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Come along,' she said. 'They're waiting.'
He had never felt so happy in the whole of his life! Without a word they made it up. They walked down to the lake. He had twenty minutes of perfect happiness. Her voice, her laugh, her dress (something floating, white, crimson), her spirit, her adventurousness; she made them all disembark and explore the island; she startled a hen; she laughed; she sang. And all the time, he knew perfectly well, Dalloway was falling in love with her; she was falling in love with Dalloway; but it didn't seem to matter. Nothing mattered. They sat on the ground and talked-he and Clarissa. They went in and out of each other's minds without any effort. And then in a second it was over. He said to himself as they were getting into the boat, 'She will marry that man,' dully, without any resentment; but it was an obvious thing. Dalloway would marry Clarissa. ~ Virginia Woolf
Love Without Meeting quotes by Virginia Woolf
For as much as many NKOTB fans have been caught off guard by how much this has all meant, so too have some of the guys. Donnie says, "It was a surprise to me how fulfilling it was. It was a surprise to me how emotional it was, how rewarding it was. And quite frankly, how wrapped up in the fans I am. I'm not caught up in the hype. I don't need it. I don't need some fulfillment. I can live without it. But I don't want to. I love making people smile. I love sharing myself. I love the feeling of making people happy. I love the fact that, for whatever reason, I've been put in a position to change people's lives in a simple way. I'm not healing diseases. But I can make someone happy, even for a short time. ~ Nikki Van Noy
Love Without Meeting quotes by Nikki Van Noy
Although the Bible records several emotions that Christ experiences, nowhere in the Bible will you find it said that Jesus was ever afraid! Why? Because the love that He possessed for the Father was absolutely and positively without question 100 percent perfect love. ~ Lou Priolo
Love Without Meeting quotes by Lou Priolo
know that neither to have the child nor not to have the child is without the possibility of tragic consequences for everybody yet (b) be brave in knowing also that not even that can put us beyond the forgiving love of God. ~ Frederick Buechner
Love Without Meeting quotes by Frederick Buechner
She spoke without feeling, unburdened by love or dreams or the pain of a broken heart. It was a new day in Hearts, and she was the Queen. ~ Marissa Meyer
Love Without Meeting quotes by Marissa Meyer
When it comes to sexuality, romantic love plays a large part in feminine sexual scripts. Research suggests that women make sense of sexual encounters in terms of the amount of intimacy experienced; love becomes a rationale for sex. If i am in love, women often reason, sex is okay. Men more easily accept sex for its own sake, with no emotional strings necessarily attached. In this way, sexual scripts for men have involved more of an instrumental (sex for its own sake) approach, whereas for women it tends to be more expressive (sex involving emotional attachments). There is evidence to suggest that women are moving in the direction of sex as an end in itself without the normative constraints of an emotional relationship. By and large, however, women are still more likely than men to engage in sex as an act of love. Many scholars suggest that romance is one of the key ways that sexism is maintained in society. ~ Susan Shaw
Love Without Meeting quotes by Susan Shaw
But I had to meet you in the end . . . eleven years old, and you were so brave. So good. You walked uncomplainingly along the path that had been laid at your feet. Of course I loved you . . . and I knew that it would happen all over again . . . that where I loved, I would cause irreparable damage. I am no fit person to love . . . I have never loved without causing harm. A ~ J.K. Rowling
Love Without Meeting quotes by J.K. Rowling
A love life without worries is no love life at all. ~ Tadahiko Nagao
Love Without Meeting quotes by Tadahiko Nagao
Which one of them would make you the most sad if you had to live your life without him? ~ Susan Meissner
Love Without Meeting quotes by Susan Meissner
I don't think you'll believe what I found," he says. "A word, razbliuto. We don't have a word to match it but we should. We should develop it tonight because the word means, 'the feelings one retains for someone he once loved.' "Hate?" Jude says.
"No, not that feeling," my grandfather answers and looks and Jude with disappointment.
"Betrayal," my mother says without looking away from her book.
"No," my grandfather says. "It's the little house loved moved out of, maybe a hermit crab moves in and carries the house across the floor of a tidal pool. the lover see the old love moving and it looks like it's alive again."
