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You are blowing my mind again ~ Sapphire Belucci
Cambay Sapphire quotes by Sapphire Belucci
Guardian angels of the home - Rose and soft green
Healing angels - Deep sapphire blue
Angels of maternity and birth - Sky blue
Ceremonial angels - White
Angels of music - White
Nature angels - Apple green
Angels of beauty and art - Yellow ... ~ Geoffrey Hodson
Cambay Sapphire quotes by Geoffrey Hodson
You missed me," said Alucard. It was not a question, but there was a confession in it, because everything about Alucard - the tension in his back, the ways his hips pressed into Rhy's, the race of his heart and the tremor in his voice - said that the missing had been mutual.
"I'm a prince," said Rhy, striving for composure. "I know how to keep myself entertained."
The sapphire glinted in Alucard's brow. "I can be very entertaining. ~ Victoria Schwab
Cambay Sapphire quotes by Victoria Schwab
Bombay Sapphire and Gogol should never be mixed. ~ Dan Brown
Cambay Sapphire quotes by Dan Brown
A thick sapphire halo encased his startling pale blue iris. When I got closer, I noticed a starburst of aqua around his pupil. It wasn't the beauty of his odd eyes, exactly, that made my knees nearly buckle. I didn't know what it was, but I couldn't breathe. I couldn't think. My heart danced wildly to his tune. ~ Christie Rich
Cambay Sapphire quotes by Christie Rich
One thing he shared with the singing bird was a love of rain and especially of storms. He always felt a deep thrill of awe when the pale sapphire cloaks of sky were flung aside and dark raging heavens roared and plunged and cast fire and water and ice upon the earth. Something ~ Jonathan Renshaw
Cambay Sapphire quotes by Jonathan Renshaw
Beyond the table, there is an altar, with candles lit for Billie Holiday and Willa Carter and Hypatia and Patsy Cline. Next to it, an old podium that once held a Bible, on which we have repurposed an old chemistry handbook as the Book of Lilith. In its pages is our own liturgical calendar: Saint Clementine and All Wayfarers; Saints Lorena Hickok and Eleanor Roosevelt, observed in the summer with blueberries to symbolize the sapphire ring; the Vigil of Saint Juliette, complete with mints and dark chocolate; Feast of the Poets, during which Mary Oliver is recited over beds of lettuce, Kay Ryan over a dish of vinegar and oil, Audre Lorde over cucumbers, Elizabeth Bishop over some carrots; The Exaltation of Patricia Highsmith, celebrated with escargots boiling in butter and garlic and cliffhangers recited by an autumn fire; the Ascension of Frida Khalo with self-portraits and costumes; the Presentation of Shirley Jackson, a winter holiday started at dawn and ended at dusk with a gambling game played with lost milk teeth and stones. Some of them with their own books; the major and minor arcana of our little religion. ~ Carmen Maria Machado
Cambay Sapphire quotes by Carmen Maria Machado
He pulled my arm out to expose my bracelet. "When I carved this, my thoughts were on you, love. Your life is like this snake's coils. No matter how many turns it makes, you'll end up back where you belong. With me." His sapphire eyes held a promise. - Valek ~ Maria V. Snyder
Cambay Sapphire quotes by Maria V. Snyder
Sword, I name thee Brisingr! And with a sound of rushing wind the blade burst into flame, an envelope of sapphire-blue fire writhing about the razor-sharp steel. ~ Christopher Paolini
Cambay Sapphire quotes by Christopher Paolini
Oh, the summer night / HAS A SMILE OF LIGHT / And she sits on a sapphire throne. ~ Barry Cornwall
Cambay Sapphire quotes by Barry Cornwall
But the Elves were not so lightly to be caught. As soon as Sauron set the One Ring upon his finger they were aware of him; and they knew him, and perceived that he would be master of them, and of an that they wrought. Then in anger and fear they took off their rings. But he, finding that he was betrayed and that the Elves were not deceived, was filled with wrath; and he came against them with open war, demanding that all the rings should be delivered to him, since the Elven-smiths could not have attained to their making without his lore and counsel. But the Elves fled from him; and three of their rings they saved, and bore them away, and hid them.

