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I dropped out of Reed College [Portland, Oregon] after the first six months, but then stayed around as a drop-in for another 18 months or so before I really quit. So why did I drop out? ~ Steve Jobs
Babikian Portland quotes by Steve Jobs
But hope got in, no matter how hard and fast I tried to stomp it out. Like these tiny fire ants we used to get in Portland. No matter how fast you liked them, there were always more, a steady stream of them, resistant, ever-multiplying.
Maybe, the hope said. Maybe. ~ Lauren Oliver
Babikian Portland quotes by Lauren Oliver
At Lockwood & Co., George was famous for not being able to throw or catch with any accuracy. Back in the kitchen at Portland Row, even the casual passing out of fruit or bags of chips became an exercise fraught with danger. ~ Jonathan Stroud
Babikian Portland quotes by Jonathan Stroud
The trip from Portland to New York City was like climbing Mount Everest without oxygen. It went on and on, and by the time you reached your destination, there was no sensation left in your extremities. ~ Kristin Hannah
Babikian Portland quotes by Kristin Hannah
When I read, you know, a rough neighborhood of Portland, I'm like - what? - they didn't have kombucha bars there? ~ Esperanza Spalding
Babikian Portland quotes by Esperanza Spalding
Fred is officially the mayor of Portland now. ~ Lauren Oliver
Babikian Portland quotes by Lauren Oliver
This is your life now?" "Guess so." "Huh," I said, summing up the situation perfectly. "Why don't you go back to LA?" Blue eyes watched me warily and he didn't answer at first. "My wife lives in Portland. ~ Kylie Scott
Babikian Portland quotes by Kylie Scott
I personally think of Linux development as being pretty non-localized, and I work with all the people entirely over e-mail - even if they happen to be working in the Portland area. ~ Linus Torvalds
Babikian Portland quotes by Linus Torvalds
As Steve draws me closer to the band, all I can see is a frenzied mass of seething, writhing people, like a many-headed sea snake, grinding, waving their arms, stamping their feet, jumping. No rules, just energy - so much energy, you could harness it; I bet you could power Portland for a decade. It is more than a wave. It's a tide, an ocean of bodies. ~ Lauren Oliver
Babikian Portland quotes by Lauren Oliver
Prior to Elephant I'd taken about six years of acting classes in Portland, but there's not a huge market there. The only thing we have is commercial stuff, and that didn't really appeal to me. So this is really a dream come true. ~ John Robinson
Babikian Portland quotes by John Robinson
For London, Blampied claimed, was of all cities in the world the most autumnal - its mellow brickwork harmonizing with fallen leaves and October sunsets, just as the etched grays of November composed themselves with the light and shade of Portland stone. There was a charm, a deathless charm, about a city whose inhabitants went about muttering, "The nights are drawing in," as if it were a spell to invoke the vast, sprawling creature-comfort of winter. ~ James Hilton
Babikian Portland quotes by James Hilton
I didn't mean to live in Portland. It was kind of an accident - I mean, the equivalent of my car breaking down there and me being like, 'Well ... I guess this is what I'm doing. I just can't find a better alternate.' ~ Isaac Brock
Babikian Portland quotes by Isaac Brock
The issue is the ethnocentric history that the New York task force, the Portland Baseline essayists, and other Afrocentric ideologues propose for American children. The issue is the teaching of bad history under whatever ethnic banner. Cn any historian justify the proposition that the five ethnic communities into which the New York state task force wishes to divide the country had equal influence on the development of the United States? Is it a function of schools to teach ethnic and racial pride? When does obsession with differences begin to threaten the idea of an overarching American nationality? ~ Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.
Babikian Portland quotes by Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.
