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The Ranee was killed in a hand to hand fight before Gwalior. This famous queen, who was devoted to the Nabob, and was his most faithful companion during the insurrection, fell by the hand of Sir Edward Munro. Nana Sahib, by the dead body of Lady Munro at Cawnpore, the colonel, by the dead body of the Ranee at Gwalior, represent the revolt and the suppression, and were thus made enemies whose hatred would find terrible vent if they ever met face to face! The ~ Jules Verne
Chamkaur Sahib quotes by Jules Verne
The entire Granth Sahib, which is the central scripture of Sikhism, is basically an elaboration of the Mool Mantar. ~ Abhijit Naskar
Chamkaur Sahib quotes by Abhijit Naskar
He was holding a tray. On the tray were two glasses of milky Indian chai. 'Chota hazari, sahib,' said Ladoo. Bed tea. 'What a nice gesture,' I said returning to Olivia. 'Mrs Puri has sent us up some tea.' 'I wish she had sent it up two hours later,' said Olivia from beneath her sheets. ~ William Dalrymple
Chamkaur Sahib quotes by William Dalrymple
With all respect, Sahib, you have little to teach us in strength and toughness. And we do not envy you your restless spirits. Perhaps we are happier than you? But we would like our children to go to school. Of all the things you have, learning is the one we most desire for our children. ~ Edmund Hillary
Chamkaur Sahib quotes by Edmund Hillary
Sanjay, we've never talked about your domestic relationships, but you're a married man, aren't you?" Quinn asked over his shoulder, trying to sound nonchalant though his gut was jumping.

"Oh, yes, sahib. I have six wives and eight concubines."

Perhaps Sanjay wasn't the right one to give him the counsel he sought... ~ Mia Marlowe
Chamkaur Sahib quotes by Mia Marlowe
Ah, sahib. I know you just come to comfort a old man left to live by hisself. Soomintra say I too old-fashion. And Leela, she always by you. Why you don't sit down, sahib? It ain't dirty. Is just how it does look.'
Ganesh didn't sit down. 'Ramlogan, I come to buy over your taxis. ~ V.S. Naipaul
Chamkaur Sahib quotes by V.S. Naipaul
In the end the secrecy of your revolt poisons you like a secret disease. Your whole life is a life of lies. Year after year you sit in Kipling-haunted little Clubs, whisky to right of you, Pink'un to left of you, listening and eagerly agreeing while Colonel Bodger develops his theory that these bloody Nationalists should be boiled in oil. You hear your Oriental friends called 'greasy Little babus', and you admit, dutifully, that they are greasy little babus. You see louts fresh from school kicking grey-haired servants. The time comes when you burn with hatred of your own countrymen, when you long for a native rising to drown their Empire in blood. And in this there is nothing honourable, hardly even any sincerity. For, au fond, what do you care if the Indian Empire is a despotism, if Indians are bullied and exploited? You only care because the right of free speech is denied you. You are a creature of the despotism, a pukka sahib, tied tighter than a monk or a savage by an unbreakable system of taboos. ~ George Orwell
Chamkaur Sahib quotes by George Orwell
Himself, and her mother had been a great beauty who cared only to go to parties and amuse herself with gay people. She had not wanted a little girl at all, and when Mary was born she handed her over to the care of an Ayah, who was made to understand that if she wished to please the Mem Sahib she must keep the child out of sight as much as possible. So when ~ Frances Hodgson Burnett
Chamkaur Sahib quotes by Frances Hodgson Burnett
When does gold ore become gold? When it is put through a process of fire. So the human being during the training becomes as pure as gold through suffering. It is the burning away of the dross. Suffering has a great redeeming quality. As a drop of water failing on the desert sand is sucked up immediately, so we must become nothing and nowhere ... we must disappear. ~ Bhai Sahib Singh
Chamkaur Sahib quotes by Bhai Sahib Singh
Aurora's studio she stole three charcoal sketches of me as a young boy, sketches in which my ruined hand had been wondrously metamorphosed, becoming, variously, a flower, a paintbrush and a sword. Miss Jaya took these sketches to my Dilly's flat and said they were a gift from the 'young Sahib'. Then she told Aurora that she had seen the teacher pinching them, and, excuse me, Begum Sahib, but that woman's attitude to our boy is not a moral one. ~ Salman Rushdie
Chamkaur Sahib quotes by Salman Rushdie
Sahib, a bamboo doesn't flower, but usually when it does it dies. So I am metaphorical to this plant. Last night, I flowered. In the morning I died. I am not being guilty or unhappy regarding the occurrence sahib. I am in ecstasy. I never bloomed in my life, I did once and that was my last. What died is the desire to be alive in spite of repetition of events like I used
to, the strength to drink my sorrows and search happiness elsewhere not in you. We are bound by the rules of society, and I am a woman of morals. We both know things between us have changed and being around you would simply make no sense practically. ~ Ranjani Ramachandran
Chamkaur Sahib quotes by Ranjani Ramachandran
In the whole of the universe there are only two: the lover and the beloved. ~ Bhai Sahib Singh
Chamkaur Sahib quotes by Bhai Sahib Singh
Until humans came and made anthills out of these mountains, Diwan Sahib was saying, looking up at the langurs, the land had belonged to these monkeys, and to barking deer, nilgai, tiger, barasingha, leopards, jackals, the great horned owl, and even to cheetahs and lions. The archaeology of the wilderness consisted of these lost animals, not of ruined walls, terracotta amulets, and potsherds. ~ Anuradha Roy
Chamkaur Sahib quotes by Anuradha Roy
It was not long after that Ganesh saw a big new notice in the shop, painted on cardboard.
'Is Leela self who write that,' Ramlogan said. 'I didn't ask she to write it, mind you. She just sit down quiet quiet one morning after tea and write it off.'
It read:


