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No. I'm a wreck," she said in the squeaky high voice of one who is determined not to cry. "You do not seem like it," Mrs. Wattlesbrook squeaked back. "Thanks," Charlotte chirped. "I do yoga. Ninety percent of confidence is posture. ~ Shannon Hale
Wattlesbrook quotes by Shannon Hale
You, uh, caught me there at an unladylike moment. Mrs. Wattlesbrook would probably box my ears."
"That's why I spoke. I wanted to let you know you were not alone before you did something
something worse."
"Like what?"
"Whatever women do when they think they're alone. ~ Shannon Hale
Wattlesbrook quotes by Shannon Hale

We met on an airplane (economy class) and kissed most of the flight home. Over the Atlantic, we decided to fall in love. When the plane touched down at JFK, he hadn't changed his mind. When he carried me over the threshold of my apartment, no Mrs. Wattlesbrook lurked in the shadows. While he was in the kitchen, I picked Pride and Prejudice out of my (miraculously) sill-living houseplant and tucked it into a harmless spot beside all the other DVDs, spine out and proud.
We're going to order in tonight. ~ Shannon Hale
Wattlesbrook quotes by Shannon Hale
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