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Mullahs from the TNSM preached that the earthquake was a warning from God. They said it was caused by women's freedom and obscenity. If we did not mend our ways and introduce sharia or Islamic law, they shouted in their thundering voices, more severe punishment would come. ~ Malala Yousafzai
Radovich Law quotes by Malala Yousafzai
Little do you know what a gloriously uncertain thing law is. ~ Plautus
Radovich Law quotes by Plautus
Courts are the mere instruments of the law, and can will nothing. When they are said to exercise a discretion, it is a mere legal discretion, a discretion to be exercised in discerning the course prescribed by law; and, when that is discerned, it is the duty of the Court to follow it. Judicial power is never exericised for the purpose of giving effect to the will of the Judge; always for the purpose of giving effect to the will of the Legislature; or, in other words, to the will of the law. ~ John Marshall
Radovich Law quotes by John Marshall
Human law cannot punish or forbid all evil, since while doing away with evils it would do away with many good things, which would hinder the advance of the common good. ~ Saint Augustine
Radovich Law quotes by Saint Augustine
Cosmic Ordering is neither a religion nor an elaborate program. You have everything within you to succeed: right attitude and right intentions. ~ Stephen Richards
Radovich Law quotes by Stephen Richards
For years I happily wrote nothing but carefully researched and argued cultural history. Now with fiction I can begin where the archives end. It's like turning old black and white photos into a full-color video. Research reveals the past; fiction puts it in motion. And once history comes to life, it's clear that people then wrestled with troubles a lot like our own.
I love writing mysteries because they're ultimately about justice, and what's more complicated than guilt and innocence? I especially relish writing about crimes that pit the law against my characters' moral code. In the end justice is often about power, and the struggle over who gets to decide what's right or wrong makes for great stories in any genre. Historical mysteries are a great way into the life's most meaty stuff. ~ Marlowe Benn
Radovich Law quotes by Marlowe Benn
Religion is never more tested than when our emotions are ablaze. At such a time, the timeless grandeur of the Law and its ethics stand at our mercy. ~ Abdal Hakim Murad
Radovich Law quotes by Abdal Hakim Murad
Here is the salient fact which distinguishes the English Revolution from all others: that those who wielded irresistible physical force were throughout convinced that it could give them no security. Nothing is more characteristic of the English people than their instinctive reverence even in rebellion for law and tradition. Deep in the nature of the men who had broken the King's power was the conviction that law in his name was the sole foundation on which they could build. ~ Winston S. Churchill
Radovich Law quotes by Winston S. Churchill
Universe first gives you; what you wished for others. ~ Aditya Ajmera
Radovich Law quotes by Aditya Ajmera
Start by using this sentence for all of your wants: "I'm so happy and grateful now that ... " ~ Rhonda Byrne
Radovich Law quotes by Rhonda Byrne
Some of the worst abuses of government force in recent years were precipitated by technical and victimless gun-law violations. For example, the BATF claimed that the Branch Davidians possessed machine guns without paying the required federal tax and filling in the proper registration forms. So a tax case worth less than $10,000 led to a 76-man helicopter, machine gun, and grenade assault on a home in which 2/3 of the occupants were women and children. ~ Dave Kopel
Radovich Law quotes by Dave Kopel
Through a carefully cultivated display of intimidation to anyone who contemplated a meaningful challenge, the government had striven to show people around the world that its power was constrained by neither law nor ethics, neither morality nor the Constitution: look what we can do and will do to those who impede our agenda. ~ Glenn Greenwald
Radovich Law quotes by Glenn Greenwald
Public officers are the servants and agents of the people, to execute the laws which the people have made. ~ Grover Cleveland
Radovich Law quotes by Grover Cleveland
Complete civil disobedience is a state of peaceful rebellion, a refusal to obey every single state-made law. ~ Mahatma Gandhi
Radovich Law quotes by Mahatma Gandhi
Remember, the Law of Attraction does not care whether you are remembering, pretending, celebrating, playing, creating, complaining or worrying. It simply responds to what's in your Vibrational Bubble. So, find proof, rejoice and send out a positive vibration. ~ Michael J. Losier
Radovich Law quotes by Michael J. Losier
China has not established the rule of law and if there is a power above the law there is no social justice. Everybody can be subjected to harm. I'm just a citizen: my life is equal in value to any other. But I'm thankful that when I lost my freedom so many people shared feelings and put such touching effort into helping me. ~ Ai Weiwei
Radovich Law quotes by Ai Weiwei
Any great gift of power or talent is a burden ... But there is nothing to be done. If you were born with the gift, then you must serve it, and nothing in this world or out of it may stand in the way of that service, because that is why you were born and that is the Law. ~ Susan Cooper
Radovich Law quotes by Susan Cooper
Personal law is simply the thought that controls your mind and your life more than any other thought. Finding that thought is the most valuable knowledge that you can have about yourself. It is like the leverage on personal change. It enables you to change very efficiently. ~ Leonard Orr
