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#1. Therefore once for all this short command is given to you. 'Love and do what you will.' If you keep silent, keep silent by love; if you speak, speak by love; if you correct, correct by love; if you pardon, pardon by love: let love be rooted in you, and from the root nothing but good can grow. - Author: Saint Augustine
Arcenia Root quotes by Saint Augustine
#2. There's the tree with the branches that everyone sees, and then there's the upside-down root tree, growing the opposite way. So Earth is the branches, growing in opposing but perfect symmetry. The branches don't think much about the roots, and maybe the roots don't think much about the branches, but all the time, they're connected by the trunk, you know? - Author: Gabrielle Zevin
Arcenia Root quotes by Gabrielle Zevin
#3. I think people just like rooting. If they like you, they're going to want to root for you and you're one of theirs. And if they don't like you? It doesn't matter. - Author: Tony Romo
Arcenia Root quotes by Tony Romo
#4. Anyone from abroad will tell you that it is the class system that really lies at the root of our problems, economic and industrial. The House of Lords symbolises that. - Author: Tony Benn
Arcenia Root quotes by Tony Benn
#5. I am a progressive who gets things done. And the root of that word, progressive, is progress. - Author: Hillary Clinton
Arcenia Root quotes by Hillary Clinton
#6. We are fundamentally connected. We met when we were broken seeds, when we were still being formed into something. We had to grow together to survive. Some part of us will always be like that, connected, growing together. We're different flowers, but we were nurtured from the same damaged root. - Author: R.K. Lilley
Arcenia Root quotes by R.K. Lilley
#7. She was breathtaking in her beauty and her human spirit, he thought, unable to speak as he gazed upon her. Hers was the sort that would not fade or grow jaded with time and years, but flourish, grow more radiant with life and its experience. Hers was a beauty that no other possessed. A beauty he longed to keep, to hide away, to bask in, himself alone. She had become his. He didn't know when, whether it had been the moment her fingertips had touched him when he was hurt, or if it had grown, like a seed, slowing spreading until Jane had become the root anchoring the shattered pieces of his heart, pulling them tight together until it resembled the organ it should. - Author: Charlotte Featherstone
Arcenia Root quotes by Charlotte Featherstone
#8. Paul connects faith and hope. Rather than saying young people have faith if they believe without doubt, it might be better to say they have faith if, up against doubt, fear, and struggle, they hope. - Author: Andrew Root
Arcenia Root quotes by Andrew Root
#9. The tree is only as strong as its roots, and knowledge is the root of power. - Author: Joe Abercrombie
Arcenia Root quotes by Joe Abercrombie
#10. Kashayam [was] a drink the vanaras had morning, noon and night, and a few times in between. It was a kind of brew with all kinds of herbs thrown in: the thick, sharp-tasting furry karpuravalli, the strong spicy tulsi, the slightly bitter bark of the coconut tree, pungent pepper roots, the breathcatching nellikai, the cool root of vetriver, and just about anything else that was considered edible. And some things that weren't. In their craze for novelty, vanaras sometimes flung in new kinds of leaves or berries just because they smelt interesting; whole families had been known to fall ill, or even die. Gind's family were not a very adventurous lot, and stuck to things they knew not to be poisonous. Still, every day's kashayam was different, and this was a great topic of conversation among the vanaras. - Author: Harini Gopalswami Srinivasan
Arcenia Root quotes by Harini Gopalswami Srinivasan
#11. We know that silence equals consent when atrocities are committed against innocent men, women and children. We know that indifference equals complicity when bigotry, hatred and intolerance are allowed to take root. And we know that education and hope are the most effective ways to combat ignorance and despair. - Author: Gabrielle Giffords
Arcenia Root quotes by Gabrielle Giffords
#12. The root of the word education is e-ducere, literally, to lead forth, or to bring out something which is potentially present. - Author: Erich Fromm
Arcenia Root quotes by Erich Fromm
#13. I didn't want to see this, didn't want to think about this. I didn't want to imagine him inside her. I didn't want to know that something I hated so much had taken root in the body I loved.
Jacob Black, Breaking Dawn, Chapter 9, p.174 - Author: Stephenie Meyer
Arcenia Root quotes by Stephenie Meyer
#14. If you study your own struggles, the struggles of others, even in movies or novels you'll see the root of all their suffering is always attachments - Author: Yasmin Mogahed
Arcenia Root quotes by Yasmin Mogahed
#15. The elegance and functionality of the structure lay out before him, as beautiful and simple and effective as a leaf or a root cluster. To have something so much like the fruits of evolution, but designed by human minds, was - Author: James S.A. Corey
Arcenia Root quotes by James S.A. Corey
#16. The bonds between men and women predate language, and while the words we have used to express those ties may have grown exceptionally subtle and refined since language first arose, they are still just words. Words make our loves richer and more complicated, yes, but much has also been lost on their account - shrouded in the trappings of the age, drunk on the vacuity of artificial thrills. The progress of language is both a friend to love between the sexes and its enemy. Such love abides, it seems, in the mysterious depths where language cannot reach. Perhaps it's a slight exaggeration to say that the language of love is a stimulant, a drug; but whatever led us humans to create such a language , it was not life itself - which is the root of love - and therefore that language cannot engender the life that is the root of all else. - Author: Yasunari Kawabata
Arcenia Root quotes by Yasunari Kawabata
#17. Bitterness is like a weed. Remember how hard it always was to pull out thistles once they root? Remember how deep those roots grow, and how if you just snapped off the end of it, the plant would grow right back? You have to dig down deep inside. Let God search your heart. Let Him show you what's there and help you root out all that bitterness. Then you can pray for forgiveness. - Author: Lynn Austin
Arcenia Root quotes by Lynn Austin
#18. The Jew is a devil in human form. It is fitting that he be exterminated root and branch. - Author: Julius Streicher
Arcenia Root quotes by Julius Streicher
#19. Any human being has a fundamental right to fight for their rights, but that (own right) can not include anything that is fundamentally trying to deny others what is their fundamental right.
