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Recent sociological findings indicate that while "whites have largely abandoned principled racism... they have not necessarily given up negative racial stereotypes" or "negative sentiments and beliefs about African Americans. ~ John Hoberman
Medical Anthropology quotes by John Hoberman
I believe that it is the task of social science to produce nuanced and people-centered forms of knowledge, correcting asymmetries of information and helping to promote, to the best of our ability, informed consent, human protection, and safety in medical and research settings. ~ Adriana Petryna
Medical Anthropology quotes by Adriana Petryna
In that season's finale, Milch wanted Sipowicz - who by this point had suffered the deaths of his eldest son, his partner Bobby, and his wife, and whose young son Theo was facing a medical crisis - to enter the hospital chapel and rant about all that God has taken from him. Tinker was on set. Franz was on set. The entire crew was on set. And, as usual by that point, there was no script. Milch ambled onto the set, realized everyone was waiting on him, announced that he needed someone to take dictation, and launched into a stream-of-consciousness assault on the Almighty, sounding very much like Sipowicz. Minutes later, Franz performed it word-for-word. ~ Alan Sepinwall
Medical Anthropology quotes by Alan Sepinwall
They'd tried to diagnose him but there was no apparent medical explanation for his behaviour. He was just what his mum called 'away with the fairies' and Max called 'a bit of a lost cunt. ~ Eve Dangerfield
Medical Anthropology quotes by Eve Dangerfield
It's been great, I have to dig deep for really raw emotions and at the same time I have to use my intellect to say the ridiculous medical jargon while acting and treating a patient and then I have to try to have a personality and emotions as well. So it is definitely hard work. ~ John Leguizamo
Medical Anthropology quotes by John Leguizamo
The HSA (Health Savings Account) is a great way to save on premiums. The high deductible creates a much lower premium, and this plan allows you to save for medical expenses in a tax-free savings account. ~ Dave Ramsey
Medical Anthropology quotes by Dave Ramsey
I'm a good person. I eat pretty well. I work out. I go to bookstores. I save people. For a living. I have better things to do than get hauled in for a medical checkup every week. Have I complained the last few months? Constantly. Was I a good patient? No. What can I say? When your primary care provider is a shadowy government agency, you have to be your own medical advocate. ~ Chelsea Cain
Medical Anthropology quotes by Chelsea Cain
Quite frankly, Barack Obama knows what it's like to pay a mortgage and student loans. He knows what it's like to watch a beloved family member in a medical crisis and worry that treatment is out of reach. Barack Obama knows our struggles. And, my friends, he shares our values. ~ Ted Strickland
Medical Anthropology quotes by Ted Strickland
Speechlessness, however, affirmed in the diagnosis, is carefully based on the facts of the examination, as we see by rendering the statements concerned, just as they stand in examination and diagnosis: If thou examinest a man having a wound in the temple, ... ; if thou ask of him concerning his malady and he speak not to thee; ... ; thou shouldst say concerning him, 'One having a wound in his temple, ... (and) he is speechless'. ~ James Henry Breasted
Medical Anthropology quotes by James Henry Breasted
It was around this time that a routine medical screening warned that Chris might have tuberculosis.
We talked about it on the phone. I remember the discussion vividly, not because of the disease--I thought further testing would say he was fine, which it did--but because of his attitude.
Namely, that he was replaceable.
"If I die, you could just get a new husband and Bubba can get a new dad," he told me.
It made me furious. Heartbroken. It was as if he didn't understand how irreplaceable he was to me, to our son, and to the rest of the family.
It was as if he didn't know how much I loved him.
I realized later that, in his mind, he was only being realistic. He wanted what was best for me. He had seen death up close and watched the mission go on, lives go on, whether people wanted it to or not. If he couldn't be there, he still wanted me to be happy.
