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#1. I have never seen an unclad male form in my life, and I haven't suffered for the lack."
"By an extraordinary coincidence, I haven't seen an unclad male form in my life, either. I'd say it's time to remedy the situation." Tugging his shirt open, Amy peered down at his chest.
"We can't look at him when he's unconscious! It's . . . it's immoral." Miss Victorine fanned herself with her handkerchief.
Coal watched the white cotton as if contemplating if it would shred.
"Dear Miss Victorine, we abducted him from his own estate. I hardly think sneaking a peek at his chest compares." Letting his shirt drop back, Amy added, "Besides, we looked at his face."
"That's different." Miss Victorine leaned closer. "What color is it?"
"What color is what?" Amy teased.
"You know. The hair on his body."
Amy flashed her a grin. "Red."
"Appropriate," Miss Victorine said crisply.
"Why do you say that?"
"You're gazing upon the gateway to hell."
"I don't think I looked that far," Amy said reflectively. - Author: Christina Dodd
Victorine Dartois quotes by Christina Dodd
#2. Let her go or I'll shoot you."
"I've never met a woman who'd have the guts to shoot a man," he sneered. All the women he knew were too kind. Too gentle.
"I have the guts," the girl said. "Better yet, I want to shoot you."
That shook him. The words, and the tone, a kind of flat, plain aversion the like of which he'd never met in all of his privileged life. What had he ever done to deserve this girl's contempt? And why did he even care? "Which part of me will you shoot?" he mocked. "All that's showing is my head - and you can't be that good with a gun."
"I am," the girl said. "On the count of three, I'll shoot. One . . ."
"You'd take the chance of hurting Miss Victorine?" he asked.
"I won't hurt her. Two . . ."
"Amy, please, let him go!" Miss Victorine begged. "He was such a sweet boy."
"Three." Amy's eyes narrowed. Her finger began to squeeze the trigger.
And he released Miss Victorine, spinning her away from him and into a cabinet.
She landed with a thud and fell. The pistol roared.
He dived to the floor.
A shot whistled past the place where his head had been.
"Damn, that was close. Good thing you surrendered, my lord!"
"Don't swear, dear, it's not ladylike. - Author: Christina Dodd
Victorine Dartois quotes by Christina Dodd
#3. He gazed into her eyes. "I was never any good at saying no to you." He cupped her face and put his forehead to hers. "I was going to protest, and then give in." Aribelle smiled. "I hope you never get good at saying no to me. - Author: Victorine E. Lieske
Victorine Dartois quotes by Victorine E. Lieske
#4. The more I know you, the more I wonder who you are." He counted off her qualities on his fingers. "You have the accent of a lady. You dress like a peasant. You shoot like a marksman. You view the world cynically, yet you venerate Miss Victorine. Your face and body would be the envy of a young goddess, yet you sport an air of innocence. And that innocence hides a criminal mind and the cheek to pull off the most outrageous of felonies."
"So I'm Athena, the goddess of war."
"Definitely not Diana, the goddess of virginity."
As the last shot hit home, he saw Amy's mask slip. Blood rushed to her face. She bit her lip and looked toward the stairs as if only now realizing she could have - should have - left this whole discussion behind.
He laughed softly, triumphantly. "Or perhaps I'm mistaken. Perhaps you have more in common with Diana than I thought."
"Pray remember, sir, that Diana was also the goddess of the hunt." Amy leaned across the table, intent on making her point - but the blush still played across her cheeks. "She carried a bow and arrow, and she always bagged her quarry. Have a look at the bullet hole in the rock behind you and remember my skill and my cynicism. For we do know things about each other. I know that if you escape, you'll make sure I'm hung from a gibbet. You know that if I catch you escaping, I'll shoot you through the heart. Remember that as you cast longing glances toward the window." With a flourish, she picked up the breakfast t - Author: Christina Dodd
Victorine Dartois quotes by Christina Dodd
#5. On impulse, he leaned over and brushed his lips against hers. - Author: Victorine E. Lieske
Victorine Dartois quotes by Victorine E. Lieske

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