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Danny was unfazed at the size of the large-stomached man, with hairy arms waving about like a pizza chef, all violent gestures and shouting. His crude, pinch-faced wife spat salivated swear words at him. She was in her thirties and behaving like a grounded teenager, screaming at him to leave her property.
"One hundred thousand pesetas please." Danny took a bony, female fist to his cheek, jarring him. He shook it off.
"Two hundred thousand now."
She jabbed at him again, as her fist poked towards his nose, he head-butted it. She recoiled in pain gasping and nursing her hand. The husband, a chubby, but solid Valencian, went ape-shit and lobbed a hairy, dimpled fist at him, causing Danny to shift on his feet. He pulled his head out of the way with the skill of a middleweight. The man drew his fist from three o'clock and blasted scarred knuckles towards his face again. Danny's reaction was lightning; he caught the fist and held firm, flipped down the hood, his face showing something new. The man recoiled, recognising grim determination and knew this man would never give up. ~ Mark Shearman
Valencian Paella quotes by Mark Shearman
The two biggest hits (by Machito) ... were about that enduring Cuban song topic-food: 'Sopa de pichn' [pigeon soup] and 'Paella'. If you think that all songs about food are double entendres for sex ... Well, maybe all songs about food can be double entendres, but in many periods of Cuban history, for many people, food has been harder to get, and the subject of more fantasies, than sex. ~ Ned Sublette
Valencian Paella quotes by Ned Sublette
He tastes of rice with a touch of saffron. He says I taste of seafood. I guess we'd make a good paella. ~ Chloe Thurlow
Valencian Paella quotes by Chloe Thurlow
I'm learning with my mom how to cook more Spanish food. I'm trying to make a good paella, but that's a real art. ~ Daniel Bruhl
Valencian Paella quotes by Daniel Bruhl
When you hear a Spanish cook describe a paella or a cake, you realize she's using a much richer repertoire of adjectives than what one of us would use to characterize a book or an important experience. ~ Julio Cortazar
Valencian Paella quotes by Julio Cortazar
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