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The impact of the ACA on larger businesses - especially those that self-insure - is far less than what they would experience in the standard commercial insurance market were they to go out and purchase traditional coverage.
John E. McDonough Quotes: The impact of the ACA
Many organizations help businesses to stay on top of what's changing or likely to change. It's important for executives and managers who focus on a company's health coverage to stay up-to-speed on what's happening, and it's important for those in the C-suite to understand the changes to factor these new variables into their strategic planning calculus.
John E. McDonough Quotes: Many organizations help businesses to
As a nation, we are on a path of rapid and deep systemic change to our health system, and it's going to unfold for some time to come. It is already transforming the fundamental nature of the U.S. medical care delivery system.
John E. McDonough Quotes: As a nation, we are
While the ACA's insurance expansions and reforms represent a great leap forward for the U.S., it is also true that when fully implemented by 2018, the U.S. will still have the most inefficient, wasteful, and unfair health insurance system of any advanced nation, even with the ACA reforms.
John E. McDonough Quotes: While the ACA's insurance expansions
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