Ganesh said, 'Leela know a lot of punctuation marks.'
That is it, sahib. All day the girl just sitting down and talking about these puncturation marks. She is like that, sahib. ~ V.S. Naipaul
Chamkaur Sahib quotes by V.S. Naipaul
There is an Indian story
at least I heard it as an Indian story
about an Englishman who, having been told that the world rested on a platform which rested on the back of an elephant which rested in turn on the back of a turtle, asked (perhaps he was an ethnographer; it is the way they behave), what did the turtle rest on? Another turtle. And that turtle? 'Ah, Sahib, after that it is turtles all the way down ~ Clifford Geertz
Chamkaur Sahib quotes by Clifford Geertz
About Miss Debenham," he said rather awkwardly. "You can take it from me that she's all right. She's a pukka sahib.
"What," asked Dr. Constantine with interest, "does a pukka sahib mean?"
"It means," said Poirot, "that Miss Debenham's father and brothers were at the same kind of school as Colonel Arbuthnot was."
"Oh!" said Dr. Constantine, disappointed. "Then it has nothing to do with the crime at all."
"Exactly," said Poirot. ~ Agatha Christie
Chamkaur Sahib quotes by Agatha Christie
Principal sahib, all festivals I celebrate, in every name of God I exhilarate, be it Allah, Christ or Mahadev. And all this naturally comes to me because the Hindu that at heart I be. That's why I wish to remain a Hindu, you see." Narayan Sambhan paused and then added quietly, "But I am speaking principal sahib only for myself entirely." The ~ Sanjay Kumar Singh
Chamkaur Sahib quotes by Sanjay Kumar Singh
For it is the condition of his rule that he shall spend his life trying to impress the 'natives,' and so in every crisis he has got to do what the 'natives' expect of him ... A sahib has got to act like a sahib; he has got to appear resolute, to know his own mind and do definite things. ~ George Orwell
Chamkaur Sahib quotes by George Orwell
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