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The memory burned like bile in my stomach, and I closed my eyes, wishing it didn't have to be this way. I loved Puck like a brother and a best friend. And yet, during a very dark period when I was confused and lonely and hurt, my affection for him had led me to do something stupid, something I shouldn't have done. I knew he loved me, and the fact that I'd taken advantage of his feelings made me disgusted with myself. I wished I knew how to fix it, but the barely concealed pain in Puck's eyes told me no amount of words would make it better. ~ Julie Kagawa
My Best Friend Hurt Me So Bad quotes by Julie Kagawa
For me… it was excruciating." He closed his eyes for a moment then focused on her. "It is so painful to truly love someone so much and not have them. For years I practiced tolerating that pain. Around the time I was sixteen I could finally stand to look at you. So, I did, all the damn time. I watched you so carefully. I captured every smile, every frown, every tear from you. I wanted you… but I couldn't have you. Then one day we became friends and
the pain came back, but I didn't care because you were my friend, my best friend. But when you kissed me, I realized the feeling I had before was nothing compared to what I felt when we kissed. I felt alive… and guilty and betrayed, because it's not fair. It's not fair for me to go through that… to want to kiss you every day, every hour, every minute for the rest of my miserable life, but I want to. I'm afraid that it will get to a point where I need to. I have been in love with you since I was eight years old. I have hated the way my father has treated me, but nothing has hurt me as much as the pain of my mother's death except seeing you and my brother in bliss. What I want is for you to stay in this room with me. I want to feel how you feel, taste how you taste, and completely fall in you because I'm just… tired of always wanting what I can't have. I want to make you smile, make you happy… I want to be inside you… I want to give you pleasure in every way… mind, body, and soul… I am completely, madly… and utterly in love with ~ Chelsea Ballinger
My Best Friend Hurt Me So Bad quotes by Chelsea Ballinger
You know me better than anyone, and you're my best friend. I don't think there's anything you could say to me that would lead me to believe that you're doing it just to hurt me. If there's one thing I've come to know about you, it's that you're not even capable of something like that. Why do you think I like spending time with you so much? Because you're a good guy. A nice guy. ~ Nicholas Sparks
My Best Friend Hurt Me So Bad quotes by Nicholas Sparks
When they reached the table, Hannah started to introduce them. "Layla, this is Joe. Joe, this is - "

"We've already met," said Joseph, extending his hand and smiling.

"Have we?" asked Layla, baffled.

"Have you?" said Hannah. This was news to her.

"Yeah, we have," continued Joseph. "A couple of hours ago. On the road into the village. You tried to kill me, remember?"

"Kill you?" gasped Layla. "You're the biker? The one I knocked over?"

"You knocked him over?" repeated Hannah in horror.

"I didn't mean to," explained Layla quickly. "It was an accident. I was going to tell you about it. I just haven't had the chance yet."

Turning to Joseph, Hannah asked, "Are you okay? Are you hurt at all?"

"Well," he replied somberly, "apart from my right arm, which I'm not sure is going to be of much use to me ever again, I'm fine."

As Layla's jaw dropped open, he added quickly, "I'm joking. Really, it's just a joke. I'm fine."

"Right, well, in that case," Hannah continued, "as I was saying, Layla, this is Joseph Scott. Joe, this is Layla Lewis, your would-be killer, next door neighbor, and my best friend. She's house-sitting whilst Lenny's in Scotland."

