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The leading error of the human mind, - the bane of human happiness - the perverter of human virtue ... is Religion - that dark coinage of trembling ignorance! It is Religion - that poisoner of human felicity! It is Religion - that blind guide of human reason! It is Religion - that dethroner of human virtue! which lies at the root of all the evil and all the misery that pervade the world! ~ Frances Wright
Poisoner quotes by Frances Wright
A good cook is a certain slow poisoner, if you are not temperate. ~ Voltaire
Poisoner quotes by Voltaire
Outside in the yard, Arsinoe follows Jules past the chicken coops as she and Camden stretch their sore limbs in the sun. Then she darts off into the woodpile.

"What are you digging for?" Jules asks.

"Nothing." But Arsinoe returns with a book, brushing bits of bark off the soft green cover. She holds it up and Jules frowns. It is a book of poison plants, lifted discreetly from one of the shelves in Luke's bookshop.

"You shouldn't be messing about with that," Jules says. "And what if someone sees you with it?"

"Then they'll think I'm trying to get revenge, for what was done to you."

"That won't work. Reading a book to out-poison the poisoners? You can't even poison a poisoner, can you?"

"Say 'poison' one more time, Jules. ~ Kendare Blake
Poisoner quotes by Kendare Blake
He is a sodomite, and my sister is a whore, and perhaps a poisoner, and I am a whore. My uncle has been the falsest of friends, my father a time-server, my mother - God knows - some even say she had the king before the two of us! All of this you knew or you could have deduced. Now tell me, am I good enough for you? For I knew that you were a nobody and I came to find you all the same. If you want to rise to be a somebody in this court you will get blood or shit on your hands. I have had to learn this through a hard apprenticeship since I was a little girl. You can learn it now if you have the stomach." William ~ Philippa Gregory
Poisoner quotes by Philippa Gregory
And Latin America has become very fashionable, yet what repels me is that everyone in Europe goes and imposes themselves there under this mantle of social and socialist cooperation, which in reality is nothing but a disgusting subspecies of European Christian-Socialist fussiness.The Europeans bore themselves to death and meddle every where in the so called Third World in order to escape that fatal European boredom. Missionarianism is a German vice which has invariably just brought misfortune to the world today, which has invariably just plunged the world
into crisis The Church has only poisoned Africa with its detestable dear God, and now it is poisoning Latin America with it. The Catholic Church is the world poisoner the world destroyer, the world annihilator, that is the truth. The Germans continually poison the world outside of
their borders and they will give it no rest until this entire world is fatally poisoned. So I have long withdrawn from my bad habit of wanting to help people in Africa and South America and into myself entirely. There is no helping humanity in our world which has been a hypocrisy for centuries. And, like humanity, there is no helping the World because both are a hypocrisy through and through.
(Goethe Dies, p. 73) ~ Thomas Bernhard
Poisoner quotes by Thomas Bernhard
Assassins take no pride in fighting fairly. We take pride in winning. ~ Robin Hobb
Poisoner quotes by Robin Hobb
So long as the priest, that professional negator, slanderer and poisoner of life, is regarded as a superior type of human being, there cannot be any answer to the question: What is Truth? ~ Friedrich Nietzsche
Poisoner quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
All men carry murder in their hearts, yet even so, the poisoner is beneath contempt. ~ George R R Martin
Poisoner quotes by George R R Martin
You can be a famous poisoner or a successful poisoner, but not both, and the same seems to apply to Great Train Robbers. ~ Clive Anderson
Poisoner quotes by Clive Anderson
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