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I appreciate very much Vilayat Khan, the sitar player, and Bismillah Khan, the shehnai player; and among the tabla players, of course, Alla Rakha, Kishan Maharaja, and all these people. ~ Ravi Shankar
Rostagno Tabla quotes by Ravi Shankar
I've always felt that the performance of a raag resembles a novel - or at least the kind of novel I'm attempting to write. You know,' he continued, extemporizing as he went along, 'first you take one note and explore it for a while, then another to discover its possibilities, then perhaps you get to the dominant, and pause for a bit, and it's only gradually that the phrases begin to form and the tabla joins in with the beat ... and then the more brilliant improvisations and diversions begin, with the main theme returning from time to time, and finally it all speeds up, and the excitement increases to a climax. ~ Vikram Seth
Rostagno Tabla quotes by Vikram Seth
I'd play with these Indian players, the tabla and sitar. ~ Bob Livingston
Rostagno Tabla quotes by Bob Livingston
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