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The world left me cold, foolish of me to think, that the sun dying for the moon, would give the warmth back. Sunsets were always cold. ~ Ventum
Ventum quotes by Ventum
She was pure chaos with a touch of disaster
and god damn did I love drama. ~ Ventum
Ventum quotes by Ventum
don't search for
love in hate.
you won't find
life in a sea
filled with poison. ~ Ventum
Ventum quotes by Ventum
Soulmates feel like a deep breath of forever ~ Ventum
Ventum quotes by Ventum
I am a dreamer,
neither lost or found.
Waiting for a story
worth dreaming, forever. ~ Ventum
Ventum quotes by Ventum
You remember the Latin?"
"Of course. Vir prudens non contra ventum mingit." I couldn't see his face. Cease of the hood, but it could tell by the tone of his voice that he was completely serious. Or at least trying to be. I wrinkled my forehead as I attempted to translate.
"Wait a second," Seth said, pulling back his hood to demonstrate his utter confusion. "I thought their greeting was Non ducor, duco. 'I am not led, I lead.'"
Liam's shoulders began shaking just as I finished my rough translation. "A wise man does not urinate against the wind?" I pulled down my hood and looked at Liam. He winked at me, and it was pretty much the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen in my life. Normally, I'm very anti-wink when it comes to guys, but in this case it was a wink of absolution. It was a wink that meant Liam and I were actually going to be okay.
"You've been planning that all night, haven't you?" I reached over and squeezed his arm. It was the first time I had touched him in at least twenty-four hours, and his strong forearm felt so good beneath my fingertips. When he grabbed my hand and quickly brought my palm to his lips, I felt all the air leave my body. As much as I hated to admit it, for fear of sounding like a ridiculous, boy-crazed damsel in distress, it felt good to have my boyfriend back.
Taylor whipped back her hood, her blue eyes icy. "I'm so glad this is such a joke to you," she spat, clearly not in the mood for games.
Liam dropped my hand ~ Lisa Roecker
Ventum quotes by Lisa Roecker
I hope, you find the strength to let go of what hurts you. I hope, you realize that pain is simple, what breaks you, won't heal you. I hope you'll realize, that love is simple because what really loves you, won't leave you. ~ Ventum
Ventum quotes by Ventum
It's almost deafening silence is the anchor to those who take shelter in its wake. It's a war within the mind ,the battle with in the heart. Take shelter in your war you can almost hear the silent cries. Be gentle, be kind because even in silence everyone is fighting. ~ Ventum
Ventum quotes by Ventum
Remember why all of that happened. Don't push things away just because they didn't end up how you wanted them to. Accept that someone has left, accept that you have to let go of the ones that don't want to be with you. Growth starts not with forgetting but accepting. ~ Ventum
Ventum quotes by Ventum
Sad eyes, once had happy stories to tell. ~ Ventum
Ventum quotes by Ventum
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