"Next door neighbor, huh?" replied Joseph, taking a swig from his pint glass. "That could prove interesting. ~ Shani Struthers
My Best Friend Hurt Me So Bad quotes by Shani Struthers
Peter pushed off from the roof and stalked a few feet away, his back to her. "Please tell me this is all some kind of a sick joke."
"It's the truth. All of it. That's why hunters are after me."
"How did they find out?" Peter asked, swiveling toward her now.
"I think Beck ratted me out. I went to his house this morning and told him what had happened. He was furious, Peter. I've never seen anyone that angry."
"Duh! Now there's a surprise," her friend replied sarcastically. "I saw the way he looked at you at your dad's funeral. Of course he'd be mad. You're about the only one on the planet who doesn't realize how he feels about you."
"He never said anything," she retorted.
"Hey, we guys don't blurt out that kind of stuff," he replied. "It's against the man code. Beck may never have said how he felt, but everything he did for you should have been a big clue. I mean, come on, how slow are you?"
She glowered at her friend. "I figured he was doing it because of my father."
"Maybe, but the guy is really into you, Riley."
"No way. If he'd liked me, he wouldn't have blown me off and - "
"Ancient history, girl!" he countered. "You were, what, fifteen? Your dad would have torn him apart if he'd touched you. Beck had no other choice."
"He didn't have to be so mean."
"God, will you listen to yourself?" Peter retorted.
"You have no idea how much he hurt me," she shot back.
"Give it up, will you? You're my best friend, but ~ Jana Oliver
My Best Friend Hurt Me So Bad quotes by Jana Oliver
They're not worthy to rule. None of them. I will go and get the Half-Breed and prove to you just how untrustworthy they are. All of them know about her. Every last one. I challenge Prince Galen to deny it."
Galen locks eyes with Toraf. How could he do this to me? How could he do this to Emma? Now everyone present knows of her existence. She won't be safe anywhere, not with Jagen in control. Especially because Toraf, the best Tracker in Syrena history, has just vowed to find her and bring her here.
Which will be excessively easy, since he knows exactly where she is. She trusts him. Rachel trusts him. It will be so simple for him. And I have no way of warning her, of getting to her. All I can do is protect her when she gets here.
Tandel quiets the crowd, one of his primary duties as of late. When he has achieved control, he turns to Galen. "Your Highness, would you like to address these accusations against you?"
Galen swims to the center stone without taking his eyes off Toraf. "If something happens to her because of you," he whispers to his one-time friend, his voice raw with hurt, "your death will be my priority."
Toraf opens his mouth to say something, but Galen cuts him off to address the crowd. There is nothing Toraf can say to him that will make this right. There is nothing Toraf can say to him that will hurt him more. "I have nothing at all to say to these accusations."
Tandel sighs. "Very well, Highness. Thank you."
Galen swims to the ~ Anna Banks
My Best Friend Hurt Me So Bad quotes by Anna Banks
Adam took Ellie's hand and brought it to his lips, his eyes closing as he pressed his mouth to her skin. When he opened them I saw tears shimmering there, and felt my throat close up. I watched Ellie's breath catch as he tugged on her hand and pulled her into the kitchen with him to face Braden. All of sudden Adam looked a little sick. "I need to tell you something."

Braden crossed his arms over his chest, frowning as he took in the two of them standing close together. "Go on."

Adam closed his eyes briefly and then when he opened them I saw determination that I admired in the face of his bulldozer of a friend. "You're like a brother. I would never do anything to hurt you. And I know I haven't been what a brother would consider good material for his wee sister, but I love Ellie, Braden. I have for a long time now and I can't not be with her. I've wasted too much time as it is."

Ellie and I held our breaths as the two best friends faced off.

Braden's eyes went to Ellie, his expression not giving anything away. God, he could be an intimidating a-hole when he wanted to be. "Do you love him?"

Adam looked back at her and she squeezed his arm. With a small smile she turned to her brother. "Yes."

Braden shrugged and reached casually over to the kettle to turn it on. "About bloody time. You two were giving me a headache."

