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#1. The Most Dangerous (Sab Ton Khatarnak - Paash)

The most dangerous occurrence is not a robbery of hard work,

The most horrifying act is not a torture by the police,

A merger of treachery and greed is not the most dangerous.

To be trapped while asleep is surely miserable,

To be buried under the silence is surely miserable,

But it is still not the most dangerous.

To remain silent in the noise of corruption is surely miserable,

Reading covertly under the light of a firefly is surely miserable,

But it is still not the most dangerous.

The most dangerous deed is to be filled with a dead silence,

Not feeling any agony against the unjust and bearing it all.

Getting trapped in the routine of running from home to work and from work to home,

The most dangerous accident is a death of our dreams.

The most dangerous thing is that watch which runs on your wrist, but stands still for your eyes

**A Translation of Paash's poem Sab ton Khatarnak by Jasz Gill - Author: Paash
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