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#1. But shame is like a wound that is never exposed and therefore never heals.
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#2. Nothing is more difficult to exterminate than religion, no matter how false it may be.
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#3. It seems to me, dear sister, that you still think the important thing is to become like everybody else. In reality, the important thing is to become different from the others, to discover your uniqueness. You're a rebel by birth, but that doesn't mean much. Your own rebellion is still ahead of you.
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#4. I was born into this world without knowing what life was all about. Only power promised fulfillment in life, and I have pursued it--long enough to recognize that it's a false promise and that this road leads to nothing. But I tried. Even if we get no answers to our questions, it is the inalienable right of every living being to search for them--by all means, on all paths, and with all strength. What I did was only what I had a right to do.
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#5. Nature's in no hurry, then.
Why would she be? She has literally all the time in the world.
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#6. It only becomes art if it touches other people.
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