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More often than not, the thing we fear is less than half the size of the fear it creates. ~ Craig D. Lounsbrough
Fear Paralysis quotes by Craig D. Lounsbrough
Followers often hesitate to act, out of fear that they'll do the wrong thing. Leaders aren't afraid to make a call, even when they're not sure if it's the right one. They'd rather make a decision and be wrong than suffer from the paralysis of indecision. ~ Anonymous
Fear Paralysis quotes by Anonymous

I fear that darkness
Finds me
As I sleep
When life is quieted
Midnight's brutal feet
Cast upon me
Cementing me
Against my pillow
In a heaven
Of black roses ~ Trisha North
Fear Paralysis quotes by Trisha North
[Daughter], I want to release you. IF you hate me or want to reject me, I understand. If you curse me, then want to atone, I also understand. I expect to be your home plate: kicked, scuffed, but always returned to. I expect to be the earth from which you spring.
But if I release you too much, what will you have to fight against?
You need my acceptance, but you may need my resistance more. I promise to stand firm while you come and go. I promise unwavering live while you experiment with hate. Hate is energy too -- sometimes brighter-burning energy than love. Hate is often the precondition for freedom.
No matter how I try to disappear, I fear I cast too big a shadow. I would erase that shadow if I could. but if I erased it, how would you know your own shadow? And with no shadow, how would you ever fly?
I want to release you from the fears that bound me, yet I know you can only release yourself. I stand here wearing my catcher's padding. I pray you won't need me to catch you if you fall. But I'm here waiting anyway.
Freedom is full of fear. But fear isn't the worst thing we face. Paralysis is. ~ Erica Jong
Fear Paralysis quotes by Erica Jong
When the world seems to be spinning out of control I choose:
faith over fear;
action over paralysis;
focus over distraction;
reflection over reaction;
to stay grounded rather than getting swooped up in the chaos. ~ Charles F. Glassman
Fear Paralysis quotes by Charles F. Glassman
He checks the horns. They're small: not truncated like Hellboy's, but wee, budding, trainer-bra efforts. Definitely not the thing that killed Dazza. In demon terms, he's looking at a midget or a waen. He recalls the ten second rule, and though they only clashed for a moment, it was more than enough. He understands. He has the measure. There is no paralysis by fear. There will be no subconscious surrender to superior mental force and aggression.
In short, he can take this cunt. ~ Christopher Brookmyre
Fear Paralysis quotes by Christopher Brookmyre
There's a difference between fear and paralysis. And I've learned that I don't have to "grow up" to be open to opportunity, to be willing to step through doors without being pushed. I just have to be brave. I just have to be slightly braver than I am scared. ~ Victoria Schwab
Fear Paralysis quotes by Victoria Schwab
Obviously, the real issue has nothing to do with fear itself, but, rather, how we hold the fear. For some, the fear is totally irrelevant. For others, it creates a state of paralysis. The former hold their fear from a position of power (choice, energy, and action), and the latter hold it from a position of pain (helplessness, depression, and paralysis). ~ Susan Jeffers
Fear Paralysis quotes by Susan Jeffers
How do I dance with the fear? Fear is not the enemy. Paralysis is the enemy. ~ Seth Godin
Fear Paralysis quotes by Seth Godin
Maya had one of those sudden "pow" moments sneak up on her, the ones all parents experience, when you are simply overwhelmed by your love for your child, when you are awestruck and you can feel something rising inside of you and you just want to hold onto it and yet, at the same time, that caring, that fear of losing this person, scares you into near paralysis. How, you wonder, will you ever relax again, knowing how unsafe the world is? Lily ~ Harlan Coben
Fear Paralysis quotes by Harlan Coben
After experiencing life in Nazi Germany, Thomas Wolfe wrote, Here was an entire nation ... infested with the contagion of an ever-present fear. It was a kind of creeping paralysis which twisted and blighted all human relations. ~ Erik Larson
Fear Paralysis quotes by Erik Larson
Fear is a force that sharpens your senses. Being afraid is a state of paralysis in which you can't do anything. ~ Marcus Luttrell
Fear Paralysis quotes by Marcus Luttrell
I became entirely given over to extreme dread. The fear was so powerful that it seemed to make my personality completely evaporate ... 'Whitley' ceased to exist. What was left was a body and a state of raw fear so great that it swept about me like a thick, suffocating curtain, turning paralysis into a condition that seemed close to death ... I died and a wild animal appeared in my place. ~ Whitley Strieber
Fear Paralysis quotes by Whitley Strieber
Ultimate horror often paralyses memory in a merciful way. ~ H.P. Lovecraft
Fear Paralysis quotes by H.P. Lovecraft
I failed and faltered many times, but I can look back without regret because I was never burdened with the paralysis of fear and inaction. ~ Diana Nyad
Fear Paralysis quotes by Diana Nyad
That most Substance-addicted people are also addicted to thinking, meaning tehy have a compulsive and unhealthy relationship with their own thinking. That the cute Boston AA term for this is 'analysis paralysis.' ... That other people can often see things about you that you yourself canno see, even if those people are stupid ... That having a lot of money does not immunize people from suffering or fear. That trying to dance sober is a whole different kettle of fish. ~ David Foster Wallace
Fear Paralysis quotes by David Foster Wallace
Fear is so fundamental to the human condition that all the great spiritual traditions originate in an effort to overcome its effects on our lives. With different words, they all proclaim the same core message: "Be not afraid." Though the traditions vary widely in the ways they propose to take us beyond fear, all hold out the same hope: we can escape fear's paralysis and enter a state of grace where encounters with otherness will not threaten us but will enrich our work and our lives. ~ Parker J. Palmer
Fear Paralysis quotes by Parker J. Palmer
I have always felt that ultimately along the way of life an individual must stand up and be counted and be willing to face the consequences whatever they are. And if he is filled with fear he cannot do it. My great prayer is always for God to save me from the paralysis of crippling fear, because I think when a person lives with the fears of the consequences for his personal life he can never do anything in terms of lifting the whole of humanity and solving many of the social problems which we confront in every age and every generation. In ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.
Fear Paralysis quotes by Martin Luther King, Jr.
Symptoms of Amor Deliria Nervosa

-preoccupation; difficulty focusing
-dry mouth
-perspiration, sweaty palms
-fits of dizziness and disorientation
-reduced mental awareness; racing thoughts; impaired reasoning skills

-periods of euphoria; hysterical laughter and heightened energy
-periods of despair; lethargy
-changes in appetite; rapid weight loss or weight gain
-fixation; loss of other interests
-compromised reasoning skills; distortion of reality
-disruption of sleep patterns; insomnia or constant fatigue
-obsessive thoughts and actions
-paranoia; insecurity

-difficulty breathing
-pain in the chest, throat or stomach
-complete breakdown of rational faculties; erratic behavior; violent thoughts and fantasies; hallucinations and delusions

-emotional or physical paralysis (partial or total)

If you fear that you or someone you know may have contracted deliria, please call the emergency line toll-free at 1-800-PREVENT to discuss immediate intake and treatment. ~ Lauren Oliver
Fear Paralysis quotes by Lauren Oliver
Positive health means becoming whole-heartedly engaged with our own health care. It means not outsourcing our health to the health care system. It means getting rid of the fear and paralysis we too often feel, and instead cultivating a sense of agency. ~ Jane McGonigal
Fear Paralysis quotes by Jane McGonigal
Worrying paralyzes progress; prayer, preparation and persistence ensures it. ~ T.F. Hodge
Fear Paralysis quotes by T.F. Hodge
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