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It was obvious that the woman was trying to turn over a new leaf, so we bought all her bowls. I got a gigantic stoneware one with a flat bottom, like you'd use if you were making bread for the whole army, and I knew I would have to change my whole life to have a use for this bowl. ~ Debby Bull
Heyduck Stoneware quotes by Debby Bull
If you take your time about things, you end up with the best at the end of the day." He buried his face in her hair, wanting the scent and the texture. "Now, I've got the best. Good, solid stoneware. ~ Nora Roberts
Heyduck Stoneware quotes by Nora Roberts
Let it them be put into any clean oven vessel of china or stoneware which should be wider at the top than at the bottom. so that there may be the largest surface above to favor the evaporation. ~ James Lind
Heyduck Stoneware quotes by James Lind
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