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In 1945, when the male soldiers started coming back home from Europe, she and all the other women pilots that had served as WASPs during the war were unceremoniously told to go home and never received a dime or even thanks from the government. ~ Fannie Flagg
Coming Back Home quotes by Fannie Flagg
When I was a child I stayed wide awake
Climbed to the highest place
On every fire escape
Restless to climb

I got every scholarship
Saved every dollar
The first to go to college
How do I tell them why
I'm coming back home? ~ Lin-Manuel Miranda
Coming Back Home quotes by Lin-Manuel Miranda
Everyone else
has gone away.
And now coming back home
isn't really coming back home at all. ~ Jacqueline Woodson
Coming Back Home quotes by Jacqueline Woodson
I gotta say, it feel good coming back home to the projects. Where I belong. ~ Coe Booth
Coming Back Home quotes by Coe Booth
I would die to record in space. That would be the coolest. If I got the option of, going into outer space and hanging out there for a day, and then coming back home and dying the next day, or just waiting around to see if there's any opportunity for the technology to develop so that I might experience outer space sometime in the future, I would probably take the ride today and die tomorrow. I'd be happy just hanging out between the moon and the Earth, getting a view. ~ Ariel Pink
Coming Back Home quotes by Ariel Pink
My childhood had been vanishing bit by bit while I'd been living in New York, trying to pretend it had never existed. Maybe that was what the old saying – that a person can never really go home again – was all about. You couldn't go home because even though home might still be there in brick and mortar, everything else would be unrecognizable. ~ Karen White
Coming Back Home quotes by Karen   White
It's well known that he who returns never left ~ Pablo Neruda
Coming Back Home quotes by Pablo Neruda
Nothing matches a Sailor's kiss coming back home where he belongs. ~ Sameh Elsayed
Coming Back Home quotes by Sameh Elsayed
I'll go back. I'll go back through that Kruger Park. After the war, if there are no bandits any more, our mother may be waiting for us. And maybe when we left our grandfather, he was only left behind, he found his way somehow, slowly, through the Kruger Park, and he'll be there. They'll be home, and I'll remember them. ~ Nadine Gordimer
Coming Back Home quotes by Nadine Gordimer
There's competition among women everywhere you go. But back home, we understand that you can look like a variety of things and still be from the same culture. What I'm saying is that I've never felt like I was a light-skinned black woman. Never felt that way because we shared the same culture back home. ~ Grace Gealey
Coming Back Home quotes by Grace Gealey
I specialize in early homes, and what I care about the most is renovating a home and taking it back to its original construction idea. ~ Daryl Hall
Coming Back Home quotes by Daryl Hall
There are two 'Snow White' movies coming out for the same reason that you remember back in the day there was 'Armageddon' and then 'Deep Impact.' You know, 'Andromeda Strain' and then 'Outbreak.' Like, all of those things. It's common because basically studios have no imagination in making the decisions. ~ Armie Hammer
Coming Back Home quotes by Armie Hammer
It seems strange to say this, but it is true: Coming back to Vegas to work is like going on vacation for me. ~ Celine Dion
Coming Back Home quotes by Celine Dion
Short of dragging her to the water kicking and screaming-and destroying Emma's trust in him-Galen made the snap decision to leave them both in Rayna's care. And the word "care" can be very subjective where his sister is concerned.
But they couldn't waste any more time; with Yudor's head start on them, a search party might have already been dispatched, and if not, then Galen knew it was coming. And he couldn't-wouldn't-risk them finding Emma. Beautiful, stubborn Half-Breed Emma.
And he's a little perturbed that Nalia would.
The three of them plod holes in the sand reaching up to Emma's back porch, alongside a recent trail of someone else's-probably Emma's-footsteps leading from the beach. Galen knows this moment will always be burned into his memory. The moment when his brother, the Triton king, put on human clothes and walked up to a house built by humans, squinting in the broad daylight with eyes unaccustomed to the sun.
What will he say to Nalia? What will he do? ~ Anna Banks
Coming Back Home quotes by Anna Banks
What Mexicans want and aspire to, is to go there and work temporarily and raise some money and come back home. That's what they want, so nobody's asking for those two, three million Mexicans that are illegally in the United States to become American citizens. ~ Vicente Fox
Coming Back Home quotes by Vicente Fox
What the hell was that?" one of them asked.