Radovich Law quotes by Leonard Orr
[T]he mere impulse of appetite is slavery, while obedience to a law which we prescribe to ourselves is liberty. ~ Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Radovich Law quotes by Jean-Jacques Rousseau
To steal from a brother or sister is evil. To not steal from the institutions that are the pillars of the Pig Empire is equally immoral. ~ Abbie Hoffman
Radovich Law quotes by Abbie Hoffman
It's indispensable to fully understand the basis and modus operandi of the Law of Karma to orientate the ship of our life in a positive and exemplary way. ~ Samael Aun Weor
Radovich Law quotes by Samael Aun Weor
Through him everyone who believes is set free from every sin, a justification you were not able to obtain under the law of Moses. Acts 13:39 ~ Steven D. Mathewson
Radovich Law quotes by Steven D. Mathewson
What else is it that should trace the insuperable line? Is it the faculty of reason or perhaps the faculty of discourse? But a full-grown horse or dog is beyond comparison a more rational, as well as more conversable animal, than an infant of a day or a week or even a month old. But suppose they were otherwise, what would it avail? The question is not, Can they reason?, nor Can they talk? but, Can they suffer? Why should the law refuse its protection to any sensitive being? The time will come when humanity will extend its mantle over everything which breathes ... ~ Jeremy Bentham
Radovich Law quotes by Jeremy Bentham
A democracy cannot function effectively when its constituent members believe laws are being bought and sold. ~ John Paul Stevens
Radovich Law quotes by John Paul Stevens
We wish to break with all aspects of the liberal State: with its welfare and its warfare, its monopoly privileges and its egalitarianism, its repression of victimless crimes whether personal or economic. Only we offer technology without technocracy, growth without pollution, liberty without chaos, law without tyranny, the defense of property rights in one's person and in one's material possessions. ~ Murray N. Rothbard
Radovich Law quotes by Murray N. Rothbard
the City is not a simple partnership; it is a partnership of partnerships, each of which already has a pattern of its own, a pattern that government did not give it. These partnerships best flourish in that larger partnership which is the City, and law merely assures the background conditions - the most important of which is simple justice - they need in order to do so. Thus the proper aim of the state is not to do everything itself but to support a life which was there before it. ~ J. Budziszewski
Radovich Law quotes by J. Budziszewski
Judge Sotomayor is a liberal judicial activist of the first order who thinks her own personal political agenda is more important that the law as written. ~ Wendy E. Long
Radovich Law quotes by Wendy E. Long
Law of Contrariness: Our chief want in life is somebody who shall make us do what we can. Having found them, we shall then hate them for it. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
Radovich Law quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
The solution, once revealed, must seem to have been inevitable. At least half of all the mystery novels published violate this law.
(Casual Notes on the Mystery Novel, 1949) ~ Raymond Chandler
Radovich Law quotes by Raymond Chandler
You may be surprised to learn that, in our law, although the fetus is currently without the right to life, it does have some rights. For instance, under civil law, the unborn child has the right to inherit part of his father's estate should his father die before he is born, and he has the right to sue his Mother, or a doctor, for injuiries sustained while in the womb. ~ Janet E. Smith
Radovich Law quotes by Janet E. Smith
Premature wealth or position cannot be retained because it has not been earned; we get only what we give, and those who try to get without giving always find that the law of compensation is relentlessly bringing about an exact equilibrium. ~ Charles F. Haanel
Radovich Law quotes by Charles F. Haanel
I too mean to be out of politics. The ratification of the Fifteenth Amendment gives me the boon of equality before the law, terminates my enlistment, and discharges me cured. ~ Rutherford B. Hayes
Radovich Law quotes by Rutherford B. Hayes
THE LAW OF THE PRICE TAG The Team Fails to Reach Its Potential When It Fails to Pay the Price ~ John C. Maxwell
Radovich Law quotes by John C. Maxwell
Owing its ratification to the law of a State, it has been contended that the same authority might repeal the law by which it was ratified. However gross a heresy it may be to maintain that a party to a compact has a right to revoke that compact, the doctrine itself has had respectable advocates. The possibility of a question of this nature, proves the necessity of laying the foundations of our National Government deeper than in the mere sanction of delegated authority. The fabric of American Empire ought to rest on the solid basis of the consent of the People. The streams of National power ought to flow immediately from that pure original fountain of all legitimate authority. ~ Alexander Hamilton
Radovich Law quotes by Alexander Hamilton
Innocence is no excuse in the eyes of the Law. ~ Leon Garfield
Radovich Law quotes by Leon Garfield
To some lawyers, all facts are created equal. ~ Felix Frankfurter
Radovich Law quotes by Felix Frankfurter
Freedom can be manifested only in the void of beliefs, in the absence of axioms, and only where the laws have no more authority than a hypothesis. ~ Emile M. Cioran
Radovich Law quotes by Emile M. Cioran
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