So many questions crowd my brain at once, it's like one of the famous Portland fogs has swept up from the ocean and settled there, making it impossible to think normal, functional thoughts. We're sitting on the floor of the living room, which is squashed up right next to the "dining room", and I'm holding Jenny's workbook on my knees, reciting the problems to her, but my mind is on autopilot and my thoughts are a million miles away. Or rather, they're exactly 3.4 miles away, down at the marshy edge of Back Cove. ~ Lauren Oliver
Babikian Portland quotes by Lauren Oliver
A lot of the people in Northern California and parts of Oregon have decided that we are not on the same page as San Francisco and Portland and Los Angeles. I don't know if six states is a solution because is Washington, D.C. and the rest of the country really going to give California 10 new senators? ~ Doug LaMalfa
Babikian Portland quotes by Doug LaMalfa
The entire time I was in Portland, which was the five years, I had absolutely no contact with any of my family. ~ Kenneth Choi
Babikian Portland quotes by Kenneth Choi
How was I supposed to survive here? These Portlanders were an entirely different breed of white people. ~ Gabby Rivera
Babikian Portland quotes by Gabby Rivera
I trained with the FBI in Portland and I also had many conversations with female FBI agents in Los Angeles, as well. That was again something that also came in very handy for Basic, because I'd learned already how to handle a gun and how to behave just physically when you're in a situation, a threat. That was very good to know. ~ Connie Nielsen
Babikian Portland quotes by Connie Nielsen
When producing low-heat Portland cement the percentage of C2S is increased and that of C3S and C3A is decreased. This type of cement is of particular use in construction of dams, massive foundation, etc. to reduce the production of heat. ~ P.C. Varghese
Babikian Portland quotes by P.C. Varghese
If you want to know how important Portland is to me, there's no Saturday night gigs here. They weren't available. So our whole thing coming into Portland, which is going to be different from anybody else, any other city, is every night is Saturday night. ~ Garth Brooks
Babikian Portland quotes by Garth Brooks
There's a food revolution going on throughout the country. And it doesn't matter if you're down south, up north in Maine, if you're out west in Portland or Seattle. ~ Tom Colicchio
Babikian Portland quotes by Tom Colicchio
But I went to high school in a Portland suburb and went to college here. ~ Katherine Dunn
Babikian Portland quotes by Katherine Dunn
The way to resumption is to resume. ~ Salmon Portland Chase
Babikian Portland quotes by Salmon Portland Chase
I wanted to go to Portland because it's a really good book town. ~ Patti Smith
Babikian Portland quotes by Patti Smith
Lie you easy, dream you light,
And sleep you fast for aye;
And luckier may you find the night
Than ever you found the day. ~ A.E. Housman
Babikian Portland quotes by A.E. Housman
The reason I like Portland is the idea of going to a supermarket and knowing there's no way to be recognized. L.A. is so social. ~ Patrick DeWitt
Babikian Portland quotes by Patrick DeWitt
I was surprised by how much I loved Portland. It is so wonderfully creative without being artsy. Great food scene. ~ Sloane Crosley
Babikian Portland quotes by Sloane Crosley
Beau never stays within the lines. He's not just my roommate, he moves through Portland as if it's his city, as though all the people at this party are his best friends, as if he invented beer pong, even. He's that drop of water that runs and seeps into the paper, smearing the other watercolors until they've run wild as well. ~ Rebecca Paula
Babikian Portland quotes by Rebecca Paula
I know there's this ongoing Portland/Brooklyn spar for über hipdom (and I have to be careful here, because my agent lives in Brooklyn), but Portland is the least derivative place I've ever been. The folks here do what they do in defiance of norm or trend. The spirit of authenticity in Portland is as contagious as a February flu. ~ Suzy Vitello
Babikian Portland quotes by Suzy Vitello
The other day, a doughnut shop in Portland called Pip's Originals tweeted me telling me that they named a doughnut after me called the 'Dirty Wu.' It is a cinnamon sugar doughnut drizzled with honey and Nutella. It was so good. I just won the Oscar in the sci-fi world. ~ Reggie Lee
Babikian Portland quotes by Reggie Lee
It occurs to me that there is so much I never knew about him
his past, his role in the resistance, what his life was like in the Wilds, before he came to Portland, and I feel a flash of grief so intense it almost makes me cry out: not for what I lost, but for the chances I missed. ~ Lauren Oliver
Babikian Portland quotes by Lauren Oliver
Are we going to Portland?" I asked. "Or Multnomah Falls?"
He smiled at me. "Go to sleep."
I waited three seconds. "Are we there yet?"
His smile widened, and the last of the usual tension melted from his face. For a smile like that, I'd ... do anything. ~ Patricia Briggs
Babikian Portland quotes by Patricia Briggs
Considering Independence Hall was also where the founders calculated that a slave equals three-fifths of a person and cooked up an electoral college that lets Florida and Ohio pick our presidents, making an adolescent who barely spoke English a major general at the age I got hired to run the cash register at a Portland pizza joint was not the worst decision ever made there. ~ Sarah Vowell
Babikian Portland quotes by Sarah Vowell
Portland, Oregon won't build a mile of road without a mile of bike path. You can commute there, even with that weather, all the time. ~ Lance Armstrong
Babikian Portland quotes by Lance Armstrong
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