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There must be evidence somewhere, you know. I know you've all worked like beavers, but I'm going to work like a king beaver. and I've got one big advantage over the rest of you."
"More brains?" suggested Sir Impey, grinning.
"No - I should hate to suggest that, Biggy. But I do believe in Miss Vane's innocence."
"Damn it, Wimsey, didn't my eloquent speeches convince you that I was a whole-hearted believer?"
"Of course they did. I nearly shed tears. Here's old Biggy, I said to myself, going to retire from the Bar and cut his throat if this verdict goes against him, because he won't believe in British justice anymore. ~ Dorothy L. Sayers
Impey Barbicane quotes by Dorothy L. Sayers
No one said anything; they didn't need to. That's what it's like between best friends. Sometimes you just know what each other's thinking. You don't always have to say it. ~ Rose Impey
Impey Barbicane quotes by Rose Impey
Nature guards its secrets zealously, and it takes grit and determination to shed light on them. ~ Chris Impey
Impey Barbicane quotes by Chris Impey
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