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#1. His sanity is an unknown room: a known room is always smaller than an unknown. - Author: Djuna Barnes
Nightwood quotes by Djuna Barnes
#2. Man makes his history with the one hand and "holds it up" with the other. - Author: Djuna Barnes
Nightwood quotes by Djuna Barnes
#3. And I *know* I wrote in the above that I hate biographies and reviews that focus on the psychological, surface detail, especially when they pertain to women writers, because I think it's really about the cult of the personality, which is essentially problematic, and I think simplistically psychologizing which biographies are so wont to do is really problematic, and dangerous, especially when dealing with complicated women who just by being writers at a certain time and age were labelled as nonconformist, or worse, hysterical or ill or crazy, and I think branding these women as femme fatales is all so often done. And I know in a way I'm contributing to this by posting their bad-ass photos, except hopefully I am humanizing them and thinking of them as complicated selves and intellects AND CELEBRATING THEM AS WRITERS as opposed to straight-up objectifying. One particular review long ago in Poetry that really got my goat was when Brian Phillips used Gertrude Stein's line about Djuna Barnes having nice ankles as an opener in a review of her poetry, and to my mind it was meant to be entirely dismissive, as of course, Stein was being as well. Stein was many important revolutionary things to literature, but a champion of her fellow women writers she was not. They published my letter, but then let the guy write a reply and scurry to the library and actually read Nightwood, one of my all-time, all-times, and Francis Bacon's too, there's another anecdote. And it's burned in my brain his - Author: Kate Zambreno
Nightwood quotes by Kate Zambreno
#4. There's something evil in me that loves evil and degradation
purity's black backside! That loves honesty with a horrid love; or why have I always gone seeking it at the liar's door? - Author: Djuna Barnes
Nightwood quotes by Djuna Barnes
#5. We wake from our doings in a deep sweat for that they happened in a house without an address, in a street in no town, citizened with people with no names with which to deny them. Their very lack of identity makes them ourselves. For by a street number, by a house, by a name, we cease to accuse ourselves. Sleep demands of us a guilty immunity. There is not one of us who, given an eternal incognito, a thumbprint nowhere set against our souls, would not commit rape, murder and all abominations. - Author: Djuna Barnes
Nightwood quotes by Djuna Barnes
#6. Man is born as he dies, rebuking cleanliness; - Author: Djuna Barnes
Nightwood quotes by Djuna Barnes
#7. No man need curing of his individual sickness; his universal malady is what he should look to. - Author: Djuna Barnes
Nightwood quotes by Djuna Barnes

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