They are all wrong. There's a reason why we have no word for it. You don't get to keep the feelings for someone you once loved. Once you've washed your hands of that person, all those feelings, all that dirty water is washed out to sea. There is no word for that dirty water. ~ Samantha Hunt
Love Without Meeting quotes by Samantha Hunt
I can't think of a better way to revenge someone who tried to break you,
Than to live and love life more without them. ~ Innocent Mwatsikesimbe
Love Without Meeting quotes by Innocent Mwatsikesimbe
Nick... I hope one day you find you a woman who loves you like my Melissa loved me. Whatever you do, boy, don't turn your back on her. If she says she needs you for something, don't matter how stupid it sounds or what deadline you got, you go to her and you do it. Screw work or whatever else. In the end, the only things that matter are the people in your life. The ones who make your life worth living and whose smiles light up your world. Don't ever push them aside for fair-weather friends. Everything else is just cheap window dressing that you can replace. But once them people are gone..." He winced. "You can't buy back time, Nick. Ever. It's the only thing in life you can't get more of, and it's the one thing that will mercilessly tear you up when it's gone. It takes pity on no soul and no heart. And all those fools who tell you it gets easier in time are lying dumb-asses.
Losing someone you really love don't never get easier. You just go a few hours longer without breaking down. That's all... that's all. - Bubba ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon
Love Without Meeting quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
When I look at the Abnegation lifestyle as an outsider, I think it's beautiful. When I watch my family move in harmony; when we go to dinner parties and everyone cleans together afterward without having to be asked; when I see Caleb help strangers carry their groceries, I fall in love with this life all over again. ~ Veronica Roth
Love Without Meeting quotes by Veronica Roth
You Christians studied them," Settembrini exclaimed, "studied the classical poets and philosophers until you broke out in a sweat, attempted to make their precious heritage your own, just as you used the stones of their ancient edifices for your meeting houses. Because you were well aware that no new art could come from your own proletarian souls and hoped to defeat antiquity with its own weapon. And so it will be again, so it will always be. And you with your crude visions of a new morning will likewise have to be taught by those whom - so at least you would like to persuade yourselves, and others - you despise. For without education you cannot prevail before humanity, and there is only one kind of education - you call it bourgeois, but in fact it is human. ~ Thomas Mann
Love Without Meeting quotes by Thomas Mann
The love of a Sage for his fellows likewise finds expression amongst mankind. Were he not told sop, he would not know that he loved his fellows. But whether he knows it or whether he does not know it, whether he hears it or whether he does not hear it, his love for his is without end, and mankind cease not to repose therein. ~ Zhuangzi
Love Without Meeting quotes by Zhuangzi
Giving a woman your whole life is meaningless without giving her your whole heart as well. ~ Deborah Harkness
Love Without Meeting quotes by Deborah Harkness
Without love, it cannot be seen. ~ Ryukishi07
Love Without Meeting quotes by Ryukishi07
I had learned bit by bit the art of meeting people with a straight face - no, that's not true: I have never been able to meet anyone without an accompaniment of painful smiles, the buffoonery of defeat. What I had acquired was the technique of stammering somehow, almost in a daze, the necessary small talk. ~ Osamu Dazai
Love Without Meeting quotes by Osamu Dazai
It was the purest love without purpose other than love itself. Without tenure or jealousy. ~ Luis Sepulveda
Love Without Meeting quotes by Luis Sepulveda
A lifetime without Love is of no account Love is the Water of Life Drink it down with heart and soul! ~ Rumi
Love Without Meeting quotes by Rumi
Grace of the Almighty, the Truth you can withstand all, the Hope life will get better, Love over everything, Peace which dwells within, Joy at life and all her ups and downs, and Brave - the ability to face it all without fear. ~ Jenni James
Love Without Meeting quotes by Jenni James
I do not think that Mulder trusts any one other than Scully. He s very solitary. She is the only one who takes him seriously. I don t know if they re in love. In a way, their relationship is deeper than that, because they cannot live without each other. ~ David Duchovny
Love Without Meeting quotes by David Duchovny
When you meet anyone, remember it is a holy encounter. As you see him you will see yourself. As you treat him you will treat yourself. As you think of him you will think of yourself. Never forget this, for in him you will find yourself or lose yourself. Whenever two Sons of God meet they are given another chance at salvation. Do not leave anyone without giving salvation to him and receiving it yourself. For I am always there with you, in remembrance of you. ~ Helen Shucman
Love Without Meeting quotes by Helen Shucman