Even so, it was a devastating statement at the time. In some ways, I never got over it. ~ Taya Kyle
Medical Anthropology quotes by Taya Kyle
A slow but steady transformation of deviance has taken place in American society. It has not been a change in behavior as such, but in how behavior is defined. Deviant behaviors that were once defined as immoral, sinful, or criminal have been given medical meanings. Some say that rehabilitation has replaced punishment, but in many cases medical treatments have become a new form of punishment and social control. ~ Peter Conrad
Medical Anthropology quotes by Peter Conrad
What I liked in anthropology was its inexhaustible faculty of negation, its relentless definition of man, as though he were no better than God, in terms of what he is not. But my ideas on this subject were always horribly confused, for my knowledge of men was scant and the meaning of being beyond me. ~ Samuel Beckett
Medical Anthropology quotes by Samuel Beckett
I set up a laboratory in the Department of Physiology in the Medical School in South Africa and begin to try to find a bacteriophage system which we might use to solve the genetic code. ~ Sydney Brenner
Medical Anthropology quotes by Sydney Brenner
When I think back to my childhood, it's with a mixture of amusement and embarrassment. I was always forgetting things. My mum called me scatty because I could never sit still. But there was no sense I was suffering from a medical condition as such. ~ Rory Bremner
Medical Anthropology quotes by Rory Bremner
I think about my education sometimes. I went to the University of Chicago for awhile after the Second World War. I was a student in the Department of Anthropology. At that time they were teaching that there was absolutely no difference between anybody.

They may be teaching that still.

Another thing they taught was that no one was ridiculous or bad or disgusting. Shortly before my father died, he said to me, 'You know – you never wrote a story with a villain in it.'

I told him that was one of the things I learned in college after the war. ~ Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
Medical Anthropology quotes by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
A nationwide study published by the USDA in 1996 found that [ ... ] 78.6 percent of the ground beef contained microbes that are spread primarily by fecal matter. The medical literature on the causes of food poisoning is full of euphemisms and dry scientific terms: coliform levels, aerobic plate counts, sorbitol, MacConkey agar, and so on. Behind them lies a simple explanation for why eating hamburger meat makes you sick: There is shit in the meat. ~ Eric Schlosser
Medical Anthropology quotes by Eric Schlosser
Let's be clear. The debate over health care in this country is not a debate about medical treatment or the best way to prevent disease. It is a debate about economics and class politics. Either we maintain a profit-driven health care system whose main function is to enrich certain individuals and institutions, or we develop a nonprofit, cost-effective system that provides quality health care for all people as a right of citizenship. ~ Bernie Sanders
Medical Anthropology quotes by Bernie Sanders
The taxonomy of medical error is vast, colorful, and at times confusing. There are slips, lapses, harmless hits, and near misses; errors of omission and of commission; operator errors, system errors, accidents, complications, and bad outcomes. ~ Nancy Berlinger
Medical Anthropology quotes by Nancy Berlinger
Reiki has become a sought-after healing art among patients and mainstream medical professionals. ~ Mehmet Oz
Medical Anthropology quotes by Mehmet Oz
If man is but a biological organism and biology itself may be reduced to a set of physical and chemical laws, it should be possible to build up a biological science, a kind of biological mechanics, whose laws would rule the working and repair of the several pieces of the human machine. In such a case, there would be a 'medicine' or 'medical science'; and the doctor's task would consist in acquiring and maintaining an adequate knowledge of the laws of such a science and applying them so to speak in a uniform and automatic way, with hardly any meddling from his own personal criterion.
If, on the contrary, man is above all an eminently living being, every specimen of which is ever new and original, a being strongly influenced by ultra-physical faculties -- spirit, intellect, emotions -- if, in one word, man is a whole that can only be ruled from its own centre, medicine, then, will be but an art or a craft to be applied in each case to a concrete individual. And then, rather than 'medicine', there will be medicine-men.
