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managers in most companies are already overwhelmed with good ideas. Their challenge lies in prioritization and execution, ~ Eric Ries
Prioritization quotes by Eric Ries
The adjectives that are in the book ["Win"] - passion, persuasion, persistence, perfection, prioritization, being people-centered - none of them are as important as principles. Without principles, the language will fail. ~ Frank Luntz
Prioritization quotes by Frank Luntz
From a productivity perspective, prioritization is key. And it's very easy to focus on clearing the decks of minutia, especially when one's very busy. It's almost easy to want to sit down at your desk when you have a free five minutes and try to clear out some of the incoming emails rather than strip things strategically and foundationally and ask about what the most important objectives for you and the company are. ~ Ivanka Trump
Prioritization quotes by Ivanka Trump
Project leaders need to focus on value in several ways: value determination (with product owners), value prioritization (backlog management), and value creation (iterative development). ~ Jim Highsmith
Prioritization quotes by Jim Highsmith
I've come to realize that being a mother makes me a better executive, because motherhood forces prioritization. Being a mom gives you so much more clarity on what is important. ~ Marissa Mayer
Prioritization quotes by Marissa Mayer
Two Dimensions of Executive Skills: Thinking and Doing Executive skills involving thinking (cognition) Working memory Planning/prioritization Organization Time management Metacognition Executive skills involving doing (behavior) Response inhibition Emotional control Sustained attention Task initiation Goal-directed persistence Flexibility ~ Richard Guare
Prioritization quotes by Richard Guare
Societies that value excellence, innovation, entrepreneurship and integrity do well. If we want India to be rich, we have to value excellence and honesty first. This is where a reset, a re-prioritization of something very core to society is required. This core is our values. ~ Chetan Bhagat
Prioritization quotes by Chetan Bhagat
A balanced scoreboard needs to provide the balanced view of business progress; perhaps it also has the "unbalanced" nature to do prioritization. ~ Pearl Zhu
Prioritization quotes by Pearl Zhu
I do everything via email. Which in turn works as my tickler file and prioritization queue. I start at the top every morning and keep on going until I'm finished. I don't do calls. I don't do meetings. ~ Mark Cuban
Prioritization quotes by Mark Cuban
This message is that skin damage is cumulative and irreversible. So we've rewritten the message to stress that point and eliminate nonessential information. We've done this to illustrate the process of forced prioritization; we've had to eliminate some interesting stuff (such as the references to melanin) in order to let the core shine through. We've tried to emphasize the core in a couple of ways. First, we've unburied the lead - putting ~ Chip Heath
Prioritization quotes by Chip Heath
Whatever is happening in SA is a lot of bullshit. You cannot have a problem with every colour; white, green, black, yellow and still not be the problem. It's time a leader emerged and taught folks something on prioritization. ~ DON SANTO
Prioritization quotes by DON SANTO
We do not have a revenue problem in D.C. or this county. We have a prioritization problem. When you create the priorities you fund the priorities of the country and you stop spending money when you get to zero. ~ Tim Scott
Prioritization quotes by Tim Scott
At least ten times as many people died from preventable, poverty-related diseases on September 11, 2011, as died in the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on that black day. The terrorist attacks led to trillions of dollars being spent on the 'war on terrorism' and on security measures that have inconvenienced every air traveller since then. The deaths caused by poverty were ignored. So whereas very few people have died from terrorism since September 11, 2001, approximately 30,000 people died from poverty-related causes on September 12, 2001, and on every day between then and now, and will die tomorrow. Even when we consider larger events like the Asian tsunami of 2004, which killed approximately 230,000 people, or the 2010 earthquake in Haiti that killed up to 200,000, we are still talking about numbers that represent just one week's toll for preventable, poverty-related deaths - and that happens fifty-two weeks in every year. ~ Peter Singer
Prioritization quotes by Peter Singer
The better question to ask is, "which tactic should I NOT use and which one should I start with first?" This allows us to decide which tactic will give us the largest impact for time spent. Prioritization is key when it comes to launching a job search strategy. Here are the results from a 2013 survey by recruiting authority Lou Adler: Tactic Used to Secure Job Internal Move or Networking Job Ad Recruiter Found LinkedIn Profile or Resume % Effectiveness 58% 27% 14% ~ Miles Anthony Smith
Prioritization quotes by Miles Anthony Smith
Telling other people our life story changes us in a startling and profound way. The act of telling demands selection, prioritization, evaluation, and synthesis, which intellectual activities increase understanding, make us more sensitive to key distinctions in principles, and expand our empathy for other people. ~ Kilroy J. Oldster
Prioritization quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
Table 11-2: Prioritization Using Weighted Criteria Scoring ~ Howard Rohm
Prioritization quotes by Howard Rohm
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