"Jackal," Irene stated quietly while watching city streets turn to suburb.
They weren't taking her to a main airport but a small airstrip. One built
exclusively for private planes.

"Did she just call us jackals?" one of them joked.

Irene grinned which wiped the smile off the man's face. "No. I said the howl
you heard was jackal." She looked at Jenny. "They'll be coming for you."

Jenny glanced at the men and back at her. She looked terribly concerned she
had a lunatic in the car with her. "The jackals will be coming for me?"

"No. The wolves."

Jenny sighed. "Why oh why do I always get the nutcases?"

"Oh!" Irene pointed excitedly. "See that spot up there?"

"What about it?"

"That's where it all started. Where I crossed the Rubicon."

Exasperated, Jenny snarled, "What the fuck are you talking about?"

"It's feeding time," Irene whispered.

"That's it." Jenny threw up her hands. "We're so medicating her. ~ Shelly Laurenston
Coming Back Home quotes by Shelly Laurenston
If I was going to play this game and love it, it had to love me back. ~ Amy Lane
Coming Back Home quotes by Amy Lane
How people feel when they are returning home from an absence, long or short, I did not know: I had never experienced the sensation. I had known what it was to come back to Gateshead when a child after a long walk, to be scolded for looking cold or gloomy; and later, what it was to come back from church to Lowood, to long for a plenteous meal and a good fire, and to be unable to get either. Neither of these returnings was very pleasant or desirable: no magnet drew me to a given point, increasing in its strength of attraction the nearer I came. The return to Thornfield was yet to be tried. ~ Charlotte Bronte
Coming Back Home quotes by Charlotte Bronte
But then I think Viola -
I think of her out there -
And I push it back -
I feel my hands on the floor -
I use them to rise to my knees -
I lift my head -
To see the Mayor's surprised face only a yard or so away, coming toward me, something in his hand-
"Goodness," he says, sounding almost cheerful. "Even stronger than I thought. ~ Patrick Ness
Coming Back Home quotes by Patrick Ness
I trust that the president will try, just give it one more shot, some revolutionary way of not doing this, of bringing all those kids back home safely. ~ F. Murray Abraham
Coming Back Home quotes by F. Murray Abraham
We must make clear that if you come here illegally, you will be sent back home. ~ Rob Portman
Coming Back Home quotes by Rob Portman
Racism has taken over America; discrimination and misogyny are the law. The clash between our better and darker instincts slams home.
It is the year 2037. What is now referred to as "The Great Madness of '16" has set loose moral, economic, and cultural devastation. In the once powerful United States, paranoia and hatred rage at epidemic levels.
Behind "The Great Barrier Walls", Red State citizens suffer near-slavery and dire hunger at the hands of totalitarian leaders calling themselves the PolitiChurch. Family Values Patrols work the streets, raping, maiming, and murdering in the name of Righteousness. Children are corralled and forced to work for the state.
The world is tearing itself apart. Between those who choose to hate, in an us-against-them world; and those who find healing through helping those in need.
Oppressive governments and bullying leaders crush their followers into mindless subservience, herding them like cattle, whipping up fear and hatred against outsiders.
As one side surges into ever more disturbing and twisted violence, some counterforce leading toward caring and truth seems to be awakening in others.
In this war there can be no compromise.
Had ancients predicted these times? Must mankind destroy itself? Is there no hope?
Or is there something we're not seeing?
- Back cover description of "The Soul Hides in Shadows ~ Edward Fahey
Coming Back Home quotes by Edward Fahey
I wouldn't have made it back if it weren't for you, Earwig. I just kept telling myself, every day, every hour, that I had to live through it to come home for you. ~ Sandra Kring
Coming Back Home quotes by Sandra Kring
The line moved slowly toward the window. Lieutenants, captains, senior lieutenants, some wearing neat new uniforms, others coming back from hospitals and wearing used uniforms, washed and mended where the bullet or shell fragment had damaged them. That whole long line on its way to the front passed by that food window. ~ Grigory Baklanov
Coming Back Home quotes by Grigory Baklanov
