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I turned on my heel and left the building. With only £4.76 in the bank, and my subscription to 'Men Only' due, things were looking bleak. Seeing that Keith Moore had apparently purloined Sting's money, though at this time, he had not been yet convicted of the offence, it seemed to me that he was a better bet for a loan than Sting was. ~ James Berryman
Rockstar Sting quotes by James Berryman
Here's the sting of livingness. He's back after his nightly voyage of sleep, all clarity and purpose; he's renewed his citizenship in the world of people who strive and connect, people who mean business, people who burn and want, who remember everything, who walk lucid and unafraid. ~ Michael Cunningham
Rockstar Sting quotes by Michael Cunningham
Without the breath of real freedom we're getting nowhere fast. ~ Sting
Rockstar Sting quotes by Sting
At the sting in her eyes, she remembered for him that there must be no tears in his. ~ Eudora Welty
Rockstar Sting quotes by Eudora Welty
[Slitscan's audience] is best visualized as a vicious, lazy, profoundly ignorant, perpetually hungry organism craving the warm god-flesh of the anointed. Personally I like to imagine something the size of a baby hippo, the color of a week-old boiled potato, that lives by itself, in the dark, in a double-wide on the outskirts of Topeka. It's covered with eyes and it sweats constantly. The sweat runs into those eyes and makes them sting. It has no mouth, Laney, no genitals, and can only express its mute extremes of murderous rage and infantile desire by changing the channels on a universal remote. Or by voting in presidential elections. ~ William Gibson
Rockstar Sting quotes by William Gibson
Crazy little sting called love. ~ Lime Craven
Rockstar Sting quotes by Lime Craven
Yoga is almost like music in a way; there's no end to it. ~ Sting
Rockstar Sting quotes by Sting
What are you going to do when he is old enough to go to school?"
"Saab, what do you mean? I am not a rich man. I don't have the means to send him to school. I will teach him my trade and he will grow up and earn an honest living. School is not for the likes of us, Saab."
Vilie paused and looked into the laughing face of the baby. Krishna was probably right. What could school probably teach him that his parents could not improve upon? They were rich in their knowledge of the ways of the forest, the herbs one could use for food, the animals and birds one could trap and the bitter herbs to counteract the sting of a poisonous snake.
"I guess he will go to the best school then," Vilie remarked. ~ Easterine Kire
Rockstar Sting quotes by Easterine Kire
You deserve all that and more. It made me happy to see you suffer. I would do it all over again if I could.' I realized I was shaking as the words tumbled out of me. 'I would do it again and again. Every night I would torment you and laugh. Do you understand? You are never safe with me.' I drew a shuddering breath, trying to will away the sting of tears.
He opened his eyes and stared up at me as if I were the door out of Arcadia and back to the true sky. 'That's what makes you my favorite.' He reached up and wiped a tear off my cheek with his thumb. 'Every wicked bit of you. ~ Rosamund Hodge
Rockstar Sting quotes by Rosamund Hodge
Jay insisted on carrying her up the back steps and into the kitchen, and this time Violet didn't complain when he lifted her. He set her down gently on the kitchen counter, and then he rummaged through the cupboard while Violet told him where the Band-Aids were. He came with bandages, gauze, cotton balls, antibacterial wash, and two tubes of ointment. It seemed like overkill to Violet, but she didn't say anything. She wanted to see what he planned to do.
"Okay, this is probably gonna sting," he warned as he leaned over and began cleaning her wounds.
It did sting, more than Violet let on, and she had to bite her lip as the tears came back all over again. But she let him keep working without even flinching, which was no small feat as he stripped away the layers of dirt from her skin.
The wounds were big, and round, and raw. She thought she looked like a little kid with the giant scrapes on her knees, and she imagined that they were going to scab over and possibly even scar. She felt like such an idiot for falling over her own two clumsy feet.
But Jay was gentle, and he took his time, being careful not to hurt her. She admired his patience and took perverse pleasure in his touch. He didn't look up to see how she was doing; he just kept working until he was satisfied that her scrapes were cleaned out. And then he picked up the antibacterial wash and some cotton balls.
Violet sucked in her breath when he brushed the soaked cotton ball against the angry red ~ Kimberly Derting
Rockstar Sting quotes by Kimberly Derting
How about some perfume?" Carol asked, moving toward her with the bottle. She touched Therese's forehead with her fingers, at the hairline where she had kissed her that day.