Truth lies between these two poles, but gravitates definitely towards the second. ~ Salvador De Madariaga
Medical Anthropology quotes by Salvador De Madariaga
Nature can do more than physicians. ~ Oliver Cromwell
Medical Anthropology quotes by Oliver Cromwell
If poor people are spending their own money, it is amazing how fast they will figure out how to keep a lid on medical bills. ~ Rick Scott
Medical Anthropology quotes by Rick Scott
We need stem-cell research, no question about it. It is absolutely crucial for moving our medical science forward. We are trying to harness an untapped source of energy that can provide cures and possibly even prevent disease and suffering. ~ Richard Carmona
Medical Anthropology quotes by Richard Carmona
NICUs are like the bowels of the technological underworld. They are places where infants are literally held captive for weeks and months and subjected to all manner of painful and torturous medical procedures, most of the time without being given any form of pain relief whatsoever. ~ Jeanice Barcelo
Medical Anthropology quotes by Jeanice Barcelo
The Illinois Senate passed a bill on Wednesday to legalize medical marijuana. The bill was passed after the state senator said, 'Come on, dude, pass it. Come on.' ~ Jimmy Fallon
Medical Anthropology quotes by Jimmy Fallon
You think she's got a personality disorder?"
"No, she's just a nasty bitch. An unpleasant personality isn't a medical condition. Just a symptom of not being slapped around the head enough. ~ Karen Traviss
Medical Anthropology quotes by Karen Traviss
Twenty-five years had whisked by with its challenges and triumphs. Ida now had a medical school, a nursing school, and a large hospital, but still there was much more to be done. Ida found herself wondering what her next challenge would be. ~ Janet Benge
Medical Anthropology quotes by Janet Benge
There is now a patent restricting the use of an herb called philantis neruri for curing jaundice. An even more blatant example is the use of turmeric for healing wounds, which is something every mother and grandmother does in every home in India. Now the Mississippi Medical Center claims to have "invented" the capacity of turmeric to heal wounds. ~ Vandana Shiva
Medical Anthropology quotes by Vandana Shiva
I heard of Bobby first early in the winter, from a Bible-reader at the Medical Mission in the Cowgate, who saw the little dog's master buried. He sees many strange, sad things in his work, but nothing ever shocked him so as the lonely death of that pious old shepherd in such a picturesque den of vice and misery." "Ay, ~ Eleanor Atkinson
Medical Anthropology quotes by Eleanor Atkinson
In post-Vietnam, post-Watergate America, skeptical voters demand full disclosure of everything from candidates' finances to their medical records, and spin-savvy accounts of backstage machinations dominate political coverage. ~ Virginia Postrel
Medical Anthropology quotes by Virginia Postrel
I do hope to be an adult actor. But if it doesn't work out, I've been thinking about doing something in the medical therapy field, chiropractics or something like that. I've always been into the idea of helping people medically, but I can't stand blood or surgery. That freaks me out. So this would be a bloodless way to help people. ~ Nathan Kress
Medical Anthropology quotes by Nathan Kress
Beating the dead animals in the dissecting room with a stick." "Beating them with a stick!" "Yes, to see whether bruises could be made after death. I saw him at it with my own eyes." "But he is not a medical student?" "No. I have no idea what he wants to do with his studies. But here ~ Arthur Conan Doyle
Medical Anthropology quotes by Arthur Conan Doyle
A bunch of people are gonna be mad at me, I've got some kind of medical issue that's going to kill me in a while if I don't deal with it, oh, and the island's blowing up tomorrow and taking a whole lot of the country with it if I don't fix it."
