions like these are all massively complicated, and much of the complication is not sexy, and well over 90 percent of political commentary now simply abets the uncomplicatedly sexy delusion that one side is Right and Just and the other Wrong and Dangerous. Which is of course a pleasant ~ David Foster Wallace
Cotard Delusion quotes by David Foster Wallace
Hope – or perhaps delusion – was a flame that had stayed lit, even though its scorching light would hurt. It had refused to go out. ~ Dianna Hardy
Cotard Delusion quotes by Dianna Hardy
Work dominates life in Eden-Olympia, and drives out everything else. The dream of a leisure society was the great twentieth-century delusion. Work is the new leisure. Talented and ambitious people work harder than they have ever done, and for longer hours. They find their only fulfillment through work. The men and women running successful companies need to focus their energies on the task in front of them, and for every minute of the day. The last thing they want is recreation. ~ J.G. Ballard
Cotard Delusion quotes by J.G. Ballard
People wear masks in the light because true happiness are the agents of deception and delusion. ~ Lionel Suggs
Cotard Delusion quotes by Lionel Suggs
Mom has the Touch. She knows what flowers go with what occasions, what hors d'oeuvres work with what people. She believes passionately in the power of food to heal, restore, and stimulate relationships, and she has built a following of loyal customers who really hope she's right. If she's wrong, says Sonia, no one wants to know. ~ Joan Bauer
Cotard Delusion quotes by Joan Bauer
Propounding peace and love without practical or institutional engagement is delusion, not virtue. ~ Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
Cotard Delusion quotes by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
There is no fire like lust, no vise like hatred, no trap like delusion, and no galloping river like craving. ~ Thich Nhat Hanh
Cotard Delusion quotes by Thich Nhat Hanh
When your life is always a part of your surroundings - in other words, when you are called back to yourself, in the present moment - then there is no problem. When you start to wander about in some delusion which is something apart from you yourself, then your surroundings are not real anymore, and your mind is not real anymore. If you yourself are deluded, then your surroundings are also a misty, foggy delusion. Once you are in the midst of delusion, there is no end to delusion. You will be involved in deluded ideas one after another. Most people live in delusion, involved in their problem, trying to solve their problem. But just to live is actually to live in problems. And to solve the problem is to be a part of it, to be one with it. So ~ Shunryu Suzuki
Cotard Delusion quotes by Shunryu Suzuki
Maybe the life I think I'm living is a paranoid delusion ... Sanity is a valuable possession; I hoard it the way people once hoarded money. I save it, so I will have enough, when the time comes. ~ Margaret Atwood
Cotard Delusion quotes by Margaret Atwood
As someone who's been covering presidential campaigns since the 1950s, I have no delusions about political reporting. Candidates bargaining access to get the kind of news coverage they want is nothing new. ~ Dan Rather
Cotard Delusion quotes by Dan Rather
Enter into the plane of mental development. Start to increase your personal power level. Your life will become quite wonderful and very happy. You move beyond delusion. ~ Frederick Lenz
Cotard Delusion quotes by Frederick Lenz
Faust has spent his youth and manhood,
not as others do, in the sunny crowded paths of profit,
or among the rosy bowers of pleasure, but darkly and alone in the search of Truth; is it fit that Truth
should now hide herself, and his sleepless pilgrimage
towards Knowledge and Vision end in the pale
shadow of Doubt? To his dream of a glorious higher
happiness, all earthly happiness has been sacrificed;
friendship, love, the social rewards of ambition were
cheerfully cast aside, for his eye and his heart were
bent on a region of clear and supreme good ; and now,
in its stead, he finds isolation, silence, and despair.
What solace remains ? Virtue once promised to be
her own reward ; but because she does not pay him in
the current coin of worldly enjoyment, he reckons her
too a delusion; and, like Brutus, reproaches as a
shadow what he once worshipped as a substance.
Whither shall he now tend 1 For his loadstars have
gone out one by one ; and as the darkness fell, the
strong steady wind has changed into a fierce and
aimless tornado. Faust calls himself a monster,
" without object, yet without rest. ~ Thomas Carlyle
Cotard Delusion quotes by Thomas Carlyle
The idea that people would be happier if they maintained a constant state of realism is a beautiful sentiment, but Taylor and Brown found just the opposite. They presented a new theory that suggested that well-being came from unrealistic views of reality. They said you reduce the stress of terminal illness or a high-pressure job or unexpected tragedy by resorting to optimism and delusion. Your wildly inaccurate self-evaluations get you through rough times and help motivate you when times are good. Indeed, later research backed up their claims, showing that people who are brutally honest with themselves are not as happy day to day as people with unrealistic assumptions about their abilities. People who take credit for the times when things go their way but who put the blame on others when they stumble or fall are generally happier people. ~ David McRaney
Cotard Delusion quotes by David McRaney
Gefarhrgeist excelled at convincing themselves. It was their greatest strength and most terrible weakness. ~ Michael R. Fletcher
Cotard Delusion quotes by Michael R. Fletcher
No one who has lived in the world as long as you & I have, can entertain the pious delusion that it is engineered upon principles of benevolence ... the cosmos remains always beautiful and profoundly interesting in every corner-and if I had as many lives as a cat I would leave no corner unexplored. ~ Thomas Huxley
Cotard Delusion quotes by Thomas Huxley
I was born in a village in the northeast, and it wasn't until I was quite big that I saw my first train. I climbed up and down the station bridge, quite unaware that its function was to permit people to cross from one track to another. I was convinced that the bridge had been provided to lend an exotic touch and to make the station premises a place of pleasant diversity, like some foreign playground. I remained under this delusion for quite a long time, and it was for me a very refined amusement indeed to climb up and down the bridge. I thought that it was one of the most elegant services provided by the railways. When later I discovered that the bridge was nothing more than a utilitarian device, I lost all interest in it.
Again, when as a child I saw photographs of subway trains in picture books, it never occurred to me that they had been invented out of practical necessity; I could only suppose that riding underground instead of on the surface must be a novel and delightful pastime.
I have been sickly ever since I was a child and have frequently been confined to bed. How often as I lay there I used to think what uninspired decorations sheets and pillow cases make. It wasn't until I was about twenty that I realized that they actually served a practical purpose, and this revelation of human dullness stirred dark depression in me. ~ Osamu Dazai
Cotard Delusion quotes by Osamu Dazai
I don't love the business. I never wanted to be a part of it. I don't think any actor does. Most of the time, I've been really fortunate to work with people who are really fun to work with. It doesn't mean we don't take it seriously, but no one is under the delusion (that we're) bringing world peace. ~ Alan Arkin
Cotard Delusion quotes by Alan Arkin
From anger comes delusion - delusion in turn leads to loss of memory - loss of memory leads to loss of reason (error in judgment) And ultimately loss of reason (lack of discrimination) ruins a person. ~ Commander VK Jaitly
Cotard Delusion quotes by Commander VK Jaitly
...we are always entertaining the delusion that we will go on forever in this world. The result is that the very things which ought to be of assistance to us in our pilgrimage through life, become chains which bind us. ~ Sinclair B. Ferguson
Cotard Delusion quotes by Sinclair B. Ferguson
For the optimal realization of our possibilities, we need to trust ourselves and we need to admire ourselves, and the trust and admiration need to be grounded in reality, not generated out of fantasy and self-delusion. ~ Nathaniel Branden
Cotard Delusion quotes by Nathaniel Branden
Your complaints, your drama, your victim mentality, your whining, your blaming, and all of your excuses have NEVER gotten you even a single step closer to your goals or dreams. Let go of your nonsense. Let go of the delusion that you DESERVE better and go EARN it! Today is a new day! ~ Steve Maraboli
Cotard Delusion quotes by Steve Maraboli
Not to identify oneself with something, or to associate things with the 'me,' and to see that the idea that there is a 'me,' which is distinct from things, is a delusion ... ~ Dalai Lama
Cotard Delusion quotes by Dalai Lama
And I would never, ever mock the power of love. But it can also distort. Slip over into desperation and delusion. ~ Louise Penny
Cotard Delusion quotes by Louise Penny
This solidity is not true. The apparent solidity is the delusion of the senses and of the self. Everything is made up of infinite, intelligent light. ~ Frederick Lenz
Cotard Delusion quotes by Frederick Lenz
Socialists do not merely want a welfare state, they absolutely must have one. They must have a grovelling dependent class from which to obtain their daily opiate: an hallucinogenic euphoria which comes from the delusion of being superior to and more altruistic than all others. They must have 'the poor, huddled masses' in much the same manner as vampires must have the blood of their victims. ~ Edward Britton
Cotard Delusion quotes by Edward Britton
[T]here's a difference between confident leadership and empty-headed delusion or cheerleading. And this is a difference that many CEOs miss. ~ Henry Blodget
Cotard Delusion quotes by Henry Blodget
History is the lies of the victors, ~ Julian Barnes
Cotard Delusion quotes by Julian Barnes
Being trapped by fear is a form of delusion. Either I can do something or I can't. If I truly can't ... I don't do it. If I truly can, and it wold be a wholesome thing to do, I push myself [p. 39]. ~ Sylvia Boorstein
Cotard Delusion quotes by Sylvia Boorstein
Class consciousness is not one of our national diseases; we suffer, indeed, from its opposite
the delusion that class barriers are not real. That delusion reveals itself in many forms, some of them as beautiful as a glass eye. One is the Liberal doctrine that a prairie demagogue promoted to the United States Senate will instantly show all the sagacity of a Metternich ... another is the doctrine that a moron
run through a university and decorated with a Ph.D. will cease thereby to be a moron ... ~ H.L. Mencken
Cotard Delusion quotes by H.L. Mencken
The real enemy of happiness is the mind's fixations and delusions ... If you have the right mind, you can overcome anything - you can be happy, no matter what. ~ Dalai Lama
Cotard Delusion quotes by Dalai Lama
Self editing is the path to the dark side. Self editing leads to self delusion, self delusion leads to missed mistakes, missed mistakes lead to bad reviews. Bad reviews are the tools of the dark side. ~ Eric T. Benoit
Cotard Delusion quotes by Eric T. Benoit
A man goes to a foreign country and kills somebody who's not aggressing against him; in a Hawaiian shirt he's a criminal, in a green costume he's a hero who gets a parade and a pension. So that, as a culture, we remain in a state of moral insanity. To point out these contradictions to people in society is to be labeled insane. This is how insane society remains, that anybody who points out logical opposites in the most essential human topic of ethics, is considered to be insane. ~ Stefan Molyneux
Cotard Delusion quotes by Stefan Molyneux
Being grateful is the bridge between the world of nightmares and the world where we are free to say no. It's the bridge between the world of delusions and the world of creativity.
It's the power that brings death back to life, the power that turns poverty to wealth and anger to compassion. ~ James Altucher
Cotard Delusion quotes by James Altucher
Life is the path. Can the path be seen? Observe the path and you are far from it. Without observation how can one know they are on the path? The path cannot be seen, nor can it not be unseen. Perception is delusion; abstraction is nonsensical. Your path is freedom. Name it and it vanishes. ~ Eric S. Nylund
Cotard Delusion quotes by Eric S. Nylund
We're not only held captive by our sin, but also by the delusion of our righteousness. Resting in God's grace isn't just about confessing your sin; it's about forsaking your righteousness as well. ~ Paul David Tripp
Cotard Delusion quotes by Paul David Tripp
Darwinism is the story of humanity's liberation from the delusion that its destiny is controlled by a power higher than itself. ~ Anonymous
Cotard Delusion quotes by Anonymous
The dark, uncontrolled, primordial part of a person informs them that they are alive. Living free entails accepting a slew of wildness. All wild animals act by instinct. Human instinct and intuitive thought allow us to gain insights and new beliefs, which human rationalization confirms. Logic and intuition work well together, if both sources of mental visualization are drawn from when most apropos. Planning carefully should never replace the spirit for improvisation. Acting recklessly is no substitute for measured evaluation. Nonetheless, a dash of craziness makes most people more endearing than the calculating banker whose ledger driven life causes them to see life in terms of money pouches. Letting go of all conceptions of what is, and dreaming what could be, is a form of delusion. Knowing the difference between fantasy and reality does not mean that a person should disdain imaginative acts. I need to recognize when it is time to stop woolgathering and come back down to reality and work in the pebbly bedrock of the here and now. ~ Kilroy J. Oldster
Cotard Delusion quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
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