"You remind me of the woman I once saw," Therese said, "somewhere off Lexington. Not you but the light. She was combing her hair up." Therese stopped, but Carol waited for her to go on. Carol always waited, and she could never say exactly what she wanted to say. "Early one morning when I was on the way to work, and I remember it was starting to rain, she floundered on. "I saw her in a window." She really could not go on, about standing there for perhaps three or four minutes, wishing with an intensity that drained her strength that she knew the woman, that she might be welcome if she went to the house and knocked on the door, wishing she could do that instead of going on to her job at the Pelican Press.

"My little orphan," Carol said.

Therese smiled. There was nothing dismal, no sting in the word when Carol said it. ~ Patricia Highsmith
Rockstar Sting quotes by Patricia Highsmith
All heroes' news, like something from the songs, but there's nothing like others' successes to make your own failures sting the worse. ~ Joe Abercrombie
Rockstar Sting quotes by Joe Abercrombie
If you're so empty now, then why don't you start doing fun things? Fill yourself up with that? 'Cause the thing is, you ain't all alone, are you? ~ Kyouta Shibano
Rockstar Sting quotes by Kyouta Shibano
It was the Gypsy, the boy with the eyes of a hungry panther. He had removed his coat and waistcoat... and his necktie as well... so that his upper half was covered only in a thin white shirt that had been tucked loosely into the waist of his close-fitting trousers. The sight of him elicited the same reaction Daisy had felt upstairs- a swift sting in her chest followed by the rapid pumping of her heart. Paralyzed by the realization that she was alone in the room with him, Daisy watched with unblinking eyes as he approached her slowly.
She had never seen any living being who had been fashioned with such dark exotic beauty... his skin the color of raw clover honey, the light hazel of his eyes framed with heavy black lashes, his thick obsidian hair tumbled over his forehead. ~ Lisa Kleypas
Rockstar Sting quotes by Lisa Kleypas
One can summon courage and fortitude to face tragedy; irritations and frustrations are a cloud of mosquitoes that nip and sting and drive one frantic. ~ Edna Ferber
Rockstar Sting quotes by Edna Ferber
...My life has always been a powder keg waiting for a match."

"Well, hello, match," Hazel said, pointing to herself with both thumbs, but she smiled as she did it, hoping to take the sting out of the words.