My mouth fell open along with Adam and Ellie's. Not once the entire time we'd been datin ~ Samantha Young
My Best Friend Hurt Me So Bad quotes by Samantha Young
But wasn't a best friend also someone you could trust not to hurt you? I had hurt Vicki, yet here she was, opening her home and heart to me again. So maybe being a best friend entailed the ability to forgive. ~ Barbara Delinsky
My Best Friend Hurt Me So Bad quotes by Barbara Delinsky
She's my lifeline, my best friend. There isn't anything I wouldn't do for her, and if she knew how I felt, she'd crumble. The last thing she would ever want to do is hurt me. ~ Heidi McLaughlin
My Best Friend Hurt Me So Bad quotes by Heidi McLaughlin
You walking away hurt me! That name hurt me! You were supposed to be my best friend and friends don't do what you did to me!"
"We can rehash this as much as you want, but it won't change what I did or why. I made a mistake. You either forgive me or you don't, but I'm telling you I'm sorry, and if I could take it back, I would."
She draws in several deep breaths, and after the longest silence of my life, she meets my eyes again. "Do you regret it?"
"Every. Damn. Day. ~ Katie McGarry
My Best Friend Hurt Me So Bad quotes by Katie McGarry
Toothless? Hey, it's me, bud. It's me. It's me, I'm right here, bud. Come back to me. It wasn't your fault, bud. They… made you do it. You'd never hurt him. You'd never hurt me! Please, you.. are my best friend, bud… My best friend. ~ Hiccup Horrendous Haddock
My Best Friend Hurt Me So Bad quotes by Hiccup Horrendous Haddock
You hurt me, I want to say. You're my best friend. The one who's supposed to tell me I'd be the best boyfriend in the world and that any girl would be lucky to have me, not the one who laughs outright at the thought that I might need someone to love. ~ Lauren Layne
My Best Friend Hurt Me So Bad quotes by Lauren Layne
I want you to be happy. Eat it."
A wry smile curved Rose's lips. "Am I to find happiness in a piece of chocolate cake?"
Eve already had a forkful en route to her mouth. "I stake my reputation on it."
"Oh," she replied dryly. "Surely heaven is just a bite away."
"Speaking of heaven," Eve said a few minutes later when Rose thought she might expire from the bliss the dessert inspired, "tell me about your evening at Saint's Row."
"Shh!" Her paranoid gaze darted around to see if anyone had overheard, but there was no one standing close enough to their whitewashed bench.
"Don't shush me, Rose Danvers. I'm your best friend and you've kept me waiting four whole days! I demand details."
Cheeks flushed, Rose stared at the half-eaten cake on her plate. Eve's timing might leave something to be desired, but at least she'd stopped Rose from eating the entire slice.
"What do you want to know?"
Eve's expression was incredulous. "Everything, of course." Then, as though realizing who she was talking to, she sighed. "Did you find him?"
Rose nodded. "I did." The fire in her cheeks burned hotter, and she looked away. "Oh, Eve!"
Her friend grabbed her wrist, clattering fork against plate. "That arse didn't hurt you did he?"
"No!" Then lowering her voice, "And he's not an arse." Using such rough language made her feel daring and bold.
The scowl on Eve's face eased. "Then…he was good to you?"
Rose nodded, leaning closer. "It was ~ Kathryn Smith
My Best Friend Hurt Me So Bad quotes by Kathryn Smith
Please don't go. Just stay, talk to me, we can work this out. I know we can. I would never cheat on you – I swear to you. Just believe me, please. I love you so much. You're the only person I've ever loved. And I know I've screwed up with the drugs, but I would never cheat on you. You're my best friend. You're my everything. ~ Samantha Towle
My Best Friend Hurt Me So Bad quotes by Samantha Towle
We are working! She was fine. You could see her. What the fuck is wrong with you? This is our job, asshole. You can't go doing shit like that when we have a packed house!"

Krit shoved him again. "Don't tell me what the fuck to do."

I had to stop them. This was about me. I wasn't sure why Krit had come offstage, but I knew it was about me. I had to fix this. I didn't want Krit fighting his best friend.

"Stop fucking shoving me, you pansy-ass motherfucker!" Green roared, and lunged for Krit.

I moved fast, putting up two hands and jumping in front of Krit to stop him. The force of impact when Green didn't stop hit me directly in the chest. It was as if someone had put a vacuum in my lungs and sucked all of the oxygen from the room. Nothing was getting in, and panic gripped me when I realized I couldn't breathe.

"Fuck!" Krit yelled, and his arms were around me. He was doing something to my chest as he begged me to breathe. I was trying to breathe. It wouldn't work.

"Baby, please breathe," he was pleading, and I wanted nothing more than to do that, but I couldn't. It hurt, and the terror that I was about to die settled over me.

"She got the air knocked out of her. She's gonna be okay," Matty said in a calmer voice.

