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Don't let anyone, especially your doctor, tell you that A-Fib isn't that serious, or you should just learn to live with it. (Beat Your A-Fib, page 165) ~ Steve S. Ryan
Unsustained Afib quotes by Steve S. Ryan
The more solitary, the more friendless, the more unsustained I am, the more I will respect myself. I ~ Charlotte Bronte
Unsustained Afib quotes by Charlotte Bronte
The universe is not a miracle. It simply is, unguided and unsustained, manifesting the patterns of nature with scrupulous regularity. Over billions of years it has evolved naturally, from a state of low entropy toward increasing complexity, and it will eventually wind down to a featureless equilibrium. We are the miracle, we human beings. Not a break-the-laws-of-physics kind of miracle; a miracle in that it is wondrous and amazing how such complex, aware, creative, caring creatures could have arisen in perfect accordance with those laws. Our lives are finite, unpredictable, and immeasurably precious. Our emergence has brought meaning and mattering into the world. ~ Sean Carroll
Unsustained Afib quotes by Sean Carroll
A fuel-less flame is nothing but a wraith, However wrought, if unsustained by passion. ~ Nick Gordon
Unsustained Afib quotes by Nick Gordon
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