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#1. Sufre mas el que espera siempre
que aquel que nunca espero a nadie?
Does he who is always waiting suffer more than he who's never waited for anyone? - Author: Pablo Neruda
Mantenernos Siempre quotes by Pablo Neruda
#2. Live life to the fullest, always respecting others but more important yourself.

vivi tu visa al maximo, siempre respetando a los demas pero sobre todo ati misma. - Author: Isabel Ramos
Mantenernos Siempre quotes by Isabel Ramos
#3. I never got over you either," I ocnfess, and he draws in a deep breath. "It's because I never would let you go. You felt that, didn't you?" He presses a soft kiss to my lips. "Pienso en ti siempre." I think of you always. - Author: Stevie J. Cole
Mantenernos Siempre quotes by Stevie J. Cole
#4. El verbo leer, como el verbo amar y el verbo soñar, no soporta 'el modo imperativo'. Yo siempre les aconsejé a mis estudiantes que si un libro los aburre lo dejen; que no lo lean porque es famoso, que no lean un libro porque es moderno, que no lean un libro porque es antiguo. La lectura debe ser una de las formas de la felicidad y no se puede obligar a nadie a ser feliz.

The verb reading, like the verb to love and the verb dreaming, doesn't bear the imperative mode. I always advised to my students that if a book bores them leave it; That they don't read it because it's famous, that they don't read a book because it's modern, that they don't read a book because it's antique. The reading should be one of the ways of happiness and nobody can be obliged to be happy. - Author: Jorge Luis Borges
Mantenernos Siempre quotes by Jorge Luis Borges
#5. El clavo que sobresale siempre recibe un martillazo." The nail that sticks out always gets hit by a hammer. We - Author: Sor Juana Ines De La Cruz
Mantenernos Siempre quotes by Sor Juana Ines De La Cruz
#6. Tell me something from Spanish literature," Schiele said.
"I'll give you a line from my favorite novel. 'Los seres humanos no nacen para siempre el dia en que sus madres los alumbran, sino que la vida los obliga a parirse a si mismos una y otra vez.'"
("Humans are not born forever on the day their mothers have them; life necessitates giving birth to themselves over and over again.") - Author: Gabrielle Zevin
Mantenernos Siempre quotes by Gabrielle Zevin
#7. YOU
You are that song that plays rarely on the radio,
But when it does I have to sing it out loud…
You are the water that formed a puddle on a rainy day,that I played in,
When I was only eight years old.
You are the first snowfall of the season,
And the reason I like the morning...
You're a single seashell that washed up onto the shore.
You are my set of old medals
Hidden deep in a drawer…
You are the sun, the moon, the stars, and all the planets.
You are the first breath of a baby just born.

Eres una dandelion que encuentro,
I pull, make a wish, then blow.
You are the sunrise that I tried to paint
after I woke up in Eilat.
You give the nights its meaning…
to dream, while others just sleep.
You are my 3rd grade valentine,
Read, frayed and loved a thousand times.
Eres perfección envuelto en humildad…

Eres oro, plata, y diamantes…
Eres mi querido viejito Pooh, que nunca lo abandonare.
You are my first time driving my brother's Impala,
When I was just fourteen.
You are the name hidden deep inside my name…
And I'm the fingers interlaced with yours.
Eres el PS: I love you at the end la carta,
Y yo soy el PS: I love you too.
Somos el principio, el medio y la ultima palabra
De mi libro final.

Eternamente nosotros, nosotros, nosotros…
Porque nosotros siempre es mejor
Que solamente… yo…
YOU - Author: Jose N Harris
Mantenernos Siempre quotes by Jose N Harris

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