Now these were the Three that had last been made, and they possessed the greatest powers. Narya, Nenya, and Vilya, they were named, the Rings of Fire, and of Water, and of Air, set with ruby and adamant and sapphire; and of all the Elven-rings Sauron most desired to possess them, for those who had them in their keeping could ward off the decays of time and postpone the weariness of the world. But Sauron could not discover them, for they were given into the hands of the Wise, who concealed them and never again used them openly while Sauron kept the Ruling Ring.

Therefore the Three remained unsullied, for they were forged by Celebrimbor alone, and the hand of Sauron had never touched them; yet they also were subject to the One. ~ J.R.R. Tolkien
Cambay Sapphire quotes by J.R.R. Tolkien
I need no alibi,I did steal your heart. ~ Sapphire Belucci
Cambay Sapphire quotes by Sapphire Belucci
I WOKE WITH a start, my head hurting, aching all over. For a moment I didn't know where I was. Indeed, I felt so fuddled I didn't even know who I was. Hetty Feather, Sapphire Battersea, Emerald Star? I had three names now. ~ Jacqueline Wilson
Cambay Sapphire quotes by Jacqueline Wilson
Always be on your guard ~ Sapphire - The Eye Of Tucana
Cambay Sapphire quotes by Sapphire - The Eye Of Tucana
Go ahead," Leandro tempted, "I dare you."
"I'm a theif, my hands are fast."
"I'm a murderer, so are mine. ~ Geoffrey Knight
Cambay Sapphire quotes by Geoffrey Knight
I'll need a deposit, of course. I think that's where your ring comes in handy." Ira extended his open hand toward Camille. She took off the sapphire and slapped it into his palm.
"And McGreenery?" Oscar asked. Ira nodded and threw his hat back on. He pulled it tight and grinned from ear to ear.
"Leave him to me, mates. I'll meet you at the blacksmith's in town tomorrow morning, eight o'clock sharp."
Oscar took a step closer, towering over Ira. "If you're not there, I'll find you. And you don't want me to have to find you."
Ira cleared his throat and pulled the brim of his hat. "Then I better not oversleep."
He swiveled on his heel with the same lighthearted air Camille had loved about her father and strolled back down the road. The similarity to her father ended there. ~ Angie Frazier
Cambay Sapphire quotes by Angie Frazier
... but you cant get all hung up on details when you are trying to survive ... ~ Sapphire.
Cambay Sapphire quotes by Sapphire.
He stood there tall and dashing, peering down at her with a set of mesmerizing sapphire eyes. It wasn't the eyes that had her sex-drive squealing into overdrive; it was that ... hair. Now, Tarrah had never really been into redheads before, but damn, she sure as hell would be willing to convert. ~ Victoria H. Smith
Cambay Sapphire quotes by Victoria H. Smith
At length, she gave up on the pulling and pushing, and went straight to her last resort.
Pleading. Big, brown calf's eyes implored him for mercy. Little did she know, this was the least likely tactic to work. Logan wasn't a man to be moved by tender emotion.
However, he was a man- and he wasn't unmoved by a pretty face. What with all her exertions, he was starting to see a flush of color on her cheeks. And an intriguing spark of mystery behind those wide, dark eyes.
This lass didn't belong in gray. With that dark hair and those rosy lips, she belonged in vibrant color. Deep Highland greens or sapphire blue.
His own smile took him by surprise.
She was going to look bonny wearing his plaid. ~ Tessa Dare
Cambay Sapphire quotes by Tessa Dare
Show me what's inside the crystal ball. She look at it a long time then say, Ahh Negrita, you don't want to know. ~ Sapphire
Cambay Sapphire quotes by Sapphire
Of the Three Rings that the Elves had preserved unsullied no open word was ever spoken among the Wise, and few even of the Eldar knew where they were bestowed. Yet after the fall of Sauron their power was ever at work, and where they abode there mirth also dwelt and all things were unstained by the griefs of time. Therefore ere the Third Age was ended the Elves perceived that the Ring of Sapphire was with Elrond, in the fair valley of Rivendell, upon whose house the stars of heaven most brightly shone; whereas the Ring of Adamant was in the Land of Lórien where dwelt the Lady Galadriel. A queen she was of the woodland Elves, the wife of Celeborn of Doriath, yet she herself was of the Noldor and remembered the Day before days in Valinor, and she was the mightiest and fairest of all the Elves that remained in Middle-earth. But the Red Ring remained hidden until the end, and none save Elrond and Galadriel and Cirdan knew to whom it had been committed.