Sometimes people walk away from love because it is so beautiful that it terrifies them. Sometimes they leave because the connection shines a bright light on their dark places and they are not ready to work them through. Sometimes they run away because they are not developmentally prepared to merge with another- they have more individuation work to do first. Sometimes they take off because love is not a priority in their lives- they have another path and purpose to walk first. Sometimes they end it because they prefer a relationship that is more practical than conscious, one that does not threaten the ways that they organize reality. Because so many of us carry shame, we have a tendency to personalize love's leavings, triggered by the rejection and feelings of abandonment. But this is not always true. Sometimes it has nothing to do with us. Sometimes the one who leaves is just not ready to hold it safe. Sometimes they know something we don't- they know their limits at that moment in time. Real love is no easy path- readiness is everything. May we grieve loss without personalizing it. May we learn to love ourselves in the absence of the lover. ~ Jeff Brown
Love Without Meeting quotes by Jeff  Brown
No woman worth her salt would listen to a proposal without the word 'love' in it. ~ Karen Hawkins
Love Without Meeting quotes by Karen Hawkins
Hearts grow hard and weary. Pain spreads, and joy diminishes. Those who hated you hate you still, but those who loved you, or would have loved you, or wanted to love you but never had the chance, are being scraped hollow by a loss they don't understand. Come home. Please come home. We are withering without you. ~ Bruce Coville
Love Without Meeting quotes by Bruce Coville
I love being in the studio, and I am a huge fan of live music. Without writing good stuff in the studio, you have nothing to play live. ~ Anthony Hamilton
Love Without Meeting quotes by Anthony Hamilton
Have you ever seen a germ?" Aunt Gertrude asked without waiting for Eliza's reply. "Neither have I, yet I have no doubt they exist, because I have seen their effects on the body. Likewise I have never 'seen' love, yet I have witnessed again and again its transformative effect on human beings. ~ Melissa De La Cruz
Love Without Meeting quotes by Melissa De La Cruz
Did we believe a final Reckoning and Judgment; or did we think enough of what we do believe, we would allow more Love in Religion than we do; since Religion it self is nothing else but Love to God and Man. Love is indeed Heaven upon Earth; since Heaven above would not be Heaven without it: For where there is not Love; there is Fear: But perfect Love casts out Fear. Love is above all; and when it prevails in us all, we shall all be Lovely, and in Love with God and one with another. ~ William Penn
Love Without Meeting quotes by William Penn
I will always be an actress. I couldn't see myself without acting. But I'd love to direct and keep writing. I don't think one has to be in place of the other. ~ Kate Del Castillo
Love Without Meeting quotes by Kate Del Castillo
Without warning he had become witness to something that stretched back through the eons, ties both elastic and enduring, surpassing death, surpassing life. She was his child. It was as simple as that and that complex. ~ Kim Harrison
Love Without Meeting quotes by Kim Harrison
How many times have you tried to talk to someone about something that matters to you, tried to get them to see it the way you do? And how many of those times have ended with you feeling bitter, resenting them for making you feel like your pain doesn't have any substance after all?

Like when you've split up with someone, and you try to communicate the way you feel, because you need to say the words, need to feel that somebody understands just how pissed off and frightened you feel. The problem is, they never do. "Plenty more fish in the sea," they'll say, or "You're better off without them," or "Do you want some of these potato chips?" They never really understand, because they haven't been there, every day, every hour. They don't know the way things have been, the way that it's made you, the way it has structured your world. They'll never realise that someone who makes you feel bad may be the person you need most in the world. They don't understand the history, the background, don't know the pillars of memory that hold you up. Ultimately, they don't know you well enough, and they never can. Everyone's alone in their world, because everybody's life is different. You can send people letters, and show them photos, but they can never come to visit where you live.

Unless you love them. And then they can burn it down. ~ Michael Marshall Smith
Love Without Meeting quotes by Michael Marshall Smith
Love is something you and I must have. We must have it because our spirit feeds upon it. We must have it because without it we become weak and faint. Without love our self-esteem weakens. Without it our courage fails. Without love we can no longer look out confidently at the world. ~ Chief Dan George
Love Without Meeting quotes by Chief Dan George
May all that is not love within us and without be healed. May all that is love within us and without us be revealed. May every day of our lives be lived in love. ~ Barbara De Angelis
Love Without Meeting quotes by Barbara De Angelis
Intimacy without commitment, like icing without cake, can be sweet, but it ends up making us sick. ~ Joshua Harris
Love Without Meeting quotes by Joshua Harris
The way Bunker loved me, so fully, clearly, and without exception, helped me remember every day to try to bring that kind of love to myself and others in my life. ~ Julie Barton
Love Without Meeting quotes by Julie Barton
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