The root of Tyranny of Majority that Telangana is witnessing in India since 1956 and is expected to end in early 2014 - Author: Venkat Gandhi
Arcenia Root quotes by Venkat Gandhi
#20. The root of all sin is pride, superbia. I want to be my own law, I have a right to my self, my hatred and my desires, my life and my death. The - Author: Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Arcenia Root quotes by Dietrich Bonhoeffer
#21. I root for hurricanes. When, courtesy of the Weather Channel, I see one forming in the ocean off the coast of Africa, I find myself longing for it to become big and strong
Mother Nature's fist of fury, Gaia's stern rebuke. Considering the havoc mankind has wreaked upon nature with deforesting, stripmining, and the destruction of animal habitat, it only seems fair that nature get some of its own back and teach us that there are forces greater than our own. - Author: James Wolcott
Arcenia Root quotes by James Wolcott
Arcenia Root quotes by Eoin Colfer
#23. Chance alone is at the source of every innovaton, of all creation in the biosphere. Pure chance, only chance, absolute but blind liberty is at the root of the prodigious edifice that is evolution ... It today is the sole conceivable hypothesis, the only one that squares with observed and tested fact. Stating life began by the chance collision of particles of nucleic acid in the "prebiotic soup." - Author: Jacques Monod
Arcenia Root quotes by Jacques Monod
#24. Our conceptual maps tend to lack a way to conceive the immanence of violence and power in the ideals and practices that have become dominant in the Western tradition. Mass death has tended to be conceived as something accidental, something outside the ordinary run of events. I think the difficulty in coming to terms with the peculiarities of the Western will to power has to do with the absence of a central metaphor capable of describing the link between consumption and death. The consumptive mentality has in many respects been normalized, as has the violence that underpins and is the effect of systems of universal judgment. Certainly the aestheticization of difference is coextensive with the romance with violence that has become so characteristic of contemporary Western society. - Author: Deborah Root
Arcenia Root quotes by Deborah Root
#25. The root of anger is the perception that something has been taken. Something is owed you, and now a debt to debtor relationship has been established. - Author: Andy Stanley
Arcenia Root quotes by Andy Stanley
#26. Religion is not knowledge. Religion is love. The word 'religion' comes from a root which means binding together - falling into love, becoming one. - Author: Rajneesh
Arcenia Root quotes by Rajneesh
#27. Here are a few patterns you may have seen that indicate the person you're managing is avoiding their next step of growth: covering up or attempting to brush off the severity of a mistake; hoarding data; embedding themselves as a go-to person (aka: bottleneck) by creating a system or process that only they know how to use; resorting to quick fixes instead of asking questions and looking for root causes; asking for more time or resources beyond what was agreed on in order to complete a project, instead of coming to you to talk about what went wrong so you can work together to improve it; letting tension build with a teammate or between departments instead of coming to you for advice on how to handle it. When - Author: Jonathan Raymond
Arcenia Root quotes by Jonathan Raymond
#28. Nothing gives such a blow to friendship as the detecting another in an untruth. It strikes at the root of our confidence ever after. - Author: William Hazlitt
Arcenia Root quotes by William Hazlitt
#29. Sharecropping is the dirty little secret at the root of America's wealth - along with slavery itself. The immense profits generated by the industrious yet impoverished Black "sharecroppers" and "tenant farmers" financed Europe's and America's Industrial Revolution, including the building of their railroads, factories, mills, and their entire infrastructure. It is truthfully asserted that the major cities of America and the Western world were "built with bricks of cotton." Today the debt traps designed to ensnare the working poor and middle class in a lifelong cycle of debt - the high-cost installment loans that charge usurious interest rates of 100% or more, the "payday" loans that charge 400% interest, the extortionate credit card multi-charges, the subprime mortgages with ballooning interest rates, and the home equity loan swindles - are the bastard children of the sharecropping American South. It - Author: Reclamation Project
Arcenia Root quotes by Reclamation Project
#30. But the root cause of this war was geopolitical. Georgia was determined to go West and Russia was determined to stop it from doing so. - Author: Ronald D. Asmus
Arcenia Root quotes by Ronald D. Asmus
#31. Treason is a noxious weed," Pycelle declared solemnly. "It must be torn up, root and stem and seed, lest new traitors sprout from every roadside. - Author: George R R Martin
Arcenia Root quotes by George R R Martin
#32. I always root for the monster. - Author: J.R. Ward
Arcenia Root quotes by J.R. Ward
#33. Covetousness like jealousy, when it has taken root, never leaves a person, but with their life. Cowardice is the dread of what will happen. - Author: Epictetus
Arcenia Root quotes by Epictetus
#34. We need a renaissance of wonder. - Author: E. Merrill Root
Arcenia Root quotes by E. Merrill Root
#35. Discouragement is root of distress. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
Arcenia Root quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#36. It is my assumption that growth in faith is the root of all spiritual growth and is prior to all disciplines of works. True spirituality is not a superhuman religiosity; it is simply true humanity released from bondage to sin and renewed by the Holy Spirit. This is given to us as we grasp by faith the full content of Christ's redemptive work: freedom from the guilt and power of sin, and newness of life through the indwelling and outpouring of his Spirit. - Author: Richard Lovelace
Arcenia Root quotes by Richard Lovelace

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