And then the vacuum left, and the air I had been fighting for filled my chest as I gasped loudly and bent over. Krit was holding me against him as me muttered sweet things over and o ~ Abbi Glines
My Best Friend Hurt Me So Bad quotes by Abbi Glines
Rejection always hurt, but having it come from my best friend was worst ~ Jay Asher
My Best Friend Hurt Me So Bad quotes by Jay Asher
Don't you recognize me?'
Marius bent hastily forward and saw that it was indeed that unhappy girl, clad in a man's clothes.
'How do you come to be here? What are you doing?'
'I'm dying,' she said.
There are words and happenings which arouse even souls in the depths of despair. Marius cried, as though starting out of sleep:
'You're wounded! I'll carry you into the tavern. They'll dress your wound. Is it very bad? How am I to lift you without hurting you? Help, someone! But what are you doing here?'
He tried to get an arm underneath her to raise her up, and in doing so touched her hand. She uttered a weak cry.
'Did I hurt you?'
'A little.'
'But I only touched your hand.'
She lifted her hand for him to see, and he saw a hole in the centre of the palm.
'What happened?' he asked.
'A bullet went through it.'
'A bullet? But how?'
'Don't you remember a musket being aimed at you?'
'Yes, and a hand was clapped over it.'
'That was mine.'
Marius shuddered.
'What madness! Your poor child! Still, if that's all, it might be worse. I'll get you to a bed and they'll bind you up. One doesn't die of a wounded hand.'
She murmured:
'The ball passed through my hand, but it came out through my back. It's no use trying to move me. I'll tell you how you can treat my wound better than any surgeon. Sit down on that stone, close beside me.'
Marius did so. She rested her hea ~ Victor Hugo
My Best Friend Hurt Me So Bad quotes by Victor Hugo
It was hard to accept that she had almost no feelings, maybe
none at all, for me as a man. This hurt so bad at times it felt like
someone was gouging out my guts with a knife. Still, the time I
spent with her was more precious than anything. ~ Haruki Murakami
My Best Friend Hurt Me So Bad quotes by Haruki Murakami
Remi leaned back and stared at me. "There you are."
I remembered it all, and I was horrified. This was not how I wanted our first time to be. "Remi. I… I…. Are you okay?"
"I'm perfectly fine. You were very careful and gentle with me." Remi brushed a few of my braids back. "Besides, I'm not the one who was stabbed in the chest. Are you okay now?"
"Better. I'm better, but not okay. I need human blood."
"I'm glad you're - " Remi gulped, shivered, and then the tears started.
He wrapped his trembling arms around me. He didn't yell or scream, but his body shook violently as he silently cried. Such control. It pained me, him hurting. Even a silver knife to the chest didn't hurt this bad.
I wanted to do something, make it better somehow. I ran my hands up and down his back, wishing he hadn't seen this. No one should have to deal with what he had to, and so soon in our relationship too.
"Hey. Hey, now. I'm okay. Seriously I'm going to be fine."
Remi burrowed closer. "I thought… I thought…. I was terrified I'd lost you. I'd just found you and, and…." Remi grasped my shirt. "I thought you were dead, and… and…. Gods! I'm so glad you're not."
I laughed slightly as I held him. The torrent of tears didn't last long. "I'm glad I'm not dead too."
Remi sniffled and wiped his nose on the back of his hand. "Jeez, I sound unhinged. ~ M.A. Church
My Best Friend Hurt Me So Bad quotes by M.A. Church
I'd never been in love, never felt that surge of feeling or that fall from its graces. I'd only watched as others weathered it: my mother in her garden, Sumner on the front lawn all those years ago, Ashley sobbing from the other side of a wall. I sat kerbside with my best friend and held her, trying to shoulder some of the hurt. There's only so much you can do, in these situations. ~ Sarah Dessen
My Best Friend Hurt Me So Bad quotes by Sarah Dessen
At some of the darkest moments in my life, some people I thought of as friends deserted me-some because they cared about me and it hurt them to see me in pain; others because I reminded them of their own vulnerability, and that was more than they could handle. But real friends overcame their discomfort and came to sit with me. If they had not words to make me feel better, they sat in silence (much better than saying, "You'll get over it," or "It's not so bad; others have it worse") and I loved them for it. ~ Harold S. Kushner
My Best Friend Hurt Me So Bad quotes by Harold S. Kushner
It's shitty I guess. They're my friends. But ... everything I want to talk about I can't say to them. It feels so separate, like I've touched something that's taken the color out of me. ~ Kendare Blake
My Best Friend Hurt Me So Bad quotes by Kendare Blake
You know, there are things that can be done easily and simply and there are things that are very difficult. When it comes to the important stuff, I always seem to take the most difficult path, for some reason. You can buy the most amazing ring and get down on one knee or write a message in the sky or go up in a hot air balloon, but all of those options are for people who do everything on time, and that's not me. I made my choice a long time ago... But how can I tell this girl that I want to live a full and happy life and that that's only possible with her when she's not available? Somebody beat me to it, but it's so much more than that. How can I tell her that I'll never hurt her, never cause her pain? That I'll dedicate my life to protecting her from all the bad, from every possible harm and danger? That I want to have lots of babies, but only if she is their mother? That I can't imagine my life without her? How can I tell her all this if she has already given herself to someone else? ~ Victoria Sobolev
My Best Friend Hurt Me So Bad quotes by Victoria Sobolev
Our victimization in a way, can turn us into bullies because, the other person isn't doing something that we want and we get hurt. That way we get to bully that person and tell them basically you're a bad person for hurting me but, if you're burned all over and I give you a gentle hug and I dont know it, I'm not hurting you so to speak. It's the burns that are hurting you. ~ Stefan Molyneux
My Best Friend Hurt Me So Bad quotes by Stefan Molyneux
And that is when I know ... that is when I understand that it's better to feel the ache inside me like demons scratching at my heart than it is to feel numb the way a dead body feels when you touch it. It's better to wait for the beautiful things ... to stare at them for as long as they hold on as tight as you can before they disappear. And it might hurt so bad inside ... but it's better to wait for the next beautiful thing than never look for any again. ~ Brian James
My Best Friend Hurt Me So Bad quotes by Brian James
I don't want your love. I want the same love you want. I don't want your love. I want what you want & we can find It together & share our deepening experience of It….I thought it was your love I wanted and it hurt so much when you couldn't give it. I even made a bargain that if I gave it to you, I could expect it back. I thought you agreed to this bargain. I thought you were part of the deal.

