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The world's oldest and deepest body of freshwater, Lake Baikal, is turning into a swamp, Russian ecologists warn. ~ Anonymous
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It reflects like an optical instrument and responds to changes in the weather so sensitively that it seems like a part of the sky rather than of the land. And along with all that, Baikal is distinctly Asiatic: if a camel caravan could somehow transport Baikal across Siberia to Europe, and curious buyers unwrapped it in a marketplace, none would mistake it for a lake from around there. ~ Ian Frazier
Herrlicher Baikal quotes by Ian Frazier
Lake Baikal in Russia has 25 percent of the freshwater resources of the world. Sixty-five percent of the Russian ecosystems are in danger. So let's preserve what we have, and let's take good care of nature. ~ Mikhail Gorbachev
Herrlicher Baikal quotes by Mikhail Gorbachev
Russia is usually readier to ascribe misfortune to conspiracies rather than to the more probable screwup. ~ Dominic Ziegler
Herrlicher Baikal quotes by Dominic Ziegler
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