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My brother used to say some people have an "inferiority simplex." It's not that they're under the delusion that they're inferior; they actually are inferior and they secretly know it. ~ Gregory Heisler
Purpura Simplex quotes by Gregory Heisler
It gives us a lot of versatility and flexibility. Looking ahead, we've got a lot of good young players coming through the system. As they make their way, we'll have some tough decisions down the road. I'm just glad to have this one bat in our lineup that can drive in 100 runs, hit 25 to 30 home runs at least, and in our ballpark, maybe more. ~ Tim Purpura
Purpura Simplex quotes by Tim Purpura
PROBABILITY BY LIA PURPURA Most coincidents are not miraculous, but way more common than we think - it's the shiver of noticing being central in a sequence of events that makes so much seem wild and rare - because what if it wasn't? Astonishment's nothing without your consent. ~ Anonymous
Purpura Simplex quotes by Anonymous
We put forth a very strong number. It's always hard to know, it's impossible to know what numbers are out there. ~ Tim Purpura
Purpura Simplex quotes by Tim Purpura
We have to go about our business. Certainly, we'd love to have Roger aboard. There's no doubt about it. We also understand his thought process, what he's going through to try to make this decision. ~ Tim Purpura
Purpura Simplex quotes by Tim Purpura
Do people talk about the war?" Miller asked. "Often," the missionary said. "Anyone make sense of it?" "No. I don't believe war ever does. It's a madness that's in our nature. Sometimes it recurs; sometimes it subsides." "Sounds like a disease." "The herpes simplex of the species?" the missionary said with a laugh. "I suppose there are worse ways to think of it. I'm afraid that as long as we're human, it will be with us. ~ James S.A. Corey
Purpura Simplex quotes by James S.A. Corey
446.000 MHz is the national calling frequency for FM simplex operations in the 70 cm band. (T2A02) 146.52 MHz is the national calling frequency for FM simplex operation in the 2 m band. ~ Dan Romanchik
Purpura Simplex quotes by Dan Romanchik
Natural selection shaped the human brain to be drawn toward aspects of nature that enhance our survival and reproduction, like verdant landscapes and docile creatures. There is no payoff to getting the warm fuzzies in the presence of rats, snakes, mosquitoes, cockroaches, herpes simplex and the rabies virus. ~ Paul Bloom
Purpura Simplex quotes by Paul Bloom
What we're going to do is use spring training as sort of a feeling-out process for Phil and Preston and our other outfielders. It gives us a lot of comfort to know that you've got a pure center fielder like Preston. But he's also so athletic, he can come in and play either corner and we'll feel very comfortable with it. ~ Tim Purpura
Purpura Simplex quotes by Tim Purpura
Academia is alas full of special interests and specialists who presumed it was possible to "leapfrog" over this or that entire line of development. These minds hoped to distance themselves from the pernicious vices of a whole way of thinking, but of course at the same time excluded all of its virtues too. Modern abstractivism in its simplex form (which does not preclude a high degree of articulate facility within the ambit of what is preconceived and accepted). ~ Kenny Smith
Purpura Simplex quotes by Kenny Smith
With reference to viral infections," the Librarian says, "if I may make a fairly blunt, spontaneous cross-reference - something I am coded to do at opportune moments - you may wish to examine herpes simplex, a virus that takes up residence in the nervous system and never leaves. It is capable of carrying new genes into existing neurons and genetically reengineering them. Modern gene therapists use it for this purpose. Lagos thought that herpes simplex might be a modern, benign descendant of Asherah. ~ Neal Stephenson
Purpura Simplex quotes by Neal Stephenson
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