Thus it was that in two domains the bliss and beauty of the Elves remained still undiminished while that Age endured: in Imladris; and in Lothlórien, the hidden land between Celebrant and Anduin, where the trees bore flowers of gold and no Orc or evil thing dared ever come. Yet many voices were heard among the Elves foreboding that, if Sauron should come again, then either he would find the Ruling Ring that was lost, or at the best his enemies would discover it and destroy it; but in either chance the powers of the Three ~ J.R.R. Tolkien
Cambay Sapphire quotes by J.R.R. Tolkien
It was about time he opened his eyes to see just to whom he was speaking.
After several quick blinks, he managed to do just that, gazing up into a small, heart-shaped face. A pretty face. Not one of a curvy seductress or a cool-hearted courtesan, but a feminine, delicately featured face. He knew this face. He adored this face.
"Miss Charlotte Greene," he stated finally, taking a risk and raising his head to get a better look.
Sitting at his side, the white skirt of her thick night rail tucked around her legs, she smiled down at him with concerned eyes of deep blue. Gorgeous sapphire eyes often hidden behind the rims of small, round spectacles.
Truthfully, she happened to be the complete opposite of what he was usually attracted to. She was a bit too thin, too short, and too quiet for his tastes, which had always leaned toward the voluptuous, the tall, and the spirited. Normally, she wasn't one to stand out. And he rather suspected she preferred it that way.
However, while most young bucks readily discounted her merits and furtively joked about her quirky behavior behind her back, Rothbury had always sensed a subtle undercurrent of passion in her dark blue gaze. Unlike the "diamonds" of the ton and demimonde, who slinked across assembly rooms completely aware of their beauty and the power that accompanied it, Miss Greene moved like a woman who hadn't yet realized how utterly fetching she truly was. She clung to the walls, sometimes barely raising her e ~ Olivia Parker
Cambay Sapphire quotes by Olivia Parker
A kiss on the hand may feel very, very good, but a diamond and sapphire bracelet lasts forever. ~ Anita Loos
Cambay Sapphire quotes by Anita Loos
Beyond the slumpstone wall lay a backyard, a swimming pool. Dappled with morning light and tree shadows, the water glimmered in shades of blue from sapphire to turquoise, as might a trove of jewels left by long-dead pirates who had sailed a sea since vanished. ~ Dean Koontz
Cambay Sapphire quotes by Dean Koontz
God wasn't Silent
You stopped hearing him ~ Sapphire Belucci
Cambay Sapphire quotes by Sapphire Belucci
Egypt is a fertile valley of rich river soil, low-lying, warm, monotonous, a slow-flowing river, and beyond the limitless desert. Greece is a country of sparse fertility and keen, cold winters, all hills and mountains sharp cut in stone, where strong men must work hard to get their bread. And while Egypt submitted and suffered and turned her face toward death, Greece resisted and rejoiced and turned full-face to life. For somewhere among those steep stone mountains, in little sheltered valleys where the great hills were ramparts to defend, and men could have security for peace and happy living, something quite new came into the world: the joy of life found expression. Perhaps it was born there, among the shepherds pasturing their flocks where the wild flowers made a glory on the hillside; among the sailors on a sapphire sea washing enchanted islands purple in a luminous air. ~ Edith Hamilton
Cambay Sapphire quotes by Edith Hamilton
If God made anything better than Coffee and Chocolate, he kept it to himself. ~ Sapphire.
Cambay Sapphire quotes by Sapphire.
