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The claim of alternative practitioners to not treat disease labels but the whole patient ... allows alternative practitioners to live in a fool's paradise of quackery where they believe themselves to be protected from any challenges and demands for evidence. ~ Edzard Ernst
Edzard Overbeek quotes by Edzard Ernst
We should listen less to the opinions of those who either overtly promote or stubbornly reject complementary and alternative medicine without acceptable evidence. The many patients who use complementary and alternative medicine deserve better. Patients and healthcare providers need to know which forms are safe and effective. Its future should (and hopefully will) be determined by unbiased scientific evaluation. ~ Edzard Ernst
Edzard Overbeek quotes by Edzard Ernst
Edzard screamed at the men on the starboard side, threatening to throw them overboard if they didn't match the pace of the port team. ~ Neal Stephenson
Edzard Overbeek quotes by Neal Stephenson
The fact that any person or institution, however well respected, praises or adopts something never constitutes proof of anything. It might merely illustrate that even well-educated people or powerful institutions can sometimes commit the silliest and most obvious of mistakes. ~ Edzard Ernst
Edzard Overbeek quotes by Edzard Ernst
The notion that only those who preach the gospel of integrated medicine are able to perform the art of medicine is as ridiculous as it is insulting to everyone in healthcare who does his/her best to meet the needs of their patients. The assumption that unproven or disproven treatments become acceptable simply because they are often administered in a kind and caring fashion is quite simply not true. ~ Edzard Ernst
Edzard Overbeek quotes by Edzard Ernst
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