"Hello, match." Somehow his snagged-silk voice gave them an entirely different meaning. ~ Holly Black
Rockstar Sting quotes by Holly Black
Hell is full of high court judges. ~ Sting
Rockstar Sting quotes by Sting
The mere thought of the Chosen female made him close his eyes and falter his feet on the stairs.
But then he threw off the sting. 'Cuz it was either that or go into a black-hole tailspin. The good news? He'd spent a lot of time over the last nine months trying to pull his mind, his emotions, his soul off the topic of Selena.
So he was used to this kind of power lifting.
Unfortunately, she remained a constant preoccupation, as if he had a low-level fever that dogged him no matter how much he slept and attempted to eat right.
And on some nights, it was a lot more than preoccupation - which was why he'd had to leave the Brotherhood mansion at times and crash back at his condo at the Commodore.
After all, bonded males could be dangerous, and the fact that he wasn't with her - and shouldn't be - meant absolutely nothing to that side of him. Especially when she was feeding fighters who could not, for whatever reason, take their mates' veins.
It was straight-up crazy. ~ J.R. Ward
Rockstar Sting quotes by J.R. Ward
I am sure you're very pleased to have a pair of foxes," Kestrel told Irex now, "but you'll have to do better."
"I set down my tile," Irex said coldly. "I cannot take it back."
"I'll let you take it back. Just this once."
"You want me to take it back."
"Ah. So you agree that I know what tile you mean to play."
Benix shifted his weight on Lady Faris's delicate chair. It creaked. "Flip the damn tile, Irex. And you, Kestrel: Quit toying with him."
"I'm merely offering friendly advice."
Benix snorted.
Kestrel watched Irex watch her, his anger mounting as he couldn't decide whether Kestrel's words were a lie, the well-meant truth, or a truth she hoped he would judge a lie. He flipped the tile: a fox.
"Too bad," said Kestrel, and turned over one of hers, adding a third bee to her other two matching tiles. She swept the four gold coins of the ante to her side of the table. "See, Irex? I had only your best interests at heart."
Benix blew out a gusty sigh. He settled back in his protesting chair, shrugged, and seemed the perfect picture of amused resignation. He kept his head bowed while he mixed the Bite and Sting tiles, but Kestrel saw him shoot Irex a wary glance. Benix, too, had seen the rage that turned Irex's face into stone.
Irex shoved back from the table. He stalked over the flagstone terrace to the grass, which bloomed with the highest members of Valorian society.
"That wasn't necessary," Benix told Kestrel.
"It ~ Marie Rutkoski
Rockstar Sting quotes by Marie Rutkoski
I'm nothing. I'm just a humble man in a bumblebee costume trying to pollinate with a woman as romantic as a flower. Love doesn't have to sting. ~ Jarod Kintz
Rockstar Sting quotes by Jarod Kintz
Nobody around here had ever seen a lady beekeeper till her. She liked to tell everybody that women made the best beekeepers, 'cause they have a special ability built into them to love creatures that sting. It comes from years of loving children and husbands. ~ Sue Monk Kidd
Rockstar Sting quotes by Sue Monk Kidd
Never forget, God is more interested in our holiness than He is in our happiness. The next time you feel the sting of God's correction, ask yourself the question, "Of what do I need to repent?" When you do, God will forgive. That is the way He is. ~ Todd Friel
Rockstar Sting quotes by Todd Friel
Another ship. It's the best news I could ever have imagined.

Who are they going to send? Who's coming?

I stare out of the helm window, straining my eyes against the infinite blackness, pressing my fingernails into my palms so hard they sting. I can't see anything except the silver pinprick stars.

How long until I'll be able to see The Eternity?