The quality of Venice that accomplishes what religion so often cannot is that Venice has made peace with the waters. It is not merely pleasant that the sea flows through, grasping the city like tendrils of vine, and, depending upon the light, making alleys and avenues of emerald and sapphire, Citi s a brave acceptance of dissolution and an unflinching settlement with death. Though in Venice you may sit in courtyards of stone, and your heels may click up marble stairs, you cannot move without riding upon or crossing the waters that someday will carry you in dissolution to the sea. ~ Mark Helprin
Cambay Sapphire quotes by Mark Helprin
It had been, in Robin's view, the most perfect proposal, ever, in the history of matrimony. He had even had a ring in his pocket, which she was now wearing; a sapphire with two diamonds, it fitted perfectly, and all the way into town she kept staring at it on her hand as it rested on her lap. She and Matthew had a story to tell now, a funny family story, the kind you told your children, in which his planning (she loved that he had planned it) went awry, and turned into something spontaneous. She loved the tramps, and the moon, and Matthew, panicky and flustered, on one knee; she loved Eros, and dirty old Piccadilly, and the black cab they had taken home to Clapham. She ~ Robert Galbraith
Cambay Sapphire quotes by Robert Galbraith
In a dung heap, even a plastic bead can gleam like a sapphire. ~ Stephen Fry
Cambay Sapphire quotes by Stephen Fry
Gin and tonic," Christian says. "Hendricks if you have it or Bombay Sapphire. Cucumber with the Hendricks, lime with the Bombay. ~ E.L. James
Cambay Sapphire quotes by E.L. James
With that sapphire, he bound your strength to him, but the magic did what he did not intend; it made him strong but also pulled him closer and closer to mortality, so that he was hungry for life, more than a man and less a demon. So that he loved you, and did not know what to do. ~ Katherine Arden
Cambay Sapphire quotes by Katherine Arden
I know you're undead, but that drink might kill you."
"I have seen empires rise like the slow, bright dawn and crumble to dust like a cookie in a clenched fist. I am as ancient as the foundations of the Earth itself. This won't hurt me."
"You're fifty-three, Sapphire. You were turned two decades ago. ~ Eva Delaney
Cambay Sapphire quotes by Eva Delaney
I feel like my blood a giant river swell up inside me and I'm drowning. My head all dark inside. Feel like giant river I never cross in front me now. Ms Rain say, You not writing Precious. I say I drownin' in river. She don't look me like I'm crazy but say, If you just sit there the river gonna rise up drown you! Writing could be the boat to carry you to the other side. ~ Sapphire.
Cambay Sapphire quotes by Sapphire.
How that is so I don't know. How Mama and Daddy know me sixteen years and hate me, how a stranger meet me and love me. (131) ~ Sapphire.
Cambay Sapphire quotes by Sapphire.
It wasn't a crow from dangling head down from the the car roof and looking in at the window. It was the little gargoyle from Belgravia. When he saw my horrified expression, his catlike face twisted into a triumphant smile, and he spewed a torrent of water over the windshield. - Sapphire Blue ~ Kerstin Gier
Cambay Sapphire quotes by Kerstin Gier
Maybe we try too hard to be remembered, waking to the glowing yellow disc in ignorance, swearing that today will be the day, today we will make
something of our lives. what if we are so busy searching for worth that we miss the sapphire sky and cackling blackbird. what else is missing?
maybe our steps are too straight and our paths too narrow and not overlapping. maybe when they overlap someone in another country lights a candle, a couple
resolves their argument, a young man puts down his silver gun and walks away. ~ Naomi Shihab Nye
Cambay Sapphire quotes by Naomi Shihab Nye
Every blade of grass has its Angel that bends over it and whispers, "Grow, grow." - The Talmud ~ Sapphire.
Cambay Sapphire quotes by Sapphire.
Mother to Son

Well, son, I'll tell you:
Life for me ain't been no crystal stair.
It's had tacks in it,
And splinters,
And boards torn up,
And places with no carpet on the floor -
But all the time
I'se been a'climbin' on,
And reachin' landin's,
And turnin' corners,
And sometimes goin' in the dark
Where there ain't been no light.
So boy, don't you turn back.
Don't you set down on the steps
'Cause you finds it's kinder hard.
Don't you fall now -
For I'se still goin', honey,
I'se still climbin',
And life for me ain't been no crystal stair.
- Langston Hughes (112) ~ Sapphire.
Cambay Sapphire quotes by Sapphire.
Beyond the haze, the globe was decorated with a mosaic of sapphire, emerald and amber. The planet glittered like a jewel in the moonlight. ~ L.T. Gibbons
Cambay Sapphire quotes by L.T. Gibbons
When the cold comes to New England it arrives in sheets of sleet and ice. In December, the wind wraps itself around bare trees and twists in between husbands and wives asleep in their beds. It shakes the shingles from the roofs and sifts through cracks in the plaster. The only green things left are the holly bushes and the old boxwood hedges in the village, and these are often painted white with snow. Chipmunks and weasels come to nest in basements and barns; owls find their way into attics. At night,the dark is blue and bluer still, as sapphire of night. ~ Alice Hoffman
Cambay Sapphire quotes by Alice Hoffman
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