I lived in fear that your love would disappear. I moved so deeply into the veil. Now I hear within me the whispering of something else. I feel the possibility of a Love that has nothing to do with you – an infinite resource that it always there. This Love is not affected by any condition, nor does it change in the stream of time. It is the same Love whether my body is strong or weak, whether I am rich and bountiful in material things or whether I am poor. It is not affected by things of this world. This is the Love that brings release. This is the Love that dissolves chains. This is the love that brings peace. This is the only Love I want. It releases you, my friend, from all our contracts."

Stephen Schwartz, Compassionate Presence ~ Stephen R. Schwartz
My Best Friend Hurt Me So Bad quotes by Stephen R. Schwartz
My friendships have stopped being so exclusive and the guidelines have simplified.

Does knowing me help someone I know become a better person?

Am I becoming a better person knowing someone?

Here's how I know a relationship is working. When I'm with that person, I am happy. I look forward to seeing that person. I'm not afraid that that person will hurt me intentionally. I'm not hesitant to speak up if I do feel hurt. Knowing that person, challenges me to grow. Being around that person gives me comfort when I feel sad. That person is someone I want to celebrate with when things are great.

I've let go of expecting people to behave a certain way or to treat me a certain way. However, I feel I'm more idealistic about my relationships than I've ever been. I want the most difficult thing you can ask a person and that is for them to be themselves, the good and the bad. I want authenticity where many find it hard to be authentic with themselves. It's from our authentic selves where true connections are made.

It's from those true connections where I finally feel understood. ~ Corin
My Best Friend Hurt Me So Bad quotes by Corin
If I'm afraid of someone on the street, I'll turn to him (it's always a boy) and say, "Excuse me, do you happen to know what time it is?" This is my way of saying to the person, "I see you as a friend, and there is no need to hurt me or take my stuff. Also, I don't even have a watch and I am probably not worth mugging." So far, it's worked like gangbusters ... And I've discovered that most people I'm afraid of are actually very friendly. ~ Rebecca Stead
My Best Friend Hurt Me So Bad quotes by Rebecca Stead
With a cold"
she spoke evenly, lowering her eyes a little
"now is the hardest time. Maybe even harder than dying. But this is probably as bad as it can get. You might come to fear the next time you get a cold; it will be as bad as this, but if you just hold steady, it won't be. For the rest of your life. That's how it works. You could take the negative view and live in fear: Will it happen again? But it won't hurt so much if you just accept it as a part of life." With that she looked up at me, smiling. ~ Banana Yoshimoto
My Best Friend Hurt Me So Bad quotes by Banana Yoshimoto
Weren't you scared?" I ask.
"Yes. But it was a good scared."
"There's a good kind?"
"Oh, yes." Her voice drops so low I have to strain to hear. "Orlin made me scared all the time. Scared I would starve. Scared I would get too cold. Scared he would hurt me again or get so mad he'd throw me to one of the men. That was nasty bad scared." She pauses, scuffing her boots against the floor. "But you never hit me, even though I'm your slave ... You always feed me. You call me my true name. Now when I'm scared, it's not because of meanness. And today, I chose my own scared. It's always a good scared, when you get to pick it your own self. ~ Rae Carson
My Best Friend Hurt Me So Bad quotes by Rae Carson
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