Thomas gave me a steady look. "So," he said. "Same old, same old. ~ Jim Butcher
Medical Anthropology quotes by Jim Butcher
I'm skeptical that the novel will be 're-invented.' ~ Jeff Bezos
Medical Anthropology quotes by Jeff Bezos
The anti-psychiatrists held various, sometimes conflicting views but one particular line of reasoning is attributable to all of them - they all pitched their arguments against the power of the psychiatric establishment. They argued that the psychiatric diagnosis is scientifically meaningless. It is a way of labeling undesirable behaviour, under the guise of medical intervention. Those who are diagnosed ill are subjected to treatment which is a violation of human rights and dignity. The situation amounts to psychiatry having a mandate to declare some citizens unfit to live in an 'ordinary' community. It claims to cure but the supposed beneficiaries of that cure are often held in hospitals against their will. Within a structure like this it is impossible to understand the real nature of mental suffering and it is just as impossible to develop a coherent system of help. ~ Zbigniew Kotowicz
Medical Anthropology quotes by Zbigniew Kotowicz
Any medical man who predicts exactly when a patient will die, or exactly how long he will live, is bound to make a fool of himself. The human factor is always incalculable. The weak have often unexpected powers of resistance, the strong sometimes succumb. ~ Agatha Christie
Medical Anthropology quotes by Agatha Christie
this in medical school from the very first day. If I violate the URC, my license will be revoked ~ Richard Fox
Medical Anthropology quotes by Richard Fox
I wound up getting my degree in sports medicine and nutrition because I wanted to work in the medical field. But I wound up taking a trip to Los Angeles and decided being an actor sounds pretty cool, too. ~ Derek Theler
Medical Anthropology quotes by Derek Theler
A letter from Jonathon Binns, a medical expert, written in 1772, advised the mother of a baby to "give him a little red or white wine every day. He may at different times take about one glass; but be very cautious of it if his eyes be somewhat sore and inflamed. Red port is preferable to white, provided he is sufficiently open in his belly."3 ~ Janet Gleeson
Medical Anthropology quotes by Janet Gleeson
By Mamun's time medical schools were extremely active in Baghdad. The first free public hospital was opened in Baghdad during the Caliphate of Haroon-ar-Rashid. As the system developed, physicians and surgeons were appointed who gave lectures to medical students and issued diplomas to those who were considered qualified to practice. The first hospital in Egypt was opened in 872 AD and thereafter public hospitals sprang up all over the empire from Spain and the Maghrib to Persia. ~ John Bagot Glubb
Medical Anthropology quotes by John Bagot Glubb
There are places where you can live only when you are healthy, in those places when you fall ill it's the end of you for most people there can't afford medical care. ~ Bangambiki Habyarimana
Medical Anthropology quotes by Bangambiki Habyarimana
The great medical facilities are a relief for the parents, too, who don't have to think about caring for their young ones on their own for a weekend. They have a great time. ~ Jami Gertz
Medical Anthropology quotes by Jami Gertz
Is there a medical rule that requires doctors-office personnel to treat you as though you have the IQ of a Cheeto? ~ Dave Barry
Medical Anthropology quotes by Dave Barry
Richard, Bill has the socialist disease in its worst form; he thinks the world owes him a living. He told me sincerely - smugly! - that of course everyone was entitled to the best possible medical and hospital service - free of course, unlimited of course, and of course the government should pay for it. ~ Robert A. Heinlein
Medical Anthropology quotes by Robert A. Heinlein
It worries me about our unwillingness to really address reforms and modernization in Medicare. This thing was designed 37 years ago. It has not evolved to keep pace with current medical technology. ~ John Sununu
Medical Anthropology quotes by John Sununu
Alfred Nobel was much concerned, as are we all, with the tangible benefits we hope for and expect from physiological and medical research, and the Faculty of the Caroline Institute has ever been alert to recognize practical benefits. ~ Haldan Keffer Hartline
Medical Anthropology quotes by Haldan Keffer Hartline
Doctor.' Piper's smile was so warm it would've melted a Boread. 'We'd be so grateful for your help. We need the physician's cure.'
Leo wasn't even her target, but Piper's charmspeak washed over him irresistibly. He would've done anything to help her get that cure. He would've gone to medical school, got twelve doctorate degrees and bought a large green python on a stick. ~ Rick Riordan
Medical Anthropology quotes by Rick Riordan
Arrested me, and he stood by civilly, holding a half-pint champagne bottle (medical comforts) with the candle stuck in it. To my question he said Mr. Kurtz had painted this - in this very station more than a year ago - while waiting for means to go to his trading-post. 'Tell me, pray,' said I, 'who is this Mr. Kurtz? ~ Joseph Conrad
Medical Anthropology quotes by Joseph Conrad
Saving a life wasn't always about performing complicated medical procedures. It was something more. It was about putting a smile on someone's face and hearing them sincerely thank me. ~ Daniel Sink
Medical Anthropology quotes by Daniel Sink
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