No sooner had he finished with a case than another two or three appeared in its place. What was the name of that creature? The Hydra, was it? That was what he was fighting. Every time he cut off a head, more popped into his in-tray. Coming back from a holiday was a nightmare. And now they were giving him rocks to push up hills as well. ~ Ian Rankin
Coming Back Home quotes by Ian Rankin
All I could do was stare blankly at him.
"Look." He raised both hands, palms outward. "Daisy, I'm sorry. I had no idea."
"You had no idea you had a twin sister?"
"No idea she was coming." He sounded tired.
My tail began lashing back and forth in agitation. "Oh, and where exactly did Emmy pop in from, Sinny dear? Did she drive up from Kalamazoo? Because I don't recall you mentioning a sister. And it sounded a lot like jolly old England, which I don't recall you mentioning, either. Is that something else you put behind you? Or maybe putting on accents is a thing with the Palmer clan. Pip pip, cheerio- ~ Jacqueline Carey
Coming Back Home quotes by Jacqueline Carey
I feel like I have a group of friends, guys could be interchanged with my neighbors from back home. These guys are really close and really tight, and it all stems from 'Wouldn't it be cool if this happened.' ~ Michael Giacchino
Coming Back Home quotes by Michael Giacchino
It's always the mother's fault, ain't it?" she said softly, collecting her coat. "That boy turn out bad cause his mama a drunk, or she a junkie. She let him run wild, she don't teach him right from wrong. She never home when he back from school. Nobody ever say his daddy a drunk, or his daddy not home after school. And nobody ever say they some kids just damned mean ... ~ Lionel Shriver
Coming Back Home quotes by Lionel Shriver
I think Africans are very much like white people back home, in that they think they are the center of the universe and that everything that is done is done for them. ~ Alice Walker
Coming Back Home quotes by Alice Walker
September Day sloshed another half cup of coffee into the giant #1-Bitch mug, and glared out the frosty breakfast nook windows. North Texas didn't get snow. That's why she'd moved back home - well, one of several reasons. She shivered, relishing the warmth of the beverage, and toasted the storm with a curse. "Damn false advertising." Her cat Macy meowed agreement. The blizzard drove icy wind through cracks in the antique windows and made the just-in-case candles on the dark countertop sputter. She pulled the fuzzy bathrobe closer around her neck. Normally the kitchen's stained glass spilled peacock-bright color into the kitchen. ~ Amy Shojai
Coming Back Home quotes by Amy Shojai
I'm coming back in ... and it's the saddest moment of my life. ~ Edward Higgins White
Coming Back Home quotes by Edward Higgins White
He looked her face over, loving the strong features and the short hair and the piercing forest green eyes. "I never would have asked you, you know…to blow everything you have here away for me."
"That's only one of the reasons I love you."
"Will you tell me the others later?"
"Maybe." She slipped her hand between his legs, shocking the shit out of him and making him gasp. "Might show you, too."
He covered her mouth with his and pushed his tongue into her as he backed her up against the wall. He didn't care if Rhage waited on the front lawn for an extra - His phone went off. And kept ringing. V lifted his head and looked through the window by the front door. Rhage was on the front lawn, phone to his ear, staring back. The brother made a show of checking his watch, then flashing his middle finger at V. Vishous pounded a fist into the Sheetrock and stepped off from Jane. "I'm coming back at the end of the night. Be naked."
"Wouldn't you rather undress me?"
"No, because I'd shred that shirt, and I want you sleeping in it every night until you're in my bed with me. Be. Naked."
"We'll see."
His whole body throbbed at the disobedience. And she knew it, her stare level and erotic. "God, I love you," he said.
"I know. Now run along and kill something. I'll be waiting for you."
He smiled at her. "Couldn't love you more if I tried."
He kissed her and dematerialized out front to Rhage's side, making sure some ~ J.R. Ward
Coming Back Home quotes by J.R. Ward
You can't look back. Nothing you can do to change it. Only forward. ~ Jen Calonita
Coming Back Home quotes by Jen Calonita
There is a way of leaving and yet of not leaving; of hinting that one loves and is willing to return, yet never coming back and so preserving a relationship in a lingering decay. ~ Cyril Connolly
Coming Back Home quotes by Cyril Connolly