How long until it will be able to see me? ~ Lauren James
Rockstar Sting quotes by Lauren James
She let her bad mood seethe into the silence of the carriage. Finally, she couldn't bear the vicious cycle of her thoughts, the way they kept returning to Irex and her stupid decision to humiliate him at Bite and Sting. "Well?" she asked Arin.
He sat across from her in the carriage, but didn't lift his eyes to meet hers. He studied his hands. "Well, what?"
"What do you think?"
"About the party. About anything. About the bargain we made that you could at least pretend to uphold."
"You want to gossip about the party." He seemed tired.
"I want you to speak to me."
He looked at her then. She found that she had clenched her silk skirts in a fist. She let go. "For example, I know you overheard about Senator Andrax. Do you think he merits torture? Death?"
"He deserves what he gets," he said, and went quiet again.
Kestrel gave up. She sank into her anger.
"That isn't what's bothering you." Arin sounded reluctant, almost incredulous, as if he couldn't believe the words coming from his mouth.
Kestrel waited.
He said, "That man is an ass."
It was clear whom he meant. It was clear that no slave should ever say that of any Valorian. But it was magic to hear the words out loud. Kestrel breathed a laugh. "And I am a fool." She pressed chilly hands to her forehead. "I knew what he's like. I should have never played Bite and Sting with him. Or I should have let him win."
The corner of Arin's mouth twitched. "I enjo ~ Marie Rutkoski
Rockstar Sting quotes by Marie Rutkoski
If I could tour with anyone, I'd go with either Maroon 5, or Dave Matthews. No lets go with Sting, he will be my all time favorite ... wait no I want to go on tour with the Police. ~ Ryan Cabrera
Rockstar Sting quotes by Ryan Cabrera
I remember my mother finding mud somehow and putting it on the sting. ~ John C. Hawkes
Rockstar Sting quotes by John C. Hawkes
If ya let hornets rest in yer outhouse, it's hard t'get pissed when they buzz down and sting yer ass. ~ Stephen J. Cannell
Rockstar Sting quotes by Stephen J. Cannell
The sting and pain of my Mark was nothing compared to the pain I'm feeling now. It's a scraping deep down, a dull blade being used to dig out my heart. ~ RaeLynn Fry
Rockstar Sting quotes by RaeLynn Fry
And maybe I can let go of the sting and resentment of the path not taken, because the path not taken isn't just the inverse of who I am. It's an infinitely branching system that represents all the permutations of my life... ~ Blake Crouch
Rockstar Sting quotes by Blake Crouch
This isn't over. I won't give up on you."
"I've given up on you," he said back, voice also soft. "Love fades. Mine has."
I stared at him in disbelief. All this time, he'd never phrased it like that. His protests had always been about some greater good, about the remorse he felt over being a monster of how it had scarred him from love. I've given up on you. Love fades. Mine has.
I backed up, the sting of those words hitting me as hard as if he'd slapped me. Something shifted in his features, like maybe he knew how much he'd hurt me. I didn't stick around to see. Instead, I pushed my way out of the aisle and ran out the doors in the back, afraid that if I stayed any longer, everyone in the church would see me cry. ~ Richelle Mead
Rockstar Sting quotes by Richelle Mead
Every day is a brand new day! ~ Sting
Rockstar Sting quotes by Sting
The mother condemned for a witch and burnt with dry
wood, and her children gazing on;
The hounded slave that flags in the race and leans by the
fence, blowing and covered with sweat,
The twinges that sting like needles his legs and neck,
The murderous buckshot and the bullets,
All these I feel or am. ~ Walt Whitman
Rockstar Sting quotes by Walt Whitman
Why dost thou shrink from my approach, O Man? Why dost thou ever flee in fear, and cling To my false rival, Life? I do but bring Thee rest and calm. Then wherefore dost thou ban And curse me? Since the forming of God's plan I have not hurt or harmed a mortal thing, I have bestowed sweet balm for every sting, And peace eternal for earth's stormy span ... ~ Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Rockstar Sting quotes by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Then he said in his most excellent Mick impression, Your powers are useless against Ninja Lords, O great zombie hunter! Surrender or feel the sting of the shuriken! ~ Alan Goldsher
Rockstar Sting quotes by Alan Goldsher
O conscience, upright and stainless, how bitter a sting to thee is a little fault! ~ Dante Alighieri
Rockstar Sting quotes by Dante Alighieri
I've been to every single book I know
To soothe the thoughts that plague me so. ~ Sting
Rockstar Sting quotes by Sting
Epictetus would reject this manner of dealing with insults as being woefully counterproductive. He would point out, to begin with, that the political correctness movement has some untoward side effects. One is that the process of protecting disadvantaged individuals from insults will tend to make them hypersensitive to insults: They will, as a result, feel the sting not only of direct insults but of implied insults as well. ~ William B. Irvine
Rockstar Sting quotes by William B. Irvine
In the V-shaped opening of her crape bodice Mlle. Vinteuil felt the sting of her friend's sudden kiss; ... ~ Marcel Proust
Rockstar Sting quotes by Marcel Proust
Another?" she asked, picking up the water to take another sip, this one to soothe the sting in her chest. "You said one drink." A sly smile curved his lips. "I like to keep them coming." "Is that right?" "Absolutely." He stood, leaning across the table, his lips near her ear. "Maybe you'll let me show you later." She ~ J.M. Darhower
Rockstar Sting quotes by J.M. Darhower
God always sends an angelto soften the sting of the devil. ~ Sarah Strohmeyer
Rockstar Sting quotes by Sarah Strohmeyer
Startled, he loosed his grasp and she pulled free. He clutched her arm, but she spun around and pressed her mouth to his.
His lips were rough, chapped. She felt the sting of fangs against her bottom lip. He made a sharp sound in the back of his throat and closed his eyes. Mouth opening under hers. The smell of him- of cold, damp stone- made her head swim. One kiss slid into another and it was perfect, was exactly right, was real. ~ Holly Black
Rockstar Sting quotes by Holly Black
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