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Philosophy should come to know the dimensions, qualities and quantities of the earth, the depths of the sea, the capacity of fire and the effects and nature of all these things in order to admire, revere and praise the divine artistry and intelligence. ~ Asclepius
Apuleius Asclepius quotes by Asclepius
But he who knows what insanity is, is sane; whereas insanity can no more be sensible of its own existence, than blindness can see itself. ~ Apuleius
Apuleius Asclepius quotes by Apuleius
I insert the bevel and draw back the plunger. I know that the syringe contains more than sodium chloride-that even as the toxic contents fill my fathers veins, he is sharing with me his final gift: the horror and thrill of saving lives. ~ Jacob M. Appel
Apuleius Asclepius quotes by Jacob M. Appel
But The Master and Margarita is true to the broader sense of the novel as a freely developing form embodied in the works of Dostoevsky and Gogol, of Swift and Sterne, of Cervantes, Rabelais and Apuleius. ~ Mikhail Bulgakov
Apuleius Asclepius quotes by Mikhail Bulgakov
My son Asclepius had become the god of medicine by the time he was fifteen, and I couldn't have been happier for him. It left me time for my other interests. Besides, it's every god's dream to have a child who grows up to be a doctor. ~ Rick Riordan
Apuleius Asclepius quotes by Rick Riordan
A Mercury is not made out of any block of wood. ~ Apuleius
Apuleius Asclepius quotes by Apuleius
Familiarity breeds contempt, while rarity wins admiration. ~ Apuleius
Apuleius Asclepius quotes by Apuleius
Look, back in the old days, ravens used to be gentle and white, like doves, okay? But they were terrible gossips. One time I was dating this girl, Koronis. The ravens found out she was cheating on me, and they told me about it. I was so angry, I got Artemis to kill Koronis for me. Then I punished the ravens for being tattletales by turning them black."
Reyna stared at me like she was contemplating another kick to my nose. "That story is messed up on so many levels."
"Just wrong," Meg agreed. "You had your sister kill a girl who was cheating on you?"
"Well, I - "
"Then you punished the birds that told you about it," Reyna added, "by turning them black, as if black was bad and white was good?"
"When you put it that way, it doesn't sound right," I protested. "It's just what happened when my curse scorched them. It also made them nasty-tempered flesh-eaters."
"Oh, that's much better," Reyna snarled.
"If we let the birds eat you," Meg asked, "will they leave Reyna and me alone?"
"I - What?" I worried that Meg might not be kidding. Her facial expression did not say kidding. It said serious about the birds eating you. "Listen, I was angry! Yes, I took it out on the birds, but after a few centuries I cooled down. I apologized. By then, they kind of liked being nasty-tempered flesh-eaters. As for Koronis - I mean, at least I saved the child she was pregnant with when Artemis killed her. He became Asclepius, god of medicine!"
"Your girlfrien ~ Rick Riordan
Apuleius Asclepius quotes by Rick Riordan
I little esteeme to see your visage and figure, little doe I regard the night and darknesse thereof, for you are my only light. ~ Apuleius
Apuleius Asclepius quotes by Apuleius
Piper nodded. She wished she had the healing powers of Asclepius. She wished she could look at people and see what was hurting them, then whip out her prescription pad and make everything better. ~ Rick Riordan
Apuleius Asclepius quotes by Rick Riordan
If I keep my good character, I shall be rich enough. ~ Apuleius
Apuleius Asclepius quotes by Apuleius
Where are you taking that ass? ~ Apuleius
Apuleius Asclepius quotes by Apuleius
Dreams were told to priests on the morning after an overnight stay (known as an 'incubation') and Asclepius himself often manifested to patients. Especially, I believe, to those who paid the most. ~ Stephen Fry
Apuleius Asclepius quotes by Stephen Fry
Venus herself, if she were bold, would not be Venus. ~ Apuleius
Apuleius Asclepius quotes by Apuleius
He's a little grumpy," Asclepius said. "People are always confusing my staff with the staff of Hermes, which has two snakes, obviously. Over the centuries, people have called Hermes's staff the symbol of medicine, when of course it should be my staff. Spike feels slighted. George and Martha get all the attention. Anyway ... ~ Rick Riordan
Apuleius Asclepius quotes by Rick Riordan
Poverty is the discoverer of all the arts. ~ Apuleius
Apuleius Asclepius quotes by Apuleius
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