Sybil's female forebears had valiantly backed up their husbands as distant embassies were besieged, had given birth on a camel or in the shade of a stricken elephant, had handed around the little gold chocolates while trolls were trying to break into the compound, or had merely stayed at home and nursed such bits of husbands and sons as made it back from endless little wars. The result was a species of woman who, when duty called, turned into solid steel. ~ Terry Pratchett
Coming Back Home quotes by Terry Pratchett
Is it true that the English government is calling on women to do work abandoned by men?
Yes, it is true.
Is not a woman's place the home?
No, not when men need her services outside the home.
Will she never be told again that her place is the home?
Oh, yes, indeed.
As soon as men want their jobs back again. ~ Alice Duer Miller
Coming Back Home quotes by Alice Duer Miller
your back had been mangled by the factory, mangled by the life you were forced to live, by the life that wasn't yours, that wasn't yours because you never got to live a life of your own, because you lived on the outskirts of your life - because of all that you stayed at home, and usually they were the ones who came over. ~ Édouard Louis
Coming Back Home quotes by Édouard Louis
It's not about being rich, but everyone back home has a pool. And I was a total water baby. My mom couldn't get me out - she'd put my dinner plate at the end of the pool, and I'd eat my meals in the water. ~ Margot Robbie
Coming Back Home quotes by Margot Robbie
Spank me, whip me, let me come back home. Break out the leather, baby. ~ Ray Parker, Jr.
Coming Back Home quotes by Ray Parker, Jr.
He raised a hand in response and tossed the ear of corn into the wagon. Then he
returned to his fantasy, imagining himself running the livery instead of working there, making the decisions, placing orders, selecting new horses, agreeing to board others, and
hiring a boy to muck out the stalls and pitch hay.
In his daydream, he no longer lived in the back room. He came home at night to a small house he'd bought with his earnings. Inside, a woman waited for him. A wife. In his fantasy her hair was as golden as the ear of corn he tossed into the wagon and her
eyes as blue as the cloudless sky overhead. Catherine smiled at him and he could hear as well as see her say his name. "Jim! Welcome home. ~ Bonnie Dee
Coming Back Home quotes by Bonnie Dee
I mean, coming into this season I was just hoping to come back, stay healthy and help the team. ~ Johan Santana
Coming Back Home quotes by Johan Santana
Look, Pa, look!" Laura said. "A wolf!"
Pa did not seem to move quickly, but he did. In an instant he took his gun out of the wagon and was ready to fire at those green eyes. The eyes stopped coming. They were still in the dark, looking at him.
"It can't be a wolf. Unless it's a mad wolf," Pa said. Ma lifted Mary into the wagon. "And it's not that," said Pa. "Listen to the horses." Pet and Patty were still biting off bits of grass.
"A lynx?" said Ma.
"Or a coyote?" Pa picked up a stick of wood; he shouted, and threw it. The green eyes went close to the ground, as if the animal crouched to spring. Pa held the gun ready. The creature did not move.
"Don't, Charles," Ma said. But Pa slowly walked toward those eyes. And slowly along the ground the eyes crawled toward him. Laura could see the animal in the edge of the dark. It was a tawny animal and brindled. Then Pa shouted and Laura screamed.
The next thing she knew she was trying to hug a jumping, panting, wriggling Jack, who lapped her face and hands with his warm wet tongue. She couldn't hold him. He leaped and wriggled from her to Pa to Ma and back to her again.
"Well, I'm beat!" Pa said.
"So am I," said Ma. "But did you have to wake the baby? ~ Laura Ingalls Wilder
Coming Back Home quotes by Laura Ingalls Wilder
Return, thou wanderer! Fly back to thy ark, This is not thy home. Think not of building tabernacles here. Thou art but a stranger, a sojourner upon earth; a creature of a day, but just launching out into an unchangeable state. Make haste. Eternity is at hand. Eternity depends on this moment. An eternity of happiness, or an eternity of misery! ~ Michael R. Martin
Coming Back Home quotes by Michael R. Martin
In those days the Great Enemy, of whom Sauron of Mordor was but a servant, dwelt in Angband in the North, and the Elves of the West coming back to Middle-earth made war upon him to regain the Silmarils which he had stolen; and the fathers of Men aided the Elves. ~ J.R.R. Tolkien
Coming Back Home quotes by J.R.R. Tolkien
Can you think what the Mirror of Erised shows us all?" Harry shook his head.

