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I started doing independent films. My first one was 'Miss Bala,' which was very well-received at film festivals. ~ Stephanie Sigman
Shipon Bala quotes by Stephanie Sigman
And I discovered, too, that people needed to talk. Not to converse, not to get advice, not to have a clever repartee. They needed to get things off their chests. Truly, to vent. ~ Helena Dea Bala
Shipon Bala quotes by Helena Dea Bala
Who better represents us, other than our Gods and their stories?" "What ~ Bala Krishna
Shipon Bala quotes by Bala Krishna
Probably, an increasingly desperate Bala-Tik thought as he let off yet another ineffectual blast, Solo had done it by talking all of them into a state of complete insensibility. ~ Alan Dean Foster
Shipon Bala quotes by Alan Dean Foster
I talked with my rustic customers and fellow merchants. I also spoke with the pious devotees and priests. These conversations generally gave shape to my anti-religion, anti-shastra, anti-purana and atheist policies. They formed the basis for my views on caste, God and religion. I also developed a general distaste for Brahminism. - Periyar, on his childhood days ~ Bala Jeyaraman
Shipon Bala quotes by Bala Jeyaraman
Deep Relationship always results in Pain... ~ Bala Subramanian
Shipon Bala quotes by Bala Subramanian
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