"Let me explain. The happiest man on earth would be able to use the Mirror of Erised like a normal mirror, that is, he would look into it and see himself exactly as he is. Does that help."
Harry thought. Then he said slowly, "It shows us what we want... whatever we want..."
"Yes and no," said Dumbledore quietly.
"It shows us nothing more or less than the deepest, most desperate desire of our hearts. You, who have never known your family, see them standing around you. Ronald Weasley, who has always been overshadowed by his brothers, sees himself standing alone, the best of all of them. However, this mirror will give us neither knowledge or truth. Men have wasted away before it, entranced by what they have seen, or been driven mad, not knowing if what it shows is real or even possible.

"The Mirror will be moved to a new home tomorrow, Harry, and I ask you not to go looking for it again. If you ever do run across it, you will now be prepared. It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live, remember that. Now, why don't you put that admirable cloak back on and get off to bed. ~ J.K. Rowling
Coming Back Home quotes by J.K. Rowling
Home, I learned, can be anywhere you make it. Home is also the place to which you come back again and again. ~ Margaret Mead
Coming Back Home quotes by Margaret Mead
After a while of watching me, he stands and punches me in the face. "If you punch me back, you will be sent home, Pixie." I kick him in the shin. He limps away, laughing like a drunk Uncle Narol. I'm not sent home. ~ Pierce Brown
Coming Back Home quotes by Pierce Brown
Things were different back then. Today if a woman was asked to do the things we did back then, she would revolt, declare that she wasn't anyone's slave, wouldn't be put upon in that fashion. But you have to remember that this was before automatic washers and dishwashers, before blenders and electric knives. If the carpet was going to get cleaned, someone, usually a woman, would have to take a broom to it, or would have to haul it on her shoulders to the yard and beat the dirt out of it. If the wet clothes were going to get dry, someone had to hang them in the yard, take them down from the yard, heat the iron on the fire, press them, and finally fold or hang them. Food was chopped by hand, fires were stoked by hand, water was carried by hand, anything roasted, toasted, broiled, dried, beaten, pressed, packed, or pickled, was done so by hand. Our version of a laborsaving device was called a spouse. If a man had a woman by his side, he didn't have to clean and cook for himself. If a woman had a man by her side, she didn't have to go out, earn a living, then come home and wrestle the house to the ground in the evening. ~ Susan Lynn Peterson
Coming Back Home quotes by Susan Lynn Peterson
Words have a way of coming back to haunt us. ~ Alan E. Nelson
Coming Back Home quotes by Alan E. Nelson
Out here in the Pacific, they have typhoons and hurricanes that blow over 200 miles an hour. We have tornadoes and hurricanes back home, but I don't worry about them. The mortgage on my house is so heavy that nothing could budge it. ~ Bob Hope
Coming Back Home quotes by Bob Hope
It's back to school time. or as home-schoolers call it, stay-where-you-are time. ~ Stephen Colbert
Coming Back